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Troubadours fit into almost any kind of event! Just adapt the repertoire, the artist and the performance as desired

and prerequisites. Some mingling entertainment with the drink, themes, sing-along & snap songs for the food, pub entertainment or party troubadour at full speed. Maybe pure background entertainment / cocktail music or a fun music quiz or other competition etc. 

See price guide here >>

sören strid.jpg

Sören Strid 

High-quality entertainers who make sure to create a magical atmosphere at every event

Sören Strid Show is a party/dance music entertainer as well as a very good dinner entertainer.

Sören Strid plays on basically everything in Sweden, from weddings to the seal's ski facilities.

The characteristic of the søren is to be incredibly flexible and fix most of the customer's wishes.
Sören Strid Show comes with full production Ie. sound & bright and sometimes with only an acoustic guitar.

Sören has won a silver medal in the Dragspel SM and is one of the few in Sweden who plays hard rock on the accordion.

The repertoire is broad with everything from songs, hits, pop, disco and rock n roll
All this is mixed up with a lot of humor and warmth so that the audience feels involved.


Sören starts from Falköping.




Clas Lundqvist 

Clas is a 'One man band', Entertainer, troubadour... in short;  Clas delivers the most in music entertainment. You choose for yourself if I should sing and play guitar like a traditional troubadour, or if I rig up a speaker system, stage lights and sound like a whole party band, with background music and everything.

Troubadour & party band
Clas has been a full-time musician since 1995 and has toured in Sweden and abroad. He plays and is frequently booked for corporate events, pubs, boats, parties, kick offers, after-ski, after-beach with perfectly satisfied customers.

Dinner entertainment, quiz & show

Regardless of whether it concerns dinner entertainment, Pop quiz / Music quiz, Party music, Troubadour or stage show!!

Read more about Clas here>>

​Clas is also with the show duo Golden Voices Sweden.Read more here >>


Clas starts from Eskilstuna.


rolf ilroth.jpg

Roffe Ilrot

One of Stockholm's best troubadours & entertainer. With singing, guitar and a bit of humor, he entertains you with songs from the happy 60s to today's hits.

Singing, Music & humor!
Mixed songs from different styles and times with light conversation
with the audience between songs provides fun audience interaction with atmosphere and laughter!
Mingling, sing-along features and maybe some really fun music competition with a great atmosphere!
Maybe help as  emcee/ toastmaster/ DJ?

Roffe is always flexible, adapting song selection and talk to audience and conditions.
Always ready to accommodate the customer's wishes and special arrangements.
Dinner entertainment, Troubadour evening, After Work/Beach, Music Quiz, All night!

A very experienced artist/entertainer with over 25 years in the business and counting
I think this is so much fun!!!

If desired, can help as a DJ and also offer a fun, good Elvis show.

Rolf emanates from Stockholm.

Jonas Amcoff.jpg

Jonas Amcoff

The troubadour for all kinds of events.

More than 20 years of experience in gigs at pubs, parties, corporate events, and weddings etc.

Full-time troubadour with own sound and light

wide repertoire from songs, rock, pop, 60s and today. 

Is also a fantastic Cornelius interpreter with about 2 hours of song material

Adapts to the customer's wishes and leaves them satisfied guaranteed.

Jonas Amcoff is based in the Örebro area.

Mårten Lindahl_edited.jpg

Mårten Lindahl 

Mårtens' cover repertoire is carefully selected and ranges from social music to dance-friendly disco with backgrounds. If you want, there is also an entertaining music quiz.
Mårten Troubadour is based onMalmö.

Spice up the party with:

  • Music competitions and quizzes according to your wishes

  • Brilliant, live versions of 50s-60s-70s-80s-90s hits

  • Specially designed repertoire, as background, sing-along or dance.

  • Rock, reggae, soul, country, jazz, Latin and Swedish top.

  • Pre-recorded drum loops to dance to


Suitable for corporate events, parties, inaugurations, anniversaries, weddings, traveling parties. A popular and appreciated feature. Employed since 1988 in Austria, England, Norway, Denmark, Spain and various Swedish mountains and summer resorts.


Mårten starts from Malmö and has Skåne as its playing field.

