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What exactly is an event agency?

In recent years, a new type of company has emerged not only in Sweden, but also international: knowledge companies. Knowledge companies benefit from possessing any kind of unique or unusual skills that other companies prefer to hire or buys in, than hires.

Often these companies are relatively small. In many cases they can consist of just one consultant who is extremely competent and knowledgeable in a limited area. Many of these we find new knowledge companies of course in the IT sector where knowledge is the same as power. But there is also a type of knowledge company that sits on a broader, and more collectively, knowledge of an entire industry. These agencies are available in many different 

industries, but is probably most common in media, PR and other creative business services. A special type of agency is the event agency.

kanebo event

En eventbyrå is a company that collects many different types of events, repackages and brands them, and then offers and sells them to other companies that need to organize something special for their company party or conference. These event agencies make their money by acting as an intermediary, just like a reseller when it comes to physical products and merchandise. The big difference to the retailer is that the event agency rarely charges the customer to whom it delivers, but instead charges an intermediary fee or commission from the supplier.


This business model is as clever as it is successful: the supplier certainly loses some of its margin, but in return receives more clients mediated by the agency. The event agency benefits from its competence, knowledge and know-how, and the agency's customers receive a tailored experience at a good price. Not infrequently, the agency's clients can even lower their costs, because with professional help they can select the most affordable organizer for the event. In addition, they save a lot of time by not having to look around for various company activities, Christmas parties, kick offers or whatever it may be.


A competent event or event agency can often offer many different types of separate arrangements that correspond to the purpose the client has for them: being able to only offer Christmas tables is not the recipe for a successful event agency, rather a Christmas table agency. No, in order to deserve to be called an event agency, a company should be able to offer arrangements suitable for staff parties, conferences, summer parties, Christmas parties and preferably also slightly more fast-paced events. After all, the idea is to be a one stop shop that customers can return to and find events with, for all their conceivable needs.

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