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Outdoor activities

Lovely activities that you can do outdoors. The activity company comes to you and makes your summer party or conference that little bit extra.


Catapult construction

The task is to build a fully functional catapult per team in just 1 hour.

All teams receive identical conditions regarding construction materials and tools.

When the construction period is over, the teams have the opportunity to present their creations and then it is time for the decisive competition.

Which team manages to shoot the longest and with the greatest accuracy?

If you would rather build something else, we of course have more fun suggestions; Mini box cars, Sleds, Rafts, Airplanes, Mini catapults, etc.

Time required: 1.5 hours
Number of participants: Unlimited

Download the PDF

The hunt 1.jpg

The Hunt

The Hunt is just as physically tough or as quiet as you want, we build the activity completely according to your wishes and it can be carried out anywhere.

Under time pressure and constantly with one or more teams on their heels, it is important to solve the practical challenges to constantly get further into the game and closer to the final victory.

The practical challenges can vary between clever tricks eg; nail balancing and pyramid building or physical challenges eg; bungy run and boot throw or air pistol shooting, giant memory, TV series intro, etc.

Each practical challenge you solve takes you one step closer to the goal.

The activity can be carried out either as a competition or as a collaboration where the common end goal is the deciding factor.

Download the PDF

Time required: 1.5 hours
Number of participants: Unlimited


The photo hunt

This is an activity for EVERYONE who likes crazy pranks, play, mischief and clever tasks.
The activity is perfect for those who want to get active on their own (alone) or for smaller groups (2-6p), families, couples, friends, etc.

With our app downloaded to your tablet or smartphone, you simply start the game by logging in with the information you receive via e-mail or SMS when you book.
You then choose when you want to play....your game and your time starts when you log into the game!

  • Collect as many points as possible by solving different photo challenges. You activate the challenges by moving outdoors, the further you go, the more tasks are added to your list (total distance approx. 2km)

  • You complete the game on foot.

  • The game ends automatically when you have taken all the controls or when the game time has expired (maximum time = 2 hours).

  • A golden opportunity to challenge neighbors and friends without having to meet IRL (=social distancing).

The game is also available in a map version where the teams must get to predetermined locations to activate the missions.

Time required: maximum 2 hours
Number of participants: unlimited


Walk on hot coals

Earth, air, water and FIRE... the four elements have fascinated man throughout the ages.

During this experience, everything revolves around the fire!

Native Americans, Vikings and many other indigenous peoples around the world used, and in many cases still use, fire in their magical rituals and manhood rites.

Today, it's mostly about a spectacular and exciting experience where we push our personal limits to the limit under safe conditions.

Explore your ultimate ability, walking barefoot over an incandescent bed that maintains a temperature of approx. +500°C!

Time required: 1 hour
Number of participants: Unlimited

laserlerduveskytte 1.jpg

Laser clay pigeon shooting

See what the employees are doing and aim for profit. Laser clay pigeon shooting is the ultimate activity for groups who want to try competing in something out of the ordinary.

This is an environmentally friendly and harmless way to experience clay pigeon shooting. Real shotgun modified with electronics and recyclable plastic doves.


You can shoot up to 5 people at the same time and hits, misses and scores are displayed on a digital scoreboard where the sound level can also be adjusted, which makes it more interesting for the spectators. It is guaranteed to bring out unsuspected competitive instincts and lead to many laughs. The winning team is awarded gold medals.

Available in Stockholm

Film Clapboard

The commercial

Equipped with a digital video camera, imagination, creativity and collaboration, you create a storyboard or script and then record your commercial.

The theme of your film can be, for example; future, budget, in 20 years, past-now-since, etc.
Here it is important to find your own interpretation and also succeed in the art of telling it all with a short film.

When it's time to show your films, there will not only be laughter and cheers, but the best film will also be voted for.

Immediately after finishing the film screening, you get exclusive access to your films which are online with password protection.