Mikael Edfelt.jpg

Mikael Edfelt

The musician and singer Mikael Edfelt is the artist who renews the Swedish tradition of show and story. With several performances about the national poets Carl Michael Bellman, Evert Taube and Cornelis Vreeswijk, he invites you to an educational journey about their lives with his own appreciated interpretations of the songs.

Customize the performances

Mikael also gives performances for holidays according to the season such as Christmas, spring, summer and autumn shows. The performances can be tailored in different packages as desired. He always brings his own sound equipment. Regardless of the performance, you get a musical experience that warms your senses and gives you something to talk about.

All of Sweden as a stage, even with own songs With 170 concerts in 2022, Mikael Edfelt is one of Sweden's most reputable and popular entertainers. 

Mikael starts from Stockholm.


Ricardo Ausin

Imagine the best of stand-up and music, then you have Ricardo Ausin's "DinnerComedy".
Add a "blow" to it, where you trick the whole party right in front of their eyes,
then you have the same "Mole".

One thing is certain, when Ricardo, who is one of Stockholm's best dinner entertainers
manages the entertainment, you can't help but laugh.

An entertainer with incredible breadth and feel for what the audience wants.

Singing, music, lots of humor, activities.

His large repertoire & feeling makes him fit in most contexts.
Two or three features during the dinner and a real closing show with the coffee!
Alternatively, only a longer show with the coffee if that suits best. 


A perfect mix of stand up and music!

Why not let Ricardo infiltrate the company as a waiter, new employee, consultant, new manager, etc. as the beginning of the evening.

Ricardo is based in Stockholm.

Bjorn Bertilsson trubadur.png

Björn Bertilsson

Björn Bertilsson plays both acoustically and with backgrounds. Mingle entertainment, dinner & coffee element, pub and party troubadour. Björn is a flexible artist who adapts to wishes and conditions. Maybe a fun music competition with the coffee, sing-along or troubadour after dinner.


Full evening from mingling to the end or shorter features. He can be booked both as a single troubadour, duo, trio or as a band with parts of Sweden's musical elite.


Very experienced and talented artist with over 20 years of experience playing and entertaining both abroad and in Sweden and has toured with Chris Kläfford, Marcoolio, Kee Marcello, Andreas Johnson, Brolle, etc.


Björn's strength lies in his broad repertoire, musicality and public contact. Steady après ski at Hundfjället every year!

Björn is also part of the band BBZ

Read more here >>


Björn starts from Stockholm.

Malin Artz.jpg

Malin Artz

Malin is an experienced musician who has toured in a number of countries since 2007.


With her clear voice, she offers music that suits everyone's taste, with a wide repertoire.


The songs are made in own versions with accompaniment mainly by guitar with also ukulele.


A successful event is guaranteed, whether it's for mingling or a party.


Malin starts from Enköping






Chris Lindh.jpg

Chris Lindh

Chris Lindh has a long and solid history in the music industry for many years. Known for being able to raise the atmosphere to the roof wherever he ends up, he has also released his own material and written music for several well-known Swedish artists, eg Markoolio.


Chris was successful as an artist in both Japan and Sweden during the 2000s as Bobby Summer and was heard and seen extensively on both television and radio. He has been a regular guest in the program "That's how it sounds" and between 2005-2007 was lead singer in the Swedish band Barbados. 


He was together with Anders Borgius, Shirley Clamp and Jenny "Velvet" Petterson as one of those who started the legendary Blue Moon Bar in Stockholm. Over the years has also participated in "Ladies Night", "Christmas Gala", etc. 

Chris starts from Stockholm.

Stefan Lövgren.jpeg

Stefan Lövgren

Mingle & dinner entertainment
Sing-alongs, snap songs, etc. 

Coffee entertainment, maybe a really fun music competition.

Stefan is a master at both music quiz competition and entertainment
for the food/coffee. When the food has gone down, it's time for dancing, where Stefan invites
a mix of songs from 1950s rock n' roll to today's hot chart hits. With a really good experienced entertainer who knows how to take an audience.

An entire evening from mingling to dancing, perhaps only mingling or a music competition?

Here are all the possibilities.

Always a nice evening!

Stefan starts from Stockholm

Trubadur Mats Persson Enköping.jpg

Mats Persson

Troubadour Mats Person lives in Enköping and is an experienced musician and entertainer with close to a thousand gigs behind him with cover bands and increasingly solo with vocals, guitar, bass drum and sometimes harmonica.


