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Artist booking

Here you will find party bands, cover bands, troubadours, dinner entertainment, lecturers, comedians, magicians, famous artists and DJs  for parties, weddings, events, kickoffs, fairs, etc.


Dinner entertainment

Professional entertainment for conference dinners, grand galas and small private events.

Music and entertainment throughout the dinner from the aperitif to the coffee. Spice up the party with a DJ or a party band after coffee and you can dance until the wee hours. We cooperate with several different show groups. See which ones by clicking on the link below.

Bergman Duo.jpg

Duo and two-man band

Mingle music, background, sing-along, dance or party. There are duos that are suitable for different occasions.

Party duos with backgrounds and full speed - Archipelago duos with accordion & guitar - Pubduos - Mingel duo's for a pre-drink evening with mingling.

Seth engström.jpg

Magician & magic

A magician or sorcerer makes the company party magical.

Do you want to book a magician, magician or illusionist? Here you will find Sweden's most employed in Magic & Magic. Most artists are nationwide and not tied to a county or town. Search for yourself in the list below or send a request if you want to be contacted with suggestions.


Sound, light and technology

Thanks to close cooperation with good suppliers, we can offer you sound, light and scenes for your company event, party, wedding and student.

Truck Bed gitarr Session

Cover & partyband

Bands for all different occasions and in different sizes! Partybands to get real party dancing going during the evening Coverbands & aprèsskibands for the full crowd in 1-2 sets! Dancebands with different repertoires for those who want to dance for real. Bands that accompany famous guest artists & shows as well as mingling & dinner entertainment. Theme bands such as soul, 60s, 80s, Disco mm 

Get in touch with us and together we will find the right artist/band for you. Click on the button below to see some of the bands we work with.


Children's entertainment

Here you will find children's entertainment and family entertainment such as meet & greet with cuddly characters, stage shows, mini disco, magicians and TV characters for example. parties, festivals, family days and shopping centers etc.

hyr en dj kanebo event.jpg

DJ for the party

Book a Professional DJ for the party, wedding or corporate event. i will help you with everything from music to sound and lighting. There are DJs for all occasions!  The repertoire is adapted to the audience & your wishes. 



We collaborate with many of Sweden leading and most in-demand lecturers, speakers, moderators, conferees and trainers, but also with new interesting lecturers and inspirers. You can see a selection of some of them below. Common to all lecturers is that they have important messages and know their subjects, but also that they have an ability to enthuse and engage an audience. There is no "universal solution" that fits in all contexts. For us, it is important that your needs as a customer determine which lecturer we can recommend.


Troubadour & mingle

Mingle entertainment with the drink, themes, sing-alongs & snap songs with the food,  pub entertainment or party troubadour at full speed. Perhaps pure background entertainment / cocktail music or a fun music quiz or other competition etc. Bellmantroubadour with period clothing, Vistroubadour with various programs, entertainment, dance, party, après ski etc.

Examples of troubadours: Ellinor Asp, Thomas Gee, Stefan Rapo, Jonas Amcoff, Ricardo Ausin, Andreas Lögren, Rolf Ilroth, Marcus Frenell mfl.


Mingle & happenings

Mingling and happenings are the type of entertainment that is a perfect start to a party. 

A surprising element that amuses the audience and raises the mood at all types of events.

Examples: Roller skating show, mingling troll, comic waiter/infiltrator, lavender statue, fire entrance and comic entrance guard.


Famous artists

Spice up your arrangement with a well-known guest artist or perhaps a well-known band that raises the mood and gives your guests this wonderful aha feeling! A good way to increase interest and attract guests to your event. We work with most artists & bands and help find what would suit you!

Friends karaoke

Music & dance competitions

Music and dance activities are a perfect way to wind down after a dinner, conference, long lectures, etc. An easy fun competition / activity that suits everyone.


Here you can always adapt the content according to audience & wishes in Swedish or English.

Singing, music, facts, humor & audience activity can be combined in these popular activities that are suitable for both small and large groups.

Komiker på scen

Comedian & standup

A comedian will help you lighten the mood.

Start the year with a kick-off, an activity, party or other adventure that is intended to make all participants relax. For best results, you can book a comedian to entertain and lighten the mood.


Entertainment activities

Music, Dance & theater activities are a perfect way to recover after a dinner, conference, long lecture, etc.


An easy fun competition / activity that suits everyone. Here you can always adapt the content to the audience & requests in Swedish or English. Singing, music, facts, humor & audience activity can be combined in these popular activities that are suitable for both small and large groups.

Ricardo och Helga Oktoberfestband.jpg

Theme band

Do you have a special theme for your party!?
What would a western party be without a country band? Oktoberfest without a Tyrolean band?

There are bands that fit most occasions that are customized to suit your needs & requests. For themes such as 60s/rock, Disco, 70s, 80s, October festival, country, archipelago, Caribbean etc. Entertainment for mingling, dinner and maybe dancing!

Två pennor på Notebook

Make a request

Do not hesitate to contact us. If you do not find what you are looking for on the website, we can certainly help you in any case. 

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