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Inspiration - Here are our best-selling artists and activities for a successful evening! 



A classic that is never wrong! Music. sing-along & snap songs during dinner. Lovely troubadour entertainment from coffee until returning home. Repertoire that adapts to audience & conditions. Of course you can request songs.

dj med live saxofonist.jpg

DJ with live saxophonist

Club, lounge, party extra de luxe! Experienced DJ with a wide repertoire, swinging saxophonist who always adapts song selection to audience, conditions and wishes. Dance party with wide mixed music or with music style on request. Everything can be arranged!


Marcus Frenell_edited.jpg

Show artist

One-man dinner show with singing, music & humor! For example. elements of rock, pop, schlager music competition, 70-80s etc. Welcome music when the guests arrive, fun dinner show elements during dinner with a closing show for the coffee. Now the atmosphere is at its peak! Can end with troubadour or DJ as desired. Mingle, dinner show & possibly afterwards.

dragspel Outdoors

Accordion player

Perfect boat maintenance with an archipelago feel! Onboard music, dinner features, sing-alongs, etc.


Ship Murder & mysteries

A comical and exciting puzzle story in a boat environment, performed by professional actors. Here you yourself can influence how new intrigues arise, pacts are formed, theories take shape... Ship murder offers an evening of music, mysteries, suspense, comedy - and guaranteed new topics of conversation!  3-4 actors, price according to number of guests.

Dinner menus for the actors are added.

Marcus Frenell.jpg

Marcus Frenell

Marcus Frenell is a singer/show artist and musician who started his career at Cabaret Lorensberg in Gothenburg as a 19-year-old. After that, he has toured full-time with various concepts throughout the country at clubs, boats, restaurants and various corporate events. Everything from soloist, show group, band, troubadour. Now with over 16 years of experience in the entertainment industry.


Let Marcus take care of the entertainment during your event!

There he can help you with:

  • Welcome music for the pre-drink.

  • Show feature during dinner & the coffee

  • Music competitions, quizzes

  • Sing-along & conference worker job

  • The dance in the evening

Fun show element between the courses during a dinner with a lovely closing show for the coffee, always with a lot of humor and feeling!

Different themes, artists, arrangements, anything can happen here! Sinatra, Elvis, 70s-80s, 2000s, disco, rock, schlager, etc. The shows are adapted to the customer & wishes. Full evening or just single features, everything is possible.

Swedish & international concept exists!

martin stenmarck.jpg

Famous artists

Book a surprise show with one of Sweden's popular artists as entertainment on your boat trip.


David Lindgren, Charlotte Perelli, Danny, Benjamin Ingrosso, Orup, Linda Bengtzing, Shirley Clamp, Robert Wells, Nanne Grönwall, Sanna Nielsen, Martin Stenmark, Petter, E-type, Pernilla Wahlgren, etc.


Singback solo with a good sound system or with a good live band.








Bergman Duo.jpg


Two-man band. Playing, possibly sing-along & snap songs during dinner. Lovely duo entertainment from coffee until returning home, maybe spontaneous dancing if desired!? Repertoire that adapts to audience & conditions. Of course you can request songs.


Music competition "How should it sound"

A wonderfully humorous, fun music competition based on "That's how it should sound",  Dobidoo" etc.


Singing, music, activity, facts and lots of humor as well as obvious follow-up questions. This competition is a guaranteed mood lifter suitable for all ages. Here you compete in teams, tables or whatever suits you.


Simple, easy competition with an artist to suit everyone! Usually goes best with coffee.


Two-man dinner show

Two-man dinner show with singing, music & humor! (male & female artist!) E.g. elements of rock, pop, schlager music competition, 70-80s etc. Welcome music when the guests arrive, fun dinner show elements during dinner with a closing show for the coffee.
Now the atmosphere is at its peak! Can end with troubadour or DJ as desired.
Mingle, dinner show & possibly afterwards.



Mingle & welcome entertainment, lovely background music during dinner and luxurious coffee entertainment. Vocals, piano & atmosphere.



