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Mountain activities

The Swedish mountain world is absolutely teeming with experiences and adventures. Here you can see several mountain activities in Åre, Funäsdalen and Sälen. Examples: Dog sled, scooter, mountain bike, fly fishing, zipline, mountain hiking, Via Ferrata, snowmobile skiing and laser clay pigeon shooting.


Snowmobile tours in Tänndalen

We take winter adventures to new heights with the world first Electric snowmobile! Quiet, powerful and environmentally friendly – this electric champion combines fast acceleration with impressive battery life. Experience the joy and thrill of snowmobiling like never before, while minimizing your impact on nature. With Lynx's Adventure Electric electric snowmobile, every snowy day becomes an opportunity for a unique adventure!

PLACE: Tänndalen

TIME ACCESS: 2-3 hours

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: maximum 20 participants


Zipline Åre

Must be the number 1 activity when you come to Åre. Zipline is an activity both for the adventurous who want an adrenaline-filled experience and for companies who want to experience something different together. Here we sometimes whiz forward about 60 meters above the ground in the beautiful nature of Åreskutan. In total, we offer 7 different courses where the longest course is almost 350 meters long.


Rafting Åre

Experience the untamed Tångböle currents of the Indal River between Ånnsjön and Gevsjön.


A popular whitewater rafting adventure where three moderately difficult rapids must be completed along a landscape characterized by snow-covered mountains, vast marshes and proud spruce forests. Adventurous sections of rapids are varied with calm sections that give the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful landscape where we tell you more about the river's life and history.


TIME ACCESS: 4-6 hours


Mountainbike XC Åre

MTB-Quiz/XC is a fast-paced event for the group that wants fresh air in combination with a fun competitive moment. Here, with the help of a map and compass, you must cycle and search for a number of "waypoints" where various tasks await. Afterwards, we sum up the activity in happy ways. This activity can also be arranged without a competitive element and is then called Mountainbike XC

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: maximum 60 people

TIME ACCESS: 1.5 hours

skoterkiing åre.jpg

Skoterskiing Åre

Here we enter the scooters for a day trip in the mountains. The tour goes to Renfjället for a refreshing summit tour with a guide. We pack our snowmobile pack sleds with lunch, complete avalanche equipment and skis and poles for all participants for a day on the mountain. Here, good to medium fitness is sought in the participants. Contact us for packing list.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 3-7 participants

TIME ACCESS: 6 hours


Checkpoint Challenge Sälen

An exciting tablet game that challenges the classic team building exercises and can be completely tailored to different environments and companies. Checkpoint Challenge is a GPS-guided, active quiz that also includes a number of fun photo assignments.


TIP: Customize the game according to your conference theme by sending us your own questions!

The activity is carried out outdoors. The pictures from the activity are sent to the customer after the activity is finished!

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS:  8-up participants

TIME ACCESS: 1.5 hours


Guided top tour Sälen

Do you want to enjoy an untouched part of the mountain where not many people set foot during a season? Do you feel confident in your skiing but have never tried to go on a top tour? Then this is a perfect activity! In short, top tour is about hiking up the mountain with skis on your feet and then going down into pristine snow. On this tour, you will learn to fit your stirrup skins, feel your own pace, and hopefully also master a kick turn! Our guide takes you on an extraordinary nature experience and gives you tips all along the way. A coffee on the go makes the trip magical. 

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 3-10 participants

TIME ACCESS: 3 hours


Scooter tours in Funäsfjällen

In Funäsfjällen there are scooter tours in  Hamra (Tänndalen) and Ramundberget.


The possibilities for really good snowmobile tours in Funäsfjällen are endless. The good supply of snow, the groomed trails and the fantastic nature is a hard-to-beat combination.
Here you will find a total of 45 miles of groomed snowmobile trails, of which 15 miles go over the high mountains, in one of Sweden's most beautiful mountain areas. The five meter wide snowmobile trails are continuously prepared by piste machines. In the activities company's wide range, you will find everything from cozy family tours, waffle tours to mountain restaurants, loose snow tours in untouched free skiing areas and high mountain tours to Helags.