Time required: 1.5 hours
Number of participants: Unlimited



Kayaking is so much more than just paddling. Gliding almost silently across the surface of the water is an experience out of the ordinary. The calm paddling sessions create a strong, conscious presence that gives strength, and the proximity to the water enhances the nature experience.


In addition, it is very social. A kayak trip in the Stockholm archipelago or in Lake Mälaren provides memories for a lifetime. During our guided tours you get to experience the beautiful landscape up close. We provide all the necessary equipment and of course go over paddling technique and safety.

Mästarnas-Mästare aktivitet.jpg

the master of masters

Like our elite athletes who fought in the TV box, your team can also be put to the test. Try our version of the Master of Masters and appoint the company champion!


The Master of Masters activity promises a nerve-wracking experience and an opportunity to have fun together! Meet each other in branches where courage, strategy, focus, wit and much more put you and the team to the test.

You are divided into about 5–7 people/teams. The variety in the branches means that everyone's skills in each team are valued and increases the bond between you. Team spirit will be at its peak with all participants.

A selection of branches is:

  • Impossible Puzzle

  • Attached

  • The trial by fire

  • The memory test

  • Scent duel

  • The night duel

  • The nut tower

  • The strength test

Minimum 15 people.

Time required: 1-1.5 hours depending on the number of branches.

SUP aktivitet.jpg

Paddle SUP

To paddle Stand Up Paddleboard's or so-called S.U.P's is a completely new way of getting around on water. Standing on inflatable boards, you paddle with the help of a long paddle. During the paddle trip, you use the entire body's muscles, which makes the activity a versatile form of exercise. We provide a complete kit with board, paddle, wetsuit and life jacket.

Time required: 1 hour

Number: maximum 20 people


Sumo wrestling

Dressed in a giant sumo suit that not only makes you extra stylish but also heavier and clumsier, you must do your utmost to win your match.

Now you have the chance to challenge any colleague, friend or other in a tough wrestling match.
We have sumo suits, match mat and instructor with us, you stand for fighting spirit, laughter and excitement.

- Compete against each other in teams.
- Compete individually.
- Challenge any person.

Time required: approx. 60 minutes (depends on group size)
Number of participants: at least 2


Team building

Stop opposing - start cooperating!

Practical exercises are interspersed with shorter evaluations after each exercise.
The longer time goes by, the better your cooperation will be.
The activity is carried out in a light-hearted way with fun exercises that attract both laughter and some frustration, but without "pointing sticks".
You are slowly but surely driven to better cooperation through encouragement and tips.

Time required: from 1 hour
Number of participants: Unlimited


100 coins

100 Coins is an engaging outdoor game that requires strategy as well as planning and speed.

The concept means that the teams go to different places within the playing area while answering questions.
For each correct answer, the team earns the specified amount of coins.
Most questions yield positive coins, but some result in negative coins (which can be useful if the team accidentally accumulated too many coins).

The goal for each team is to collect exactly 100 coins, the fastest team to achieve this wins!

Time required: 30 minutes
Number of participants: unlimited
Location: optional


iPad Challenge - any city

In the team's iPad, you see a map of the area where your current position is marked, you go to the various points on the map to answer a question or perform a practical challenge.

In order for the question or challenge to be activated, you must be in the direct vicinity of the point on the map, when the question is answered or the challenge completed, the point disappears from the map and you move on to the next point.

The activity is completely adapted to your wishes, it can be; an exercise run, a nice walk, a tough training session, let you discover the surroundings or the city you are in...

Download the PDF

Time required: from 1 hour
Number of participants: Unlimited

En kvinna som använder tablett i ett majsfält

The assignment

The mission - a challenging competition wherever you are.

How many points can you collect before the time runs out?
The more you move outdoors, the more missions you get and the more missions you manage to solve, the higher your score!

Facts about the game:

  • Can be played anywhere as long as you are outdoors

  • Both competition and entertainment

  • Suitable for both solo players and groups (there is no limit to how many teams can play at the same time, we recommend 3-5 participants/team).

  • Maximum time 90 minutes (can be adjusted according to your wishes).

