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Ricardo Ausin - Dinner Comedy

Imagine the best of stand-up and music, then you have Ricardo Ausin's "DinnerComedy".

"When Ricardo takes care of the entertainment, you know that everyone will enjoy themselves and have a really nice evening"

A different Stand Up comedy with fantastic guitar playing & singing

Well-planned drop-ins during the meal at appropriate times and/or a longer performance as a conclusion to the coffee.

This incredibly broad entertainer with his sense of what the audience wants always gives his all to ensure that everyone joins in and has fun.

Ricardo adapts to the audience and his sense allows him to satisfy all categories of people in a very good way.

"The Mole" - The Cleaner/Waiter/New Hire

During your dinner he appears. He is a very good representative of his professional group and takes his job seriously. With zealous accuracy he sweeps, polishes/dusts his way through the restaurant. He asks guests to lift their plates for him to access, crawls under tables to access stains and leftover food. Everything happens with a wildly gesticulating and hysterical mime, which after a while usually attracts the guests to laughter. At first you don't dare laugh, because you don't know if it's a real cleaner/waiter or not, but after a while no one can hold back and a wonderful atmosphere spreads in the room.
As a finale, our "cleaner" / "waiter" finds a guitar and asks to entertain the guests with a song, a perfect ending where it finally becomes clear that he really is an artist and entertainer of the highest order!

The "New Employee" exposes himself to embarrassing situations and events in true "Mr Bean" spirit. But this is not on stage! It's the person next to you during dinner. - Is he going to give a speech? God, he fell backwards with the chair! - Does he have a napkin on his forehead?

We promise you a 100% laugh guarantee!

Watch clip:

Galen servitör Ricardo Ausin