They also have multi-day trips to Åre, Lofsdalen or to Glen for those who really want to explore snowmobiling.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Max 50 participants

TIME ACCESS: 2 hours - 2 days

downhill åre.jpg

Downhill Experience Åre

Here we offer an exciting and developing experience in Åre Bike Park. Together with our experienced guides, we introduce the participants to the secrets of downhill riding.


After we have gone through the day's setup, including technology and safety briefing, we hand out the equipment and set out on the winding paths of Åreskutan.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 8 participants per guide

TIME ACCESS: 6 hours

Hundspann åre.jpg

Dog team Åre

Go on an animal and nature experience. Let the dogs' joy at going for a walk be contagious and experience the silence that prevails as you pull away.


The tour takes in varied terrain through snow-covered forests and over ice-covered lakes with wonderful views!


If we're lucky, we get to see some of the wild animals that inhabit the area.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 2-20 participants

TIME ACCESS: 2 hours

ferrata funäsdalen.jpg

Via Ferrata Funäldalen

In the middle of Funäsdalen village is an exciting and different Via Ferrata that goes up to the top of Funäsdalsberget!

A Via Ferrata is a climbing and hiking trail that we follow with the help of special climbing equipment that is secured in the cable that runs along the entire trail. Although the trail can be perceived as steep in some places, in principle anyone, regardless of skill level, can climb along the trail.


Mountain fishing Funäsdalen

Funäsfjällen is an fire radio of fish-rich ponds and watercourses. Here there are fine natural stocks of precious fish such as char, trout and grayling.


Our fishing guide starts with fishing tips and advice before we start fishing with a fly rod or spinning rod. All equipment is included and everyone can join in this relaxing activity.


Laser clay pigeon shooting Sälen

A popular activity that suits everyone! Real guns equipped with advanced laser technology make this completely safe and environmentally friendly activity a guaranteed success! When shooting with lasers instead of real ammunition, for safety reasons you can keep a higher pace, hits and scores are shown directly on an electronic scoreboard. Laser clay pigeon shooting can also be perfectly combined with other activities. 

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 8-up participants



Scooter tours in Åre

The scooter tour starts at Årestrand in the middle of Åre. With walking distance from the train station, Åretorg and nearby hotels, our scooter tours from Årestrand are very accessible.


In our range you will find cozy family tours of 2 hours, lovely waffle tours to Restaurang Vita Renen, full-day tours in high mountain terrain to 2-day tours into the wilderness for those who really want to explore snowmobiling.


All guided scooter tours include all necessary equipment such as a helmet, 2-piece overalls and scooter boots.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Max 50 participants

TIME ACCESS: 2 hours - 2 days


Mountain hike Åre

Hiking in Åre is a magical experience filled with beautiful views, fresh air and just the right amount of effort. There are many hiking trails and which one we take we decide together with the participants.


Depending on the season and fitness of the participants, we put together a tour that is suitable for everyone.


The sleigh ride Åre and Funäsdalen

The sleigh ride is a cozy ride without the hassle and stress. In our large snowmobiles, we set off on a nice and relaxing ride in the winter landscape.


Then hot coffee and cinnamon buns await at the appropriate place. We also bring snowshoes and ice fishing equipment for those who want to try it.


When the last sip of coffee is drunk and all the buns are eaten, we pack up and return home.


MTB Expecience Funäsdalen

Here we offer an exciting experience in Funäsfjällen's MTB parks. Together with our experienced guides, we introduce the participants to the secrets of MTB riding.


After we have gone through the day's setup including technology and safety briefing, we hand out the equipment and head out onto the mountain. Everyone can participate in this activity.