  • Easy to get started.

  • You only need 1 smartphone or tablet/person.

  • You get to use creativity and speed, you play in a team...also cooperation and communication skills.

  • You can play together even if you are in different locations.

  • You can play solo games on your own.

Time required: maximum 90 minutes
Number of participants: unlimited









isskulptering (1).jpg

Ice sculpting

A creative and relaxed activity that works just as well all year round!

By law, the participants must create a sculpture from a block of ice.

The conditions are the same for all teams; 1 ice block and identical tools.

Tips and tricks from the instructor on site will help you achieve fantastic results.

Time required: 1.5 hours
Number of participants: Unlimited


Kick bike shooting

Kickbike shooting is a different activity after the known manner, namely biathlon. But instead of skis we have big kickbikes and instead of bullets we use air rifles with scopes. The participants are divided into teams and then we begin with shooting practice and a review of our kickbikes. Then we start the competition where a different technical course must be forced with the help of the scooters before it is time to load the weapons. The goal is to shoot down the 5 black biathlon-like shooting targets during the standing shooting, where each miss results in a penalty round. The fastest to the finish line are the winners for the day.


Personal equipment: Clothing according to the weather.

Time required: About 1 hour

Number of participants: From 4 – 60 people



The archipelago is perfect for sailing, inspiration, meetings and wonderful experiences. With new challenges and adventures together with business partners and friends in a fantastically beautiful environment.

With the power of nature in the sails, to get across sparkling bays with views of the most beautiful kind. On board top-equipped, modern sailboats, you really get to try sailing here with the very best conditions. In combination with a business meeting, conference, kickoff or as a group-strengthening activity.

  • A skipper is on each boat

  • Works all year round as long as there is no ice

  • We provide you with boat stands and life jackets

  • Suitable for groups of 6 - 60 people



​The activity Bushcraft/survival takes place on an island in the Stockholm archipelago.

  • Participants learn about forest and wilderness knowledge.

  • Fire knowledge in how to make a fire using fire steel and a knife.

  • Highlights prepping, which is about being prepared when things don't go as planned.

  • Handle edged tools such as knife, ax and saw. 

  • You build your camp, build a fireplace, collect fuel for the fire, make tools for camp building and cooking.

  • You gain knowledge about how you can find food in nature to increase your food supply.

  • You also learn to interpret signs in nature that facilitate orientation and movement.

  • First aid. How do I act and treat an injury that occurs?


The Olympiad

The fight for the gold has never been tougher. Versatility is required to win. The teams will be faced with various competitive stages adapted to the season. 

Challenge your colleagues in our Olympiad. The branches are familiar but all have a fun and thoughtful twist. Strength, patience, pinpoint accuracy, balance and brain training are conceivable challenges that the team can face. The Olympiad is suitable for medium and large groups and ends with a trial by fire.

Examples of branches:

  • Giant slalom with segway

  • Biathlon

  • Hockey shot

  • Frisbee golf

  • Archery

  • Laser clay pigeon shooting

  • Cross-country skiing relay

  • Tug of war

  • Golf chipping

Exactly which competition disciplines are performed depends on group size and location.

Minimum group size: 25 people

Time required: 1.5-2 hours.


Radio controlled sailboats

Dragon Force 65 is the name of the form of competition with radio-controlled sailboats that has become very popular in recent years. Today it is the largest radio-controlled class.


It's easy to learn and fun for those standing on the sidelines cheering on. With the help of a remote control, you control both the rudder and the boat's two sails.

The competition part consists of timing the start and sailing around a course with buoys to reach the finish line first. Expect a high pulse and an exciting race.

RIB Archipelago Race.jpg

Rib Archipelago Race

The RIB Archipelago Race is a fast-paced navigation and communication competition for landlubbers and sailors alike. The company is divided into teams that get their own RIB boat with a skipper. Under time pressure, the team must navigate to exposed positions and solve tasks.


Our RIBs master any type of lake, and the maneuverability and power of the engines invite a euphoric feeling. All passengers are equipped with surface overalls, surface vest, wind goggles and cap. Each boat can accommodate 12 people.