No pre-recorded backgrounds, “What you see is what you hear”!!  Mats currently does not make his own music, I only play covers, but I try to put my own twist on it all.

He has played at all sorts of events over the years and has over 35 years of experience in musical entertainment in various forms.

He has played in rock bands and also solo at After Ski, Oktoberfests, all kinds of pubs, cruises, Biker get-togethers, company parties, After Work, private birthday parties, weddings, funerals, baptisms, nursing homes, association parties, etc.

Mats is based in Enköping.

thomas  geeee.jpg

Thomas Gee

Thomas Gee is an established musician with many years of experience in "entertaining".

Troubadour or all-night concept.

Plays and sings incredibly well and at the same time captivates the audience with crazy antics. Singing together is a fact when you book this fiddler. The repertoire consists of approx. 1200 songs from then to now.
With or without background comp.

A full evening arrangement:

  • Mixing music for the pre-drink, such as Taube, Cornelis etc.

  • For dinner, he drives wirelessly and leaves no one untouched.

  • Gets the calmest crowd going and always creates a pleasant atmosphere with lots of laughter and singing.

  • An energetic show that fits most arrangements!

  • For dancing, he also acts as a DJ and plays what people want!

  • Can also be combined with live music for the dance and DJ during the break, everything is up to the customer and nothing is impossible!

Can also come with a duo or band called Hallabalo band.

Thomas emanates from Stockholm.


Marcus Frenell

Marcus Frenell is a troubadour, singer, show artist and musician who started his career at Cabaret Lorensberg in Gothenburg as a 19-year-old. After that, he has toured full-time with various concepts throughout the country at clubs, boats, restaurants and various corporate events. Everything from soloist, show group, band, troubadour.

Let Marcus be in charge of the entertainment during your event, where he can help you with:

  • Welcome music for the pre-drink.

  • Show/music elements during dinner & the coffee

  • Music competitions, quizzes

  • Sing-along & conference job

  • The dance in the evening

  • Fun feature between the courses during a dinner with a lovely final show for the coffee, always with a lot of humor and feeling.

  • Different themes, artists, arrangements, anything can happen here.

  • The shows are adapted to the customer & wishes.

  • Singing, music, activity & humor makes for a lovely evening.

Marcus starts from Stockholm.

Jonas Astinder 1.jpg

Jonas Astinder

A very experienced musician, singer and artist who is also known as the frontman of the very established cover band
"Short in the rock band".

He is a professional entertainer, emcee, toastmaster & game leader!

With a twinkle in his eye, he offers you entertainment with singing and guitar. Everything from Evert Taube to Afterskiing, sing-alongs, getting songs started and audience activities.

Songs from the happy 60s to today's well-known hits.


Jonas knows how to get an audience and how best to get them going. Wishes and requests are always welcome.

Jonas is absolutely one of the best and most flexible entertainers. Also has a good duo and the party band Amigos, which belongs to one of the best bands!

Jonas starts from Stockholm.

mats granberg.jpg

Mats Granberg

A very experienced established troubadour who knows most things and also works a bit as a piano entertainer.
So in addition to the typical guitar songs, you can get a bit of piano repertoire if you want.

A very good singer and musician but his main strength is audience contact.

So a good atmosphere in the audience is guaranteed.

References abound. Can also offer a music quiz if desired.


Has worked as a quiz host at Birka Paradise and O'learys for several years.


Mingling, party, quiz, sing-along, atmosphere, etc. All possibilities are here.

Mats also has the band Granberg Combo in different constellations!

Mats starts from Stockholm

Ellinor Asp.jpg

Ellinor Asp

Ellinor Asp is an exuberant and colorful artist with the talent to be able to engage large and small audiences in a heart-warming atmosphere.

The style is "rocky" and she delivers the hits in a happy sing-along party. Ellinor is a singer and pianist with Rockn' Roll as a basis but handles most musical styles with brilliance. Ellinor is also fantastic to have as a piano mix.

See more here:  

After having entertained around the world in various constellations, Ellinor is now a resident and active artist in Stockholm.

She participated in the program "True Talent" with "Total Eclipse" in 2011 and Talang Sverige with the self-composed song, "Carry My Heart" in 2014. Ellinor was conductor in the live broadcast "Här Är Ditt Liv, 2009 and has been conductor for e.g. a. Måns Zelmerlöv, Lasse Berghagen and Meja et al.


