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Conference and meetings in castle and manor house - A meeting or conference at a beautiful castle or stately manor house often offers unexpected experiences in the form of new knowledge and inspiring perspectives on the past and present time. Let us guide you to the right castle or the perfect mansion for your next conference, meeting or kick-off.


Görväln Castle - Järfälla Stockholm

A CASTLE IT REVOLVES ABOUT Hesselby Slott is Sweden's musical castle – a place full of life, movement and music located just outside Stockholm.


There is room for everyone here; small conferences to large events, weddings and parties. Hesselby Castle is also a meeting point for musicians, artists and anyone who likes music.


We who run the castle are passionate music lovers and the artist Tomas Ledin is one of the co-owners. We felt that Sweden needs a musical castle.

Maximum 150 participants

99 beds

färna herrgård.jpg

Färna Herrgård - Skinnskatteberg

Hotel, restaurant and spa in beautiful Bergslagen.

In the magical Bergslagsskogen, 45 minutes from Västerås and 60 minutes from Örebro lies Färna Herrgård & Spa.

Färna is a place to enjoy, whether you are here for a romantic weekend, day spa or a conference. The manor was founded in 1776 and both iron and forestry have been operated here. Here you can really experience the contrast between the beautiful manor salons and the mountainous nature.

Maximum 120 participants

121 beds

happy tammsvik.jpg

Happy Tammsvik - Bro

It bursts with color, seethes with life, steams with creativity. It smells, tastes and feels. Tammsvik is all the feelings at once.


We are driven by humour, joy of meeting and creativity. We take humor, and your meeting, seriously. Happy Tammsvik is located on Mälaren's shore, 40 minutes from Stockholm and Arlanda. Here you will find many different conference rooms, 121 hotel rooms in a scenic location and a wide range of free activities. Meals are served in one of the manor's spectacular dining rooms.

Maximum 200 participants

197 beds

Lejondals slott.webp

Lejondals Slott - Bro

At Lejondals Slott, you have the opportunity to invite to a conference in maximum privacy. The entire castle is at your and your guests' disposal, and everything you need for a successful conference is under one roof. In the scenic area you will find the beautiful castle park and of course Lejondal Castle, a young castle in Wasastil. The accommodation is located in the castle park around the castle, all in close proximity to the main building.

Lejondals Slott is beautifully situated by Lejondalssjön. A private jetty right next to the castle offers rich opportunities for swimming or a moment of silence. Pleasant patios form an extension of the castle park with its rustling canopy of trees.

Maximum 110 participants

123 beds


Häringe Castle - Västerhaninge - Stockholm

Just 25 minutes from Stockholm, idyllically located in a nature reserve by the sea, is Häringe Castle. Coming here is like stepping into a bygone era of splendor and opulence. A bygone era that retains today's modern conveniences.

Start the day with an hour of yoga before being served an extraordinary breakfast at the castle. You confer with a view of the apple grove, enjoy a two-course vegetarian lunch and coffee. End the day with a sauna, non-alcoholic aperitif and vegetarian three-course dinner at the castle.

Conference places: 150 

Beds: 150 

Johannesbergs Slott - Rimbo.jpg

Johannesbergs Slott - Rimbo

At Johannesbergs Slott you are invited to a conference facility in a historic setting with modern technology. In this carefully renovated castle in the heart of Roslagen, you have all the conditions for a successful conference and personal meetings. In a peaceful and high-class environment, we can accommodate both large and small groups.

Located less than an hour from Stockholm, only 20 minutes from Arlanda and 30 minutes from Uppsala, our conference facility is easily accessible to guests from all over the country and the world. A natural place for meetings, quite simply.

Maximum 225 participants

205 beds


Båsenberga - Vineyards

It is close to most things. Close to the train from the big city, close to the silence of the forest and close to relaxing experiences!

The history of Båsenberga carries with it a reminder of authenticity and down-to-earth conditions. We still stand for that. We want to fill your meeting with consideration and personality. You will find the pleasantly relaxed atmosphere around every corner, in every nook and cranny. The atmosphere and the personal reception contribute to maximum inspiration and the greatest possible benefit from your conference. We stand for quality and attention to detail.