This activity requires at least 2 boats.


Garden Party (Stockholm)

Customize your own multiplayer, choose from many old traditional English garden party games and some of our personal favourites. 

Thoughts go to English gentlemen in white in a green
undulating park and ladies with parasols against the sun and
champagne glass in hand. As a rule, you meet in a number of clever and different exercises.

You can choose between the following branches:

  • Jumbo Jenga – Popular game in giant format

  • Lawn Bowls – Oval balls that are rolled on the lawn

  • Jumbo Four in a row – Strategy and patience

  • Cornboard – Throw mini sacks into a hole

  • Quiots – Throw rings around a stick

  • Laser pistol shooting - Who is the steadiest on the hand?

  • Golf Ladder – Balls thrown at rungs

Image by Linh Nguyen

The escape from...

In the team's iPad, you see a map of the area where your current position is marked with a blue dot, there is also a clearly marked boundary around the playing field....which you are not allowed to go outside.

You make your way to the various controls on the map to answer questions, solve practical challenges or answer clever riddles.

In order for the control to be activated, you must be in direct proximity to it, when the task is solved, the control disappears and you move on to the next one.

There are also invisible controls hidden on the playing field, these require the team's utmost to succeed in finding them.

Collect points by solving the tasks, when you have cleared all the controls, the only correct passage out of the area will open and you will have a chance to escape…

The team that manages to get out of the area before the time runs out AND has accumulated the most points wins!

Time required: 1 hour
Number of participants: 2 - 100p

jeep terrängbana.jpg

Drive the Jeep

Experience the strength, power, comfort and accessibility of a Jeep!

Urban Offroad
We build our mobile 4x4 obstacles on site at your place and you get to experience the feeling of driving off-road without having to go out into the forest.
Let yourself be fascinated and enjoy the strength of the Jeep as you cross the "broken bridge".
Try to balance the Jeep on the treacherous "seesaw". With your tongue right in your mouth and with nerves of steel, you can drive up and over the dreaded "side smell".

Terrain course
Between Strängnäs and Mariefred (about 40 minutes from Stockholm City) are our own off-road course; Sandlycke 4wd Land. Here are all the possibilities for an exciting day in the forest, here are some different variations on arrangements:

  • Try; Together with an instructor, you can drive one of our off-road loops that contain both downhill and uphill closures, mud, logs, rocks and side slopes.

  • Training; A deeper understanding of how the cars and how the 4x4 systems work and function. The training consists of both theory and practice, it is carried out in a very educational and easy-to-understand manner.

  • Team building; You are divided into groups where each group is responsible for a car. The car and the group must make their way together through challenging terrain with a number of different obstacles. The participants themselves act as drivers and "spotters"/guides.

Time required: from 1 hour
Number of participants: up to approx. 20p

For more than 20p, contact us for a tailored arrangement.

gps quiz

GPS Quiz - A different tip walk

In the team's iPad, you see a map of the quiz round, you go to the various controls on the map to answer the questions.
In order for the question to be activated, the team needs to be in direct proximity to the control, when the question is answered it disappears from the map and you move on to the next one...

A lovely, stimulating and entertaining walk where the brain is also exercised at the same time as you get fresh air and exercise.

The team that manages to collect the most points wins!

The GPS Quiz can also be completed on your own in your own tablets or smartphone.

Time required: 1 hour
Number of participants: Unlimited



We start the Games with a joint ceremony where we line up nationally and light the Olympic flame. Team spirit is at its peak when we march with the national flags and sing our cheering anthems.


Participants rotate in 5 stations where different seasonal competitions await.


E.g. Canoe relay, blind catch, etc.


The games end with an exciting medal ceremony.

Time required: 2 hours

Number of participants: 10-Max 400 participants


RIB boat

The powerful engines propel us through the archipelago at up to 45 knots. Knowledgeable guides who know the archipelago like the back of their hand and are happy to share both facts and stories.

