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Football trips

World-class football trips! Whether you are looking for a football trip to London, Manchester, Paris, Barcelona or any other European destination, we have football travel packages to suit. Our football travel packages include round trip flights, hotel stays and the football ticket.

Of course, we help you with various desirable upgrades for both flights, hotels and football tickets. Perhaps you would also like additional supplements for your trip? Such as restaurant bookings, musical tickets, concert tickets, sightseeing, a day in the character of James Bond in London, or why not spend time on a visit to Freixenet outside Barcelona, to experience cava of the best kind? Yes, most of our football trips can also be combined with a number of other activities, which means that you as a traveler get even more out of your trip.

But we can offer you trips to all leagues in Europe. Premier League England, The Championship, La Liga, Seria A Italy, Bundesliga Germany, Ligue 1 France, Premier League Scotland, Champions League, Europa League, FA cup - England, Nations League, International matches, League Cup - England, Sky Bet Play Offs

We can offer you tickets and hotel packages for the following leagues:

premier league.jpg

Premier League 

​Bundesliga - Tyskland.png

Bundesliga - Germany

Europa League.jpg

Europa League


Championship England

​Ligue 1 - Frankrike.jpg

Ligue 1 - France

FA Cup.jpg

FA Cup - England

​La Liga - Spanien.jpg

La Liga - Spain

Scottish Premiership.png

Scottish Premiership


National matches

​Serie A - Italien.jpg

Serie A - Italy

Champions League.jpg

Champions League

Crowd i Stadium

League Cup

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