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Garnering av måltider

Catering Stockholm

Here you will find suggestions for catering for all occasions in Stockholm. Lunch and dinner buffets, mingling plates, barbecue catering, Christmas tables, 3-course, breakfasts and brunches, student catering, other menus and desserts. If you want help with tents, tables, chairs, plates, cutlery, glasses and staff, we will of course help you with that too.

Lighter lunch and dinner buffets

lax Teriyaki

Simple buffet (Stockholm)

  • Chili sauteed salmon with ajvar dip

  • Lime-baked chicken fillet with gremolata

  • Salad with potatoes, baby spinach, virgin olive oil and herbs

  • Tomato salad with black olives, red onion and black pepper

  • Levain bread and whipped butter


Medium buffet (Stockholm)

  • Seafood salad with boiled eggs, radishes and green asparagus

  • Roasted salad on small potatoes with citrus, olive oil and herbs

  • Spinach salad with shredded bacon, croutons and western bottom crisps

  • Grilled corn chicken fillet on a bed of seasonal herbs and leaf spinach

  • Bread basket and whipped butter

Sill sallad

Large buffet (Stockholm)

  • Smoked salmon with dill cream and chopped chives

  • Salad on beetroot, crumbled goat cheese, parsley and large caper berries

  • Mixed salad with French mustard dressing, mushrooms and tarragon

  • Split potato salad with sugar snaps and chive dressing

  • Minced lamb rolls with mint, parsley, garlic and lemon

  • Levain bread and butter

Larger lunch and dinner buffets


Pure satisfaction (Stockholm)

  • Peruvian ceviche salmon fillet, shrimp, chili, lime, coriander, mango, sprouts

  • Smoked asparagus ” Green & white” truffle aioli, Grana padano

  • Butter-baked cauliflower, collard greens, kale, lemon hollandaise

  • BBQ grilled entrecote burger, cheddar cheese, red onion, brioche

  • Fried mini crabcakes, pak chois salad, lime & soy mayo

  • 3 kinds of baked beetroot, au gratin goat cheese, beetroot shoots, honey


Sure tastes good (Stockholm)

  • Fried halloumi, herb & lime creme, melon, baby spinach

  • Grilled 1/2 lobster, garlic, lemon, mayonnaise

  • Puff pastry knot, goat cheese, figs,

  • Herb-grilled lamb roast beef, chili/tomato salad, calam tata tapenade

  • Artichoke gratin

  • Salad of the day & bread basket

Prawn Fajita

Indiana (Stockholm)

  • Shrimp "tacos" cucumber salad, avocado, pickled red onion, chili mayo

  • Pulled pork burrito sour cabbage, tomato salsa

  • Salad on roasted sweet potato, bell pepper, green onion, jalapeno

  • Mini sliders with Cajun grilled chicken, bacon, tomato salad & apple coleslaw

  • Nacho basket with mango salsa

Kyckling och grönsaker

Mallorca (Stockholm)

  • Grilled boneless chicken thigh, artichoke dip, white borlotti beans, lemon, garlic

  • Smoked salmon fillet "Pico de gallo" roasted vegetables, fresh herbs

  • Jam plate, jumbo olives, cheeses (Tapas style)

  • Roasted potato salad, eggplant, mache cheese, olive oil

  • Quessadilla, cream cheese, mozzarella, herbs, chili

skivat nötkött

Lost Asian (Stockholm)

  • Tuk trey marinated shrimp/nuts/soy/vegetables

  • Smoked tuna dip flavored with chilli, sesame and coriander

  • Hoisin-marinated steak in strips with mango and chili salsa

  • Glass noodle salad with celery, cucumber, chili and lime

  • Vegetarian fried spring roll with ginger dip

  • Fried tofu with lime dressing

  • Fried shrimp chips

Image by Diliara Garifullina

Del Mar (Stockholm)

  • Small shrimp sandwich on breadcrumbs, horseradish, dill-pickled cucumber, chives

  • Västerbotten cheese pie, creme fraîche, roe roe, watercress salad

  • Potato salad, yellow beets, green onions, rapeseed oil, lemon, parsley

  • Cold smoked salmon fillet, flat bread, horseradish cheese, pea shoots

  • Pepper-grilled roast beef, pickled vegetables, sprouts

  • Seasonal green salad

  • Freshly baked bread and butter

Skinka och Prosciutto

Pollensa (Stockholm)