Ellinor is based in Stockholm.

Lina Hultman.webp

Lina Hultman

Lina Hultman is an artist & songwriter with a passion for soul and the organic sound. The retroness of the music is unmistakable, but it combines nicely with rhythm and melody that breathes any year.

Compared by some to Norah Jones due to the simplicity of the sound and her inspiration from both blues and jazz.

Lina can take any scene, big or small, and make it her own. With strong stage presence and charisma, she captures the audience and takes them on a musical journey.

Music for all occasions; weddings, mingling, funerals, dinners and events

Lina is based in Stockholm.


KVBK - Maybe the World's Best Guy

Daniel Fridström is a fantastic entertainer, entertainer, troubadour and DJ in one and the same person. He runs captivating and award-winning music quizzes and always spreads a wonderful energy and joy.
Quite simply, Maybe the World's Best Guy

Common layout:

  • Snack during dinner/between courses

  • Music quiz for coffee

  • Party troubadour to get the party started

  • DJ - dancing until late

Can be booked for company events, company parties, kick offs but also for weddings and private parties in Stockholm and the surrounding area!

For a safe, professional and successful party, book Perhaps the World's Best Guy.
17 years of full-time event experience.
Lots of content for the money.
100% customer satisfaction!

Daniel emanates from Stockholm.


Stefan Rapo

A professional and charming artist with great closeness to the audience. He is passionate about entertaining and touching. His artistry spreads joy, community and energy regardless of whether it is a company party, wedding or birthday party. Stefan's goal for the evening is that you go home with a big smile on your face and a lot of new energy. Grew up in the heart of Scania but moved to Gothenburg to attend the Ballet Academy's 3-year musical artist line but now lives in Stockholm.


An experienced entertainer who can offer most things!

Various themes & orientations

  • Sinatra, Swedish hits, 70-80s, disco, rock, schlager etc.

  • The shows are adapted to the customer & wishes.

  • Singing, music, activity & humor makes for a lovely evening.

  • A broad versatile entertainer who knows how to entertain an audience.

  • Tailor the arrangement according to your wishes.

  • Full evening or just single features, everything is possible.

Stefan starts from Stockholm.


Andreas Löfgren

A party troubadour & one man band that can really get the party started!
He can drive only guitar & sing or sound like a whole band yourself if needed!

Help with mingling & sing-along and start a little party afterwards.

After-ski atmosphere, a little dance or party, it's up to you.

Rock'n'roll, Pop, Schlager, Dance band, Disco etc.

Good broad repertoire with songs everyone recognizes and likes.

Good audience contact and a happy mood guarantee a successful evening.


He likes to get some momentum going!

Here there are songs so it suits everyone!!!

Vocals, guitar & backgrounds.

Andreas starts from Stockholm.


Alexandra Jardvall

Artist & Singer/songwriter

Alexandra is the artist and troubadour with over twenty years of experience working as a musician.

It has given her a routine that is clearly felt when she performs.


Alexandra sings and plays guitar and harmonica. Her voice and her manner are touching. "With the audience, I can feel everything from exuberant joy to unbearable sadness, you can't get a better psychologist than that," says Alexandra with a smile. In addition to a concert with her own music or pure covers, Alexandra is an excellent hostess who with joy and passion is happy to hold a melodic cross, well adapted to the occasion. All-singing is an obvious element in everything described above.

If necessary, Alexandra travels with her own sound and light.

Alexandra starts from Norrköping


Anders Sjöling

A troubadour with many years of experience from both cruise ships, conferences,
weddings and private parties etc. Anders started playing as a troubadour in 1995 and has been playing full-time since 2001. His motto is that no party is too big or too small to have fun at. The specialty is the Music Question Show as it becomes a real draw for the audience.

Plays everything from Cornelis to Metallica, the emphasis is on music from the 60s-90s
but new songs are always added! Do everything from acoustic all-nighters to party nights a´la après ski!


Mingling, dinner entertainment, fun music competitions, dance party or "regular" pub troubadour feeling.

Anders does everything, can also act as a simple DJ as a finale if desired!

An experienced entertainment professional that suits everyone!

Anders emanates from Stockholm.


Do you also want to be seen here?

Send in a description of you/your band with a picture and clip

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