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Mother Mu & the musical adventure

"Mother Mu & The Crow's Muuusikäventyr" is a fun 20-minute mini-show for all children.

The show host guides you through some of the most famous & loved the songs written by Mamma Mu & Creator of the crow, Jujja Wieslander. Clap the beat to "Min lilla kråsång", stomp your feet to "If it starts raining" and shake your butt to "Tipp-på-rumpanaffair"!


Immediately after the show, the characters walk off the stage so all the children get a chance to get a hug and a photo with the country's most loved cow & crow. 

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Fåret Shaun 4.jpg

Mini disco with dance games

In addition to the stage shows, we can also offer "Minidisco with dance games", a slightly more spontaneous show with the following characters: 


​Mamma Mu & The Crow, Bing & Flop, Pelle Tailless & Maja Gräddnos, Shaun the Sheep, The Smurfs,  Moomin, Little Ghost Laban, Paddington, Maya the Bee, Angry Birds, The Smurfs, Dinosaur Train and Miffy.

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Barnunderhållning Pettson & Findus.jpg

Sing with Pettson & Finuds

A sing-along family performance with Sven Hedman as Pettson and Fanny Wistrand as Findus.

They take the audience by storm through many of the funniest tricks of the popular characters: camping, putting meatballs, scaring foxes and trying to bake pancake cake. And the audience gets to join in and sing most of the time. And they usually do that out of their heart's desire.


Otherwise, just laugh and cozy up to the well-known stories. Now it's finally time for Findus to join us again, and what a Findus! Fanny Wistrand is a very personal musician and artist and songwriter.

Watch clips on Youtube

Peter Rylander.webp

Peter Rylander

Peter Rylander - entertainer, conferencer and audience coach, who raises your event to the maximum level with a good and unique energy!

Family Day, Festival, Children's Entertainment, Family Entertainment & party!
Peter really adds an extra spice to your event and is guaranteed to make both young and old laugh, sing, dance and run ;-) An example could be the Amigoshow, which is a mix of disco, games, quizzes and joy!
Of course, there are several different concepts that provide extra energy and lift your arrangement to unimagined heights!

Hyr en jultomte i släde.jpeg

Santa Claus visits

Santa Claus is coming to visit. Sitting in a sleigh or wheelbarrow or on a Santa throne, he receives wish lists and wishes Merry Christmas to all kind children. Tired of Santa? Santa Claus is happy to stand up instead.

The plot is in Stockholm. But can be transported with his sled to other cities for a travel supplement.

Odla med Biet maya 1.jpg

Planting school with Maya the Bee

Beet Maya's cultivation activity is undoubtedly our most popular & appreciated activity in the spring & early summer, but of course it can be adapted to other seasons.


Since 2016, thousands of children throughout the country have grown sunflowers, sun hats and watercress in shopping malls, streets & square. 

The activity consists of two parts: Seed planting and tip walk.

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Bing & flopp.jpg

Traditional Meet & Greetings

If you want a slightly simpler activity but an activity that still attracts families with children, there is our traditional "Meet & Greet" with one of the children's favorite characters.


The figure is in place for 3-5 hours according to your wishes to prank and joke with all the children, hand out endless free hugs, and above all to give the children an unforgettable day.


Meet & Greet can be booked with the figures below:

Mother Mu & The Crow, Bing & Flop, Pelle Tailless & Maja Gräddnos, Shaun the Sheep, The Smurfs,  Moomin, Little Ghost Laban, Paddington, Maya the Bee, Angry Birds, The Smurfs, Dinosaur Train and Miffy.

Klangsagor barnunderhållning

Two red dots on picnic

Siv has a birthday and sets up a picnic for one. She always celebrates alone. In its way.

Hoot hoot! Who's there? A stranger rolls in and puts everything on hold. 

They meet in a jumble of garland tangles, misunderstandings and a burst balloon. 

Picnic for one becomes picnic for two - how will it go? 


A performance based on physical comedy with specially composed music. Here theater is mixed with acrobatics. Two curious clowns meet the audience and take them to a party they won't soon forget. 


A clown show for the whole family!

Time: 30 min

Playing area: 5x5m

Can be played outdoors


Rollo the wizard

Rollo is a Stockholm-based magician who performs throughout Sweden (and sometimes outside). He has worked with children's parties since 2008, on everything from small family parties to large corporate events. 

The wizard Rollo comes to your child's party, or to your school graduation, and the children gather in front of the stage area then it starts!