  • Charcuterie on board, 4 types of salami and hams, olives

  • Garlic grilled prawns, baby spinach, grana padano, grilled lemon

  • Vegetable lasagna on aubergine, basil pesto

  • Italian potato salad, artichoke, asparagus

  • Herb-grilled chicken fillet, mozzarella, zucchini, arugula

  • Tomato bruchetta, garlic bread
    Bread basket

Kött i pitabröd

Veggie (Stockholm)

  • Avocado and pumpkin salad with pomegranate and roasted pumpkin seeds

  • Fried falafel
    Grilled cauliflower flavored with herbs

  • Lentil salad with mint, leafy parsley and plum tomatoes

  • Oven-roasted vegetables and root vegetables dressed with citrus dressing

  • Beluga lentils with feta cheese, red onion and carrot

  • Rye baguettes

  • Hummus

Image by Karolina Kołodziejczak

Sweden (Stockholm)

  • Karl-Johanswamp lasagna, thyme, oven-baked semi-tomatoes

  • Rosemary baked root vegetables, spinach, honey glaze

  • Lobster stir-fry, sikrom, flat bread, pea shoots

  • Sliders, ground venison, cheddar, roasted red onion

  • Dill sauteed char fillet, fennel salad, mustard dip

  • Roasted beets, goat cheese crème, walnut dressing, fresh figs

  • Qiunoa, leaf spinach, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds


Deia (Stockholm)

  • Wrap with Cajun-grilled thinly sliced flank steak, red onion, ajvar cream

  • Sweet potato salad, chilli, leek in creamy dressing

  • Pepper- "chicken fillet", ginger, chill, lime

  • Mango salsa, apple coleslaw

  • Shrimp on skewers, grilled lime, aioli dip

  • Melon salad with feta cheese and mint

  • Garlic bread

Image by Alex Lvrs

Skörden & kockens fantasi (Sthlm)

  • Mushrooms & asparagus gratin "tortilla pizza" tomato, basil, tomato

  • Gnocci "potato", butternut squash, roasted garlic, lime, grana padano

  • Fried tofu, skewers, green onions, chilli & sesame dip

  • Wheat salad with half tomato, feta cheese, olive, basil

  • Roasted aubergine wraps, kale, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato pesto

Iberiska skinkaskivor

The Pearl (Stockholm)

  • Charcuterie platter with air-dried ham, bresaola, two types of Italian salami

  • Grilled Italian chicken fillet with Ligurian pesto, sun-dried tomatoes
    served cold

  • Gremolata smoked pork fillet - lemon zest, parsley leaves and garlic
    baked at a low temperature - served cold

  • Pasta salad with salad mix, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes and olives

  • Salad of finely cut mushrooms in a creamy garlic-scented dressing with olive oil, lemon and parsley

  • Tomato salad caprese – tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil and olive oil

  • Artichokes in pieces with citrus and herbs

  • Marinated olives with rosemary and garlic

  • Foccacia, truffle cream

Mingling plates

Image by Bao Menglong

Roast beef (Stockholm)

Soft-baked roast beef and salad with small potatoes & herbs
Crispy vegetables, crème on truffle and horseradish.

rödbetor & morotsbiff

Veggie (Stockholm)

Beetroot & carrot steak with roasted artichoke, avocado crème
wheat with green onions and red chili.

Image by Sara Dubler

Beef skewer (Stockholm)

Spicy minced beef skewers (2 p.p.) with light yellow couscous, mint, parsley served with tomato and feta cheese mixture.

Inkokt lax.jpg

Cooked salmon (Stockholm)

Cooked salmon. Dill and lime gremolata, salad on small potatoes, radishes, herb crème.

Varmrökt lax.jpg

Hot smoked salmon (Stockholm)

Green mustard and horseradish mayonnaise, boiled small potatoes rolled in herbs. Served with citrus marinated fennel.

