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Hire a DJ for the party

Are you looking for a DJ for the company party, wedding or fair? We help you with everything from music to sound and lighting.
There are DJs for all occasions! Both famous and unknown DJs.  Here are some famous DJs that we can offer you:​

Dj Raz.jpg
DJ Rasmus RAZ Lindvall

Rasmus RAZ Lindvall (from RobnRaz) is one of Sweden's most meritorious and experienced DJs both in Sweden and abroad. As an artist and producer, he has also written and produced world hits such as RobnRaz feat Leila K "Got to get", RobnRaz DLC "In command", "Powerhouse", "Take a ride" and many more. Rasmus has also worked with artists such as: Lutricia Mcneal, D-Flex, Doggelito, Papa Dee, 2CAL, Loréen, E-type, Orup, Basic Element, Jessica Andersson, Markoolio, Ratata, and many more!


In 1989, Raz won the Dj-SM in Sweden and represented Sweden in the DJ-WC in the Royal Albert Hall in London, where he placed in the top 10 in the world!

Dj Misceo.jpg
Dj Misceo

Dj Misceo is Staffan from Lindesberg who works at the nightclub but also for corporate events and private parties.

With his experience, he sees immediately what kind of music the guests want.

Many years of experience from, among other things, Camp Sweden around the world as well as many different nightclubs around Sweden.

Clabbe Party.jpg
Clabbe - Straight over disc

Clabbe is undoubtedly Sweden's most established DJ. With his characteristic way of presenting music, he has created an unforgettable mark as Sweden's first celebrity DJ and he is "still going strong".

Clabbe delivers and plays music for all age groups and is always appreciated behind the players.

dj leo.b.jpg
DJ Leo.B

Sweden's glitziest DJ who plays happy hits for everything and everyone with his wig on. 

Has previously DJed at Club After Dark, the Vasateatern, the gay gal winning club Backdoor, Guldbaggen's after party for several years,

Expressen Kulturfest for several years etc. + a whole heap of "celebrity mix".

Leo.B also does conference work and "play leader".

Peter Siepen

Peter Siepen is a colorful and peacock-like exercise addict, filled with love, care - with structure and order in his life. An incredibly busy schedule governs everyday life

assignment as a DJ, artist and lecturer at various types of events.

His many years in the industry have just as many fantastic outfits and with his own sense of humor, Peter is a person you will not be disappointed with.

London DJ

DJ Carl, also known as the “London DJ,” brings the party to life! Originally from London and now based in Stockholm since 2014, Carl has been rocking the music scene since 1999. With 9 years experience as a DJ in Tenerife, he has shared the stage with top artists, including connections to BBC Radio 1.

When it comes to creating an unforgettable party atmosphere, DJ Carl is a true expert. With an impressive portfolio of over 40,000 songs, he knows exactly what to play to keep all guests dancing, regardless of their musical tastes. ​

Denise Lopez

In addition to her music career as an artist, songwriter and music producer, Denise Lopez is a diligent DJ at the hottest clubs and events in Sweden for more than 20 years. As a DJ, she provides high technical competence and fantastic artistic and interactive performances.

Crafoord & Folcker.jpg
In addition...
  • Nicke Borg from Backyard Babies

  • Micke Syd Gyllene tider

  • Robert  Wåts and Bagge

  • Rebecca and Fiona

  • Dead by April as guest DJs

  • Swingfly from Teddybears / Blacknuss

  • Swingfly from Blacknuss / Teddybears

  • Josefin Crafoord and Jessika Folcker / Studio 54 Disco package


As well as lots of less well-known DJs.

Do you also want to be seen here? 

Send in a description of yourself as a DJ as well as a picture

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