The children laugh, scream and help the wizard solve magical problems, chase mischievous wands and become wizards themselves! The focus is on the children, but the adults will also have fun.

The show is 25-30 minutes long.

Rollo has 3 variations on the show for 3 different target groups: 4-9 years or 10-15 years

Fåret Shaun.jpg

Shaun's "Championsheeps" sheep

Shaun the sheep's "Championsheeps" is a fun activity for those of you who want a slightly bigger event at your trading post or festival. The activity is suitable for all children aged 3 and up and works both as a simple activity, or as a pentathlon with wins for different age groups.


And of course, Shaun the Sheep is there throughout the day to give all the children a hug, a high-five & a photo opportunity!


We build 5 different stations, all framed with branded backdrops and artificial grass. Each station has a dedicated activity leader who helps the children throughout the day.


The activities are:


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Motorcycle show with Jimmy Olsson

Most of you probably recognize Jimmy from the group Rackartygarna, where he has been a central part since the beginning.

Jimmy, together with the group Rackartygarna, has been 2nd in the TV show Talang, and over the years has toured around Sweden and performed on his motorcycle.

Jimmy has a solid background as a trial driver, and impresses to say the least with his driving skills.

In his motorcycle show, he brings a large stand that he builds up. He rides it on the bike and climbs around, then he brings in people from the audience with whom he usually jokes a bit. He also has a bike without a front fork that he usually rides around with. 

Watch clips >>

Tobbe trollkarl.jpg

Tobbe Trollkarl

Tobbe Trollkarl is the children's coolest entertainer.

Tobbe is one of Sweden's most booked children & family entertainers.


He offers a show out of the ordinary, forget old men in top hats, here it's crazy tempo, crazy humor & wizardry in a blissful mix! The shows are adapted for a family audience with a lot of laughter, where the adults laugh at least as much as the children. That is perhaps what distinguishes Tobbe the most from other children's acts today.

daniel kane.jpg

Daniel Kane

He broke through to the wide audience when he made a success on Talang in TV4 and was seen by 8 million Swedes & over 60 million on social media such as Facebook. However, he has been active as an entertainer at company events and other events for many years.

His shows have been shown all over Sweden but also in Berlin, Oslo, London and more. With his extensive experience, he is often booked at corporate events in Stockholm-Gothenburg-Malmö. There he weaves in his shows together with other speakers and entertainers. Spectacular magic – Unforgettable entertainment!


Easter crafts & egg hunt

Easter crafts can be booked with any figure, with our lovely Easter bunny (pictured above) or only craft activities.


The children make Easter cards & other Easter decorations before we send them off on the "Easter Egg Hunt" - a fun treasure hunt where FIVE lucky children win a candy-filled Easter egg!

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Football freestyle with Adrian Krog

Adrian Krog is a freestyle soccer world champion, a live artist and a major influencer on social media. For the past 15 years, he has traveled the world with his ball and performed in all sorts of events.

He can offer freestyle soccer performances, teach skills to participants, bring freestyle balls, sell freestyle balls, sign autographs and engage with the crowd. He can also use his social platforms to promote events.

Suitable for shopping centers and family days, football cups, product launches etc.

See clips on Youtube here >>

Filiokus Fredrik.jpg

Foliokus Fredrik

Filiokus Fredrik is one of Sweden's most popular children's entertainers who has been touring for over 10 years with his interactive magic and ventriloquist shows. Fredrik has written eleven sorcery books which together have sold over 100,000 copies.
Filiokus Fredrik is the Swedish master of child conjuring. He has appeared on children's TV over 100 times, is in the Guinness Book of Records and has been given his own pastry at the patisserie in Boden. Also holds the record for the world's fastest and world's highest book release!

Dogge Doggelito.jpg

Doggy Doggelito

The godfather of hip-hop moves throughout Sweden again and comes close to you, at a comfortable distance of course, with his new stripped-down musical ensemble!

Dogge offers a wide repertoire of new and old songs, from his latest album and also some classics from the time with The Latin Kings.

Other programs
Dogge's rap school Here, Dogge inspires and shows how to create a new song, together with the participants, who can consist of young people, children or adults.

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Magic Hat

Children's entertainment

Here you will find children's entertainment and family entertainment such as meet & greet with huggable characters, stage shows, mini disco, magicians and TV characters for example. parties, festivals, family days and shopping centers etc.

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