Grill catering 

Image by Andrik Langfield


Chorizo and lamb sausage
Flank steak
Baked char topped with browned butter, dill and capers


  • Salad with watermelon, mint, feta cheese, roasted pine nuts

  • Couscous with small tomatoes, parsley and olive oil

  • Salt-baked beets with honey and watercress

  • Tzatziki and béarnaise

  • Bread and butter

Grillad kyckling

You got to love chicken 

Beer Chicken (Our grilled chicken that is shared on site)
Chicken Skewer Sriracha
Night-baked prime rib


  • Creamy salad on small potatoes with green onions, apple capers, chives

  • Grilled corn on the cob in pieces

  • Classic Caesar salad

  • Chimichurri and smoky tomato salsa

  • Freshly baked bread and butter

grillad Oxfile.jpg

End of story

Beef tenderloin 100 grams
Crab and salmon burger
Comb with sticky smoked salsa



  • Salad on yellow and green zuccini with lemon and fennel

  • Herb-tossed small potatoes with baby spinach and red onion

  • Tomato salad with red onion, honey dressing and basil

  • Mayonnaise with French mustard and fresh tarragon

  • Truffle béarnaise

  • Baguettes and butter

Christmas table catering 


Christmas table Traditional

  • Matjess herring with crème fraiche, sour apple, red onion and chopped dill

  • Pickled herring with carrot and red onion

  • Coarse mustard herring with honey and

  • Citrus and scallion herring

  • Eggs with prawns and coarsely chopped dill

  • Hot smoked salmon with pink pepper and horseradish crème fraiche

  • Homemade salmon with mustard sauce and pickled fennel

  • Smoked salmon tartare with capers, red onion, tarragon and strong mustard

  • Cross-nose ham

  • Grilled organic farm ham with plum chutney

  • This year's smoked Christmas sausage from Jämtland

  • Homemade liver pate with pistachios and pickles

  • Veal jam in thin slices

  • Sliced beets

  • Apple sauce

  • 2 types of Christmas mustard - coarse and sweet/strong

  • Beetroot salad with apple and horseradish

  • Fried prince sausage

  • Jansson's Temptation

  • Homemade meatballs

  • Thick ribs with rosemary and honey

  • Red cabbage with apple and honey

  • Dill-boiled small potatoes

  • Christmas bread - Danish fruit bread, sourdough bread and bread, whipped butter

  • Christmas cheeses - Edam, Allerum priest cheese, cheddar

  • Christmas candy

  • Gingerbread cookies

  • Mandarins

  • Freshly baked soft gingerbread with lingonberries and light truffle

  • Dark cake with orange

Modernt julbord Stockholm catering.webp

Modern Christmas table

  • Salmon cube with fresh ginger on a bed of pickled crispy vegetables

  • Grilled scallop with lace dish and chilli glaze

  • Cold smoked salmon roll filled with cream cheese, herbs and horseradish

  • Butter bread with food herring, pickled red onion and chives

  • Soft-baked lime-marinated chicken fillet

  • Soft flatbread wrap with Christmas ham and sweet strong coleslaw

  • Soft-baked veal roast beef with chive-marinated black carrots

  • Small potatoes rolled in clarified butter with fresh herbs

  • 2 types of bread and whipped butter


Christmas plate

  • Pickled herring with carrot and red onion

  • Mustard herring flavored with curry and honey

  • Egg halves with prawns and mayonnaise and coarsely chopped dill

  • Hot smoked salmon with rose paper and horseradish creme fraiche

  • Homemade salmon with mustard sauce and freshly ground black pepper

  • Grilled Christmas ham from Rocklunda farm with plums and star anise chutney

  • This year's smoked Christmas sausage from Jämtland

  • Warm - served on the side

  • Fried prince sausage

  • Jansson's Temptation

  • Homemade meatballs

  • Dill-boiled small potatoes

  • Christmas bread - Danish rye bread, sourdough bread and bread, whipped butter

  • Christmas cheeses - Edamer, Allerum priest cheese
















juliga smorrebrod.jpg


  • Christmas wort or Levain bread.

  • Grilled Christmas ham with plums and chili chutney.

  • Skagen stir-fry on fresh prawns with egg halves and sikrom.

  • Dill and lemon marinated salmon with sweet mustard sauce.

  • Homemade meatballs with beetroot salad and pickled red onion.

  • Sliced potatoes with food herring, chopped chives and red onion.

  • Smoked reindeer roast with pickled apple and coarsely grated horseradish.




