Maximum 120 participants

60 rooms

Engsholms slott.jpg

Engsholms Slott - Mörkö

Engsholm Castle is located right by the sea, just 50 minutes from Stockholm. Here you can meet in a rich environment with a long history. All premises are decorated according to different eras and have a fantastic view of the sea or the Castle Park.


The beautiful surroundings have even inspired hotel rooms to be furnished with binoculars instead of TVs! Outside the rooms, you can meet in the generous lounge with sauna and relaxation, light therapy room, gym, billiards, darts, party games, beer and wine bar.

Maximum 85 participants

90 beds


Gimo Herrgård - Roslagen

Less than an hour from Arlanda, nestled in upland forests and vast meadows lies Sweden's first Gustavian manor house, Gimo Herrgård.


This is the conference hotel for you who love luxury! How about staying in a suite with its own sauna, jacuzzi and four-poster bed or eating a six-course meal in the manor's chambre separée?


Hold your conference in bright, modern and fully equipped meeting rooms and end the day with a party in the conservatory.

Maximum 120 participants

145 beds


Hooks Herrgård - Jönköping

A couple of miles south of Jönköping lies Hooks Herrgård and is proudly reflected in the waters of Lake Hokasjön. The Småland 18th-century environment houses golf courses and spas, surrounded by beautiful nature.


Have a drink at the bar, enjoy the stately salons or settle down in the cozy lobby after the meeting. There are suites, king rooms, double rooms, combi rooms and single rooms. Many of the double rooms also have a large sofa bed, if you want to fit even a few more.

Maximum 300 participants

250 beds


Sundbyholm Castle - Eskilstuna

Sundbyholm Castle is easily accessible one mile north of Eskilstuna, about an hour from Stockholm. Here is Mälaren's longest sandy beach, an award-winning marina, a generous castle park, Europe's northernmost beech forest and Sundbyholm's trotting track. The castle is built with a beautiful lake view. Among the guest rooms are 12 luxury suites, and some of them also have their own sauna.

The gunners like to fire cannon salutes and roll out the red carpet for a historic masquerade ball!
The castle has over 200 newly made 18th century costumes, and more can be hired if needed. Of course, you can spice it up with jesters and troubadours, maybe even Bellman himself. 

Conference seats: 250

Beds: 235 

Ulfsunda slott.jpg

Ulfsunda Slott - Bromma Stockholm

Ulfsunda Castle is Stockholm's closest castle. Just 15 minutes from the city and 3 minutes from Bromma airport, you will find us, surrounded by a beautiful garden and with Mälaren's water on the periphery.


A modern castle in a timeless design with 54 uniquely furnished hotel rooms, 10 exclusive meeting rooms and a restaurant with a gold-edged tasting menu. In the wine cellar, vintage wines are mixed with champagne.


Welcome to Ulfsunda Castle - an experience far from everyday.

Maximum 100 participants

64 beds


Thoresta Herrgård - Bro - Stockholm

Thoresta Herrgård is a small, privately owned conference hotel, scenically located in Bro near Stockholm.


Here you will be greeted by interested and committed people who, with their hosting, do their utmost to ensure that our guests are comfortable. Attentive service, committed hospitality and fantastic food are distinguishing features of Thoresta Herrgård.

Hotel: 40 rooms, 33 double rooms and 7 single rooms.

Conference: 6 conference rooms, up to 100 people in parquet seating. 5 group rooms.

Dining room: 70 seats.


Dömle Herrgård Spa & Resort

To visit Dömle Herrgård Spa & Resort, in the heart of Värmland, is a unique total experience. If you are looking for the perfect place for meetings, conferences, relaxation, golf, other activities, really good food or simply luxurious accommodation. Then you've come to the right place. We also dare to say that we arrange world-class weddings, where we are unbeatable, if we may brag a little.

Dömle is the perfect Manor for all seasons. A Värmland in winter garb is probably one of the most beautiful things you can experience. Experiencing it with us guarantees a magical journey for all the senses. 