Chocolate, wine, beer, spirits, cheese, cooking oil, charcuterie, etc. The options are many & fun


Experience a  tasting experience together with an experienced expert who will tell you everything you need to know and a little more about production, history, flavors, wonderful immersion with a twinkle in your eye.

Engaging, interesting & educational testing of selected products where you can choose a direction. Basic price for your taster/expert, then selected raw materials and the accessories needed just for you are added.





Silent disco 1.webp

Silent disco

Take the chance to try what you may have read or heard about on social media. Silent Disco!

Silent Disco/Silent Event is a concept where you use headphones with multiple channels to reach out with the music or your message. It is much easier to rig and draws only a fraction of the power consumption compared to large speakers. Which is more environmentally friendly!

Can be delivered with live Dj's or with ready playlists where you can choose between three options however you want on the dance floor. So everyone gets music they like to dance to.

The headphones that glow with the same color listen to the same music, incredibly fun!

Full party with headphones on, if you want to talk, just take off the headphones.

Up to 3000 headphones currently.

Transmitter kit (3 channels), Music host on site who takes care of everything. Three ready-made playlists with different styles adapted to the audience.

It is also possible to run without Musikvärd for a quote on smaller events.



Duo Smokingduon was formed in 2012 and has since entertained with its acclaimed entertainment concept that includes everything from:

  • Mingle entertainment at the pre-drink

  • Conferences at galas, inaugurations &

  • anniversary parties

  • Dinner entertainment

  • Oktoberfest

  • Music quiz

  • Dance party music live and also own DJ

The duo has a very wide repertoire ranging from a languishing Viennese waltz to songs from -Van Morrison -Sam Cooke-Elvis-Avicii-RolandzBlack Eyed Peas-Earth Wind & Fire-Magnus UgglaGES-Gyllene times-Abba-Kiss etc.


Trio/three-piece band

Same layout options as above but with more party/dance after dinner! Onboard playing, possibly sing-along & snap songs during dinner. Lovely entertainment/party/

dance from coffee until you get home. Repertoire that adapts to audience & conditions. Of course you can request songs.

Schlagertävlingen-La-Dolce-Vita quiz.jpg

Music competition "Schlagerkampen"

En härligt humoristisk, kul musiktävling byggd på ”Så skall det låta”, ”Dobidoo” m.m. Sång, schlagermusik, aktivitet, fakta och massor av humor samt självklar stenhårda följdfrågor. Denna tävling är en garanterad stämningshöjare som passar alla åldrar. Här tävlar man lagvis, bordsvis eller vad som passar. Enkel, lättsam tävling med en artist som passar alla! Brukar passa bäst till kaffet.

Friends karaoke


Karaoke night with a professional host raises the mood at every party! Pure karaoke evening or perhaps as a fun competition feature?


String quartet

Lovely classic straw for mingling and the coffee!? Classic songs or more modern string interpretations. Neat, stylish & exclusively. Also available as solo, duo & trio but a quartet is the ultimate




Miss Marine and friends

Ship oops! With the taste of bygone times, sun, salt and sweet summer feelings. 

On the jetty or on board the archipelago boat, "Miss Marine" together with her fellow sailors offers your guests the best archipelago and sailor music. From 40s sailor songs, via Taube and Monica Z to Christina Aguilera. The repertoire is adapted for Swedish as well as international audiences.
Miss Marine also performs dinner entertainment with i.a. snap songs, sing-alongs and music quizzes.
The constellation consists of three experienced musicians on guitar, double bass and vocals.

As an excellent complement to Miss Marine and friends or "on its own": "Miss Marine and the Marinettes".
Three girls who, in lovely 40s style: elegant and innocently flirtatious, offer a fast-paced show with music by i.a. Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe and the Andrew Sisters.

made in sweden.jpg

Made in Sweden

Made in Sweden - is a show concept that basically celebrates Swedish popular music.