Regardless of whether the purpose of the activity is a transport to/from the conference, the activity or the dinner, it is an experience out of the ordinary.

The RIB tour can be advantageously combined with a lot of fun. For example: Seal safari, Navigation competition, Sauna raft, Pub tour in the archipelago or why not finish with a visit to an archipelago restaurant. 

Each rib takes 12 people.


Rent a hot tub

What could be more relaxing than sinking into a steaming hot hot tub after a long day?

Bathing in the hot tub is pure pleasure regardless of the weather or season.
Our hot tubs are mobile with full service, which means that we drive them to where you want them, fill them up with water, fire them, empty them, clean them and transport them away again when you have finished bathing.

The hot tubs have a plastic insert, which makes them more hygienic and faster to heat up, the outside of the tub is still in the same nice wooden construction.

All you have to do is enjoy a relaxing bath under the stars…

Time taken: until you look like raisins
Number of participants: 10p/barrel

The activity is located in central Sweden.


Barbecue evening on yor own island

Book a cozy barbecue evening on your own island in the archipelago. Unique experience at your kickoff or company party.

We head out into the archipelago more rib boat and let the weather decide where the best barbecue spot is for the day. Once outside, we light the grills, enjoy the sunset, good food and good company.


This is experience is absolutely magical!

In Stockholm archipelago



Sport fishing is a perfect company event for team building but also an excellent customer activity. Sport fishing with a guide is as much fun as it is educational. You get the wonderful nature experience in the bargain.  With long experience and good local knowledge, we take you directly to the hot spots. We fish for sea trout, pike, perch, zander and cod.  We provide you with all the equipment you need, everything from flotation suits/lifejackets to well-filled drawers and, not least, safe and functional sport fishing boats. 

  • Half day fishing trip

  • Full day fishing trip

  • After Work Fishing

  • Guided Boat Trip

See suggestions for fishing activities

Checkpoint challenge rib.jpg

Checkpoint Challenge RIB

This awesome archipelago experience with a special competitive element rarely fails to impress the conference guests!


All teams each get an iPad to navigate with and compete against the teams in the other boats by finding and completing the missions which are scattered around Stockholm's beautiful archipelago.


The game also works well to be done during a transport that ends at another destination and can run over both land and sea. The competition can also be tailored with the client's own questions!

Time required: 2-3 hours or full day.


The city challenge

City battle - discover any city by racing your way around it!

The map in the tablet or smartphone leads you to different places around the city you are in... some places you may recognize and some places may be really odd.
Scattered throughout the city are various tasks and challenges to solve, interspersed with funny anecdotes or exciting information about the city.
Some of the information is unique to the city….in one way or another :-)

For each task/challenge you solve, you of course get points, the most points when the time is up wins!

Time required: 60 - 120 minutes
Number of participants: unlimited

Download the PDF


The multi-competition

It also works great to carry out a multi-match in the form of a "try-on" or "mingle" arrangement....we set up a number of activity stations where the participants can mingle around and challenge each other or maybe just try the different activities.

Choose from a large number of different branches:

Air gun, Bungy running, Slingshot, Bow and arrow, 

Memory, Spike Balance, Raft Puzzle, Blind Relay, Lasso Throw, Ax Throw, Knife Throw, Horseshoe Throw, Warp, Tug of War, Sumo Wrestling, Frisbee Golf, Cube, Javelin Throw, Boot Throw, The Knot, Pyramid Building, Quiz, Impossible Equations.

Time required: approx. 20 minutes/branch
- 3 matches = 1 hour
- 4 matches = 1.5 hours
- 5 matches = 2 hours

Number of participants: Unlimited

The activity can be done throughout Central Sweden. Do you want further away? Send a request, nothing is impossible.


Drive a quad bike

An exciting, fun and challenging tour through beautiful nature.
We drive from "point A to point B" and then back again. There is room for 2 participants on each four-wheeler, these exchange places with each other at regular intervals so that everyone can ride all the obstacles.
Our instructor guides you throughout the safari.