Maximum 150 participants

124 beds


Bergendal - Sollentuna

Located only 20 minutes from Stockholm and Arlanda, you will find this scenic location where you can hold your conference in peace and quiet. Old-fashioned mansion meets modern architecture right on Edsviken's beach. At Bergendal there is a wide range of both exciting and challenging activities. Challenge your senses on a blind barefoot hike, build your own raft and compete in a race or strengthen the group with clever team activities! After a day in the meeting rooms, you can enjoy the view from the elegantly designed bar high up on Falkberget.

Maximum 170 participants

168 beds

gorvaln slott.jpg

Görvälns slott - Järfälla 

Görvälns Castle is known and praised for its detailed and unique interior with many layers of luxury.


Here you sleep in generous beds with down duvets. The hotel consists of five buildings in addition to the beautiful castle. The guest rooms are located in the wings from the 1660s and the three villas belonging to the castle. No two rooms are alike. Colors, decor, furniture, bathroom tiles and beds – everything is handpicked and carefully selected in true luxury boutique spirit. Here "Stjärnorna på Slottet" was recorded in 2011 and became known throughout Sweden.

Maximum 60 participants

86 beds

Haga slott.jpg

Haga Slott - Enköping

In a castle from 1670 right by Mälaren just outside Enköping, there are elegant and relaxing environments for your conference. Haga Castle was built by Nicodemus Tessin d.ä. and has an exciting history that gives an extra dimension to the stay. Salons and wings are carefully renovated and restored to maintain the soul of the castle.

The castle kitchen offers well-composed meals inspired by the seasons. Local raw materials from the Mälardalen are especially cherished. The wine cellar has been awarded on several occasions, and has its own champagne, among other things. There is the possibility of drink tastings in the castle's former dungeon.

Maximum 150 participants

Näsby slott.jpg

Näsby Slott - Täby

Only 15 minutes from Stockholm city, located by Näsbyviken in Täby is the historic Näsby Castle.


The castle is surrounded by a lush castle park and offers a historical environment with elements of Swedish art history. The castle was already built in 1665, but a big fire in 1897 destroyed everything except the outer walls and the magnificent entrance staircase.


With the help of the old drawings, the art collector Carl Robert Lamm was able to rebuild the castle so that it was completed in 1902. There are still statues by Carl Milles, wall paintings by Bruno Liljefors and a ceiling painting signed by Anders Zorn to view at the castle.

Maximum 80 participants

95 beds


Rånäs slott - Rimbo

Rånäs Castle is internationally close. Only one hour from Stockholm, 45 minutes from Uppsala and 30 minutes from Arlanda. It is also possible to travel by public transport to your conference from the University of Technology in Stockholm or from Central Station in Uppsala.

Rånäs Castle offers a timeless meeting place with great contrasts in its interior and exterior environments. A castle experience beyond the ordinary.

Maximum 79 people

79 beds

krägga herrgård.jpg

Krägga Herrgård - Bålsta

You are here. In the now. 45 minutes from the big city, surrounded by green nature and warm hospitality. There is always time for you here. Time for focused meetings, for reflection, for enjoying life. Time to be present. Or as we say in Kräggian, here.


It offers 45 comfortable hotel rooms in various designs, bright and fresh meeting rooms with brilliant lake views. Here you will also find Krägga Sjöspa on Mälaren's shore and in the popular Sjövillan a "Meeting with exclusive exclusive right" is offered.

Maximum 300 participants

77 beds

Aspa herrgård.jpg

Aspa Herrgård

A meeting between the 18th century and the modern environment. At Vidbynäs, just outside Södertälje, you can have the best of both worlds. The farm was built in 1711 and much has been preserved from that time. The large bright dining room, lounges, stucco and tiled stoves create a lovely atmosphere. Outside you will find the large pleasant terrace as well as a lovely park and large green areas. In the middle of everything there is also a cafe and a cheese and wine shop.