In a combination of humor, music and interactivity, the result is very festive and catchy numbers, with an audience that joins the notes.


The show is performed by two to four seasoned artists, all of whom have extensive experience behind them from, among other things, Wallman's, the Melodifestival context and miscellaneous. musicals at Stockholm's private theaters etc.

The numbers are varied with singing, dancing and a bit of craziness. In short; Sweden is celebrated lengthwise, crosswise and heightwise at an explosive pace with a twinkle in the eye. With fast-paced interludes between the dishes and a lovely closing show for the coffee where some feature is always specially written.


One of Sweden's absolute best dinner shows! Swedish & international concept exists.

rosa kvartetten.jpg

Rosa Kvartetten

Rosa Kvartetten is a broad string quartet that plays everything from classical music to pop and rock. They have, among other things, have been seen playing Metallica songs at the Polar award ceremony, been invited artists with their own music at the festival Urkult, played in Nyhetsmorgon, shared the stage with Icona Pop and Silvana Imam.


Among the references of companies that hired the Rosa Kvartetten can be mentioned Spotify, SAS, Paradox Interactive and the Riksbank. The great width of the Pink Quartet makes them unique. You can book the Rosa Kvartetten for everything from the festive ball at City Hall to the party where you want a show with strings and backing tracks, the rock festival or the small intimate acoustic gig.



Experienced DJ with a wide repertoire who always adapts the song selection to the audience, conditions and wishes. Dance party with wide mixed music or with music style on request. Everything can be arranged!


Magic evening

A whole evening in magic & the sign of humor with professional magician/wizard. Close up magic/mingling on arrival, table entertainment and possibly stage show with lots of magical humor if space is available! Can be combined with a troubadour or DJ!


Summer Music Performance


Mingle & welcome entertainment, possibly feature during dinner. Swinging coffee entertainment! Beautiful swinging jazz that really brightens up an arrangement.


Sound system "Spotify rig"

Mixer, 1 microphone, 2 speakers & stand, cable for computer/phone/toad. Up to 80 pers.

Larger facility after quote!



Retr(i)o" consists of guitar, double bass and vocals, which together perform atmospheric and melodious music for the mingling dinner, company lunch or cocktail, but can also perform fast-paced dinner entertainment.
The repertoire includes MGM classics, jazz standards and pop ballads from the 30s onwards.

The trio can also thematically adapt the repertoire if necessary:
Music and costume are adapted to your theme!

  • Viva la Diva: In long dresses and elegant hairstyles, the divas' parade numbers are performed in "cocktail-appropriate" arrangements

  • Best of the 70's: like a character taken from "Saturday night fever", 70's ballads as well as disco hits are delivered rearranged to sweet cocktail music.

  • Motown classics: Aretha Franklin, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5 - unforgettable artists who all left their mark on music history.


Dinner Comedy with Ricardo Ausin

Musician, Comedian & actor in one!
A very popular dinner entertainer who offers unique entertainment. Based on song, music & lots of humor.


This multi-talented artist offers a great mood and fun, varied entertainment from mingling to closing to the coffee. Music, singing, sing-alongs, spex, some activity and lots of humour.


The perfect mix of stand up & music. Feel free to include some details about the company and the company, etc. in the performance.


If he wants, he can also infiltrate the party at the beginning, for example. a really nice waiter, a lot of fun and a popular feature.


One of Stockholm's absolute best one-man entertainers.

Swedish & international concept exists!



Anders Mårtensson - Impersonator

Anders Mårtensson - impersonator, actor and comedian with musical flair!
Everything from a tour with your own show Imitera!-solo to  galas and dinner entertainment for large and small groups.

The King, Zlatan, Tommy Körberg, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Kalle Moraeus are some of the popular people whom Anders Mårtensson portrays with uncanny precision on stage and on TV. Partaj, Solsidan are some of the TV programs he has appeared in in recent years. 

Anders is a versatile entertainer and is also employed as a conference host at various events. He collaborates with various musicians and is a popular spreader of joy.

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