Technical course:
We build up a technology track at the location where you are.
Here it is not about driving the fastest but driving the smartest to win by getting as close to the ideal time as possible.
The course contains narrow passages, tricky curves and tricky obstacles.
The track is built so that those waiting to drive can see whoever is out on the track at all times.

Time required: from 1 hour
Number of participants: up to approx. 20p
For more than 20p, contact us for a tailor-made arrangement!


Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is an activity that breathes gentlemen's seats and exclusivity.


We make it available to anyone who wants to try this enjoyable activity without any prior knowledge. At any time during the conference or at an independent activity, you can break up for a pigeon shoot out on the shooting range. Of course in combination with a nice coffee break if desired. First, we gather the group for a review of weapons handling and safety. When the participants are ready, we shoot a number of series to find the "inner target image". The activity then concludes with an exciting shooting competition.


Personal equipment: Non-sore clothing adapted to the weather Time required: The activity lasts for approx. 1.5 hours

Number of participants: 6 - 25 people


Segway polo

The Segway is a great vehicle to get around on, it's very intuitive….you steer with the help of a handlebar and your own body weight.
You feel the power and the speed, but you still have a sense of absolute control. It feels natural and instinctive, that's how it feels to ride a Segway!

When playing Segway Polo, the horses have been replaced by Segways.

Everyone can ride a Segway and everyone can play Segwaypolo, a fun and fast-paced activity.

Time required: from 1 hour
Number of participants: up to approx. 20p


blue charm.jpg

Charter your own boat

Break away from everyday life and rent your own ship! Meet your customers or friends on your own archipelago boat. With a boat charter, your guests get to experience Stockholm and the archipelago from the best side.​

Lunch cruise, dinner cruise, 24-hour cruise. 

We can offer boats in all sizes and models. Everything from luxury yachts to large archipelago boats and Finnish boats (!)

Read more about boat charters here >>


Box truck construction

Here the participants get an outlet for their creativity and creative spirit. Getting to build something based on your own ideas is a very effective and fun way to get to know and bring the group together. If you also add a competitive element, success is a given.


When the water is warm, we build Rafts, in winter the Toboggan Building is best. Boxcar construction works spring, summer and autumn, we build catapults and rockets all year round.

Personal equipment: The activity is carried out outdoors = clothing according to the weather

Time required: The activity takes 1.5 hours

Number of participants: From 10 - 400 people

Flottbygge (1).jpg

Raft building

Raft building is a wonderful summer activity that is appreciated by everyone! With simple aids, the participants must make a raft which will then be used in an intensive raft race!


The best build and presentation is rewarded with a small but oh so important head start in the fleet race itself! But now it's also up to proof, was the raft just beautiful to look at but not quite as good in the water?

Personal equipment: The activity is carried out outdoors = clothing according to the weather

Time required: The activity takes 1.5 hours

Number of participants: From 10 - 200 people


RIB - Seal Safari

Seal safari with RIB boats. We head out to the outer archipelago, where nature is barren and there is a feeling of untouched wilderness. From a distance nothing is visible. Just a big ocean that seems to go on forever.

But then suddenly a ridge appears in the middle of nowhere and on top of it the seals are basking in the sun. Gray seals are the seal species we have in the Stockholm archipelago, and they will increase in number over the years thanks to stricter environmental legislation. Now it is bubbling with life on cobbles and cuttings. They can be up to 2.5 meters long and weigh over 300 kg. The seal can live to be about 40 years old and lives on cod, sturgeon, salmon and flatfish.

The chance of seeing seals is high.


SUP challenge

Do you need to strengthen the team and at the same time do something very fun and different then you have found the right activity here! Here it is done on a giant S.U.P. which takes 8-10 people. Standing on the inflatable board, the whole group paddles and it is really important to be cooperative. The activity can be done as a completely independent get-to-know-each-other activity or we run a competition.

Personal equipment: Non-sore clothes/swimwear Time required: Approx. 1 hour

Number of participants: From 8 - 200 people

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