3-course meal

toast skagen.jpg


  • Tore's Skagen 
    Hand-peeled prawns, roe, butter, toast, dill, lemon

  • Raw beef 
    Classic accessories, crostini

  • Carpaccio
    On smoked salmon, baked semi-tomatoes, arugula, grated Västerbotten cheese

  • Classic old man's mix in a jar
    On freshly baked rye bread with herring, chives, egg, dill

  • Swedish portion plate
    Salmon, herring, roe, pickled flounder, Västerbotten cheese












Hot dishes

  • Cod back
    Served with buttered small potatoes, tomato and lobster broth and citrus aioli

  • Halibut
    Served with grated horseradish, hand-peeled prawns, browned butter, dill-tossed small potatoes

  • Veal roast beef
    Served with madeira sauce, potato tops with herbs and parmesan

  • Lamb roast steak
    Served with root vegetable gratin, thyme, beets swathed in butter, pumpkin and herb pesto

  • Corn chicken
    Served with herb-roasted primroses, truffle cloud, creamy gratin with garlic

  • Vegetarian
    Polenta smoked cauliflower, truffle mayo, spinach salad with roasted walnuts

  • Pasta
    Lobster & spinach cannelloni, ricotta, tomato & basil salad



  • Panacotta in glass
    Limoncello, Vanilla / rhubarb.
    Dark chocolate / orange.
    Swedish berries.

  • Our glass jars
    Passion fruit mousse: citrus salad / rose pepper / white chocolate.
    Chocolate bomb: chocolate ganache / marshmallows / pecans / grated dates,
    After Eight: mascarpone cream / chocolate ganache / pear / brownie / after eight

  • Chocolate cake
    Raspberry sauce with lightly whipped vanilla cream

  • Cakes
    Always a selection of freshly baked 10-piece cakes

  • Cheeses
    3 kinds of selected cheeses, fig marmalade, freshly baked foccacia

Breakfast and brunch

Surdegsfralla med ost och grönsaker.jpg

Breakfast package

  • Sourdough roll with cheese and vegetables

  • Boiled egg with a mini tube of Kalle's caviar

  • Freshly squeezed orange juice

Image by Courtney Cook

Breakfast package supplement

  • Fruit smoothie

  • Platter of cut up vegetables

  • Cup with natural yoghurt/granola/raspberry

  • Coffee and tea as well as milk and sugar

Other menus



  • Carpaccio on beef fillet, pine nuts, arugula 

  • Smoked salmon, chive cheese, pickled red onion 

  • Raw beef, red onion, egg yolk, horseradish

  • Bbq beef with dragon cream, oven-fried sweet potatoes 

  • Eggplant wraps, feta cheese, artichoke

  • Shrimp, mango, coriander, chili, lime in glass 

  • San Daniel ham, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil

  • Fried halloumi, aioli, tomato salad

  • Toasted brioche, sliced entrecote, pickled red onion, romaine lettuce 

  • Roman boat, Asian skagen, bean sprouts


Appetizers / canapés

  • Goose liver mousse, watercress, quince marmalade on breadcrumbs

  • Västerbotten quiche, white rum, grilled lemon 

  • Dill brioche, prawns, avocado, mayonnaise

  • Blinie, cold smoked salmon, Philadelphia cheese, chives

  • Kavring, old man's mash, roe roe, chives 

  • Salmon tartare with red onion, mustard and capers on cumin crackers

  • Crostini with goat cheese, pomegranate, watercress

  • Endive leaves, feta cheese mixture, chilli, green olives

  • Najad salmon, horseradish cream, pea shoots

  • Baked liver pate, pickled cucumber, bacon crisps, parsley leaves

  • Chevre, rye bread, semi-dried tomato, fried basil

  • Food herring, home-baked crackling, egg, red onion, chives


Wraps 12” | Baguette 12”

Contains mixed salad, tomato, red onion

  • Bbq beef, coleslaw, cheddar cheese

  • Grilled chicken, bacon, cream cheese, jalapeno

  • Smoked salmon, chive potatoes, lemon crème 

  • Seafood, dill mayonnaise, pea shoots

  • Eggplant, feta cheese mixture, pesto

  • Artichoke, Parmesan cheese cream, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula



  • Cold smoked salmon, Philadelphia cheese, chopped dill

  • Skagen mash, cognac, horseradish 

  • Matjes herring puree, chives, boiled egg - red onion

  • Breasola, basil cream cheese, baby spinach 

  • Creme on green olives, anjouchili, cream cheese, grilled red pepper

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