Several non-traditional meeting rooms are available, for example sofa groups or living rooms. In the largest venue, Mälaren, up to 150 people can fit. Or if you need to use it as an exhibition space for a fair.

Maximum 150 participants

164 beds

Friibergh Herrgård.jpg

Friibergh Herrgård - Örsundsbro

Beautifully located with a calming view of Lake Mälaren, you will find a cozy oasis for your conference.

Friiberghs Herrgård dates back to the Middle Ages and offers a calming silence.


Most rooms face Lake Mälaren and invite you to a good night's sleep, regardless of whether you choose a single room, double room or suite.

Friiberghs Herrgård's food philosophy is based on the seasons and the kitchen likes to choose locally produced and organic ingredients. 

Maximum 100 participants

108 beds

Gällöfsta Konferens Kungsängen.jpg

Gällöfsta Konferens Kungsängen

Gällöfsta Kungsängen is the meeting place where country manor meets modern conference facility. 40 minutes from Stockholm city lies the beautiful manor dating back to the 14th century, nestled in the seclusion of nature. After a day in the meeting rooms, you can raise your heart rate in the gym or relax in the hotel's sauna.


With large windows, you get a generous amount of light and a nice view of the beautiful nature that surrounds Gällöfsta. There are also plenty of open areas for meetings and conversations outside the conference rooms

Maximum 150 participants

104 beds


Hennickehammars Herrgård - Filipstad

In beautiful Hennickehammar, magical nature and a manor house environment from the 18th century are combined with modern conference facilities.


All rooms are personally and timelessly decorated, and several of the mini-suites have lovely whirlpool baths. In the kitchen you will find chef and Olympic coach Björn Ståhlberg at the helm.


Hennickehammar is beautiful all year round. In winter, you can have fun on a small slope with a lift. In summer, you can enjoy long barbecue evenings and breakfast in the morning sun on the lovely terrace with a view of the lake.

Maximum 120 participants

Bjärsjölaholms slott.jpg

Bjärsjölagård Castle - Sjöbo

Surrounded by avenues, meadows, and wild creatures, Bjärsjölagård Castle is located in an idyllic location in Skåne. History wraps around the trees and buildings, 5.6 miles from Malmö, just over 9 miles from Helsingborg, and 12 km north of Sjöbo. Here the meeting can proceed in peace and quiet.

Bjärsjölagård Castle is the perfect place for meetings and recreation for both small and large groups.

The castle has 5 conference rooms fully equipped with the latest sound and lighting technology.

Max 150 people

52 beds

södertuna slott.jpg

Södertuna slott - Gnesta

The castle is beautifully situated by Lake Frösjön outside Gnesta and here you will find peace for the conference.

Södertuna Castle's staff believe that that little extra not only makes your conference in Sörmland memorable, but also creates creative meetings and a good working climate. With them you can eat food from its award-winning castle kitchen, get tailor-made conference activities, taste 100-year-old Armagnac, walk in its fantastic castle park, visit the castle spa and sleep well in modern hotels. 

Max 120 participants

128 beds


Knistad herrgård - Skövde

At Knistad Herrgård, your meeting is in focus. From the quote to the completed conference, we follow you and do our best to shape the stay around your needs. Our wish is for you to have an experience for all the senses in an idyllic setting and with delicious meals in our renowned restaurant.


When today's meeting is finished, some commonality exercise for the group can happen. We can offer a number of activities on topics such as team building, hunting/shooting, golf, cooking or tasting, etc.

Maximum 300 participants

160 beds

Krusenberg Herrgård.jpg

Krusenberg Herrgård - Uppsala

Krusenberg Herrgård, dating back to the 17th century, is located on Mälaren's shore. Those of you looking for a conference in an inspiring environment have found exactly the right place. The four-star Krusenberg is 25 minutes from Arlanda and within easy reach of Uppsala and Stockholm. At Krusenberg you relax among hundreds of apple trees in the beautiful park or with nice treatments in the Krusenberg Spa. In the mansion is the well-reputed restaurant that serves carefully prepared food according to the season, always with the best ingredients.

Maximum 90 participants

75 beds

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