Snowshoe hike Åre And Funäsdalen

Walking is for many a basic exercise, but here we make it a little more fun with the help of snowshoes. We pack the backpacks with coffee and aim for a nearby peak. If you want to combine benefit with fun, why not do a "walk and talk"! We do the accounting at coffee. Experience is not a requirement, our instructors show you the technique, all equipment is included.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: max 120-300 participants

TIME ACCESS: 1-2 hours


Sled construction Sälen

A fantastic winter activity where everyone can contribute to their team and where cooperation will be put to the forefront. The activity is divided into two parts where the first part is to design and build a sled adapted for racing and part two is to compete with it! The team must have a clear plan for how to solve the task in the limited time and find a solution for how to construct the sled so that it lasts an entire race. It all ends with a raging race between the teams, the first to cross the finish line wins!

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 8-up participants

TIME ACCESS: 2 hours

Skoter Sälen.jpg

Scooter tours in Sälen

A snowmobile safari is a must when you visit Sälen. Rent a snowmobile and enjoy a fast-paced snowmobile ride together with colleagues with magical snow-covered mountains as a backdrop - it will be an experience you will never forget!

The tours are led by leaders experienced in the mountains so that you can feel that you are driving safely and securely on a reasonably long tour in the wonderful nature of the Sälen and Stöten area. In good weather, the snowmobiling goes along nice trails up on Calfjäll with a view of the beautiful mountain peaks. In slightly worse weather, we take the trip down into the valley through forest and over marshlands. During both tours, we make stops so that you have the opportunity to enjoy nature a little extra, take pictures of the view and ask questions about snowmobiling to our knowledgeable guides.

All snowmobiles used on  snowmobile safaris are new and modern.

  • ​Activities for 8 - 50+ people

  • 2-7 hours


Mountain hike Funäsdalen

Hiking in the Härjedal mountains is a magical experience, here the mountains are a little more real, filled with beautiful views, fresh air and just the right amount of effort.


There are many hiking trails and we have selected the best tours. Taking into account the time of year and fitness of the participants, we put together a tour that is suitable for everyone.

Boot-Camp åre.jpg

Boot Camp Åre

Challenge yourselves, sweat it out and test your limits! In Camp Åre Boot Camp, we run military-inspired training where your colleagues and the terrain are used as tools. The form of training makes it easy to adapt so that everyone, regardless of conditions, can participate. Here we can guarantee that the group is welded together as the challenges increase. We run it in 3 different levels: Light, Mid or Hard...



skoterkiing funäsdalen.jpg

Skoterskiing Funäsdalen

Here we enter the scooters for a day trip in the mountains. The tour goes to, for example, Skars, Storvigeln or other nearby mountains for a refreshing top tour with a guide. We pack our snowmobile pack sledges with lunch, complete avalanche equipment and skis and poles for all participants for a day on the mountain. Here, good to average fitness is sought in the participants.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 3-7 participants

TIME ACCESS: 6 hours

wintergames åre.jpg

Wintergames Åre

We start the games with a joint ceremony down on the ice of Lake Åresjön where we line up nationally and light the Olympic flame. Team spirit is at its peak when we march with torches and standard bearers with national flags.


5 different seasonal exercises then await with, for example, Human curling, Miniski shooting, Eisstock and Norwegian skiing, etc. The games end with us tallying up the results, drawing some funny anecdotes and then there is a medal ceremony.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: max 10-400 participants

TIME ACCESS: 2 hours


Ice sculpture Sälen

Ice is a fantastic material to work with and it is surprisingly quick to master the art of ice sculpting. This easy and relaxed activity can be done basically anywhere and is something that suits most people! We divide the group into teams that each get an ice block and tool to work with. During the activity, the instructors help with advice and tips. A cozy and creative activity that suits all occasions, even during the summer!

Time required: 1.5h – 2h

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 4-6 people per block of ice.

TIME ACCESS: 1.5-2 hours

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