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Free Christmas games

​Tired of stiff Christmas parties with the mulled mug as your only company? Party games can liven up a party or other event. Playing a little breaks the ice and attracts lots of laughs. Here you will find many fun Christmas games. 



The package game

You divide into pairs. All are supplied with a box, wrapping paper, scissors, tape and string. Then the pairs should hold each other around the waist with one arm. Together, you then have two arms to wrap packages with. Take the time. The pair that needed the shortest time wins.

Packa upp presentförpackningen

Unpack the package

Fun Christmas game for everyone! Wrap a Christmas present in a variety of layers of paper. All participants roll a die. If you hit a six, you have to remove a layer of paper. Whoever removes the last layer of paper gets the Christmas present!


Flip cup

Flip cup is a fun party game for adults that is played indoors. It is also a party game that is a drinking game.

So a party game that involves alcohol, therefore it is a game that adults should play. Flip cup, as the name suggests, is a party game that uses mugs. Divide the partygoers into two teams. Fill a paper cup or plastic cup with drink. Now the participants have to drink from the cup one by one and then flip it so that it lands upside down on the table. The way to flip the cup is to place it bottom down as usual with a third standing over the edge of the table.


Then you flip it over so it does a 180 degree flip. If it lands upside down, it's time for the next person in the team to drink up and flip out. The team that finishes first wins.

Plocka ärtor.jpg

Pick peas

This game is a classic and will make your party a real highlight! All participants get a clothespin or a straw, let it be optional. Then give them a plate with peas on it and explain that the game is about when the time is up, the winner is the one who managed to transfer the most peas into, for example, a jar or similar.


Can of course be run with a certain number of peas or in other versions.


Smell memory

Works like a normal memory game, the only difference is that the game is played with small containers containing something that has a special smell, for example gingerbread, coffee, soap or the like.


The players are blindfolded and must remember where the containers that match the other container they smell are located, without being able to see this. Much more fun than it might sound!


A meaningful game

Write all the letters of the alphabet on pieces of paper and place them upside down on the table. Each participant, pair or team may take five pieces of paper and must create a sentence with words beginning with the five letters. If you get e.g. the letters A, Å, R, E, G you can form the sentence  "A monkey rides a green space rocket".

Pig Stuffie och skor

Collect things

Each team has a nest. The leader says, for example, "an embarrassing object" or "a loving gift" whereupon the team must retrieve this as quickly as possible. The team that gets the thing to their nest first gets a point. Sometimes several things are called out at the same time to create a bit of a mess. Collecting stuff can be done in other ways too. When all the objects are collected, they are also pitted against each other and the game leader gets to decide the winner in each "branch" depending on creativity. Most points wins!
This game can also be played with all objects written down on a piece of paper that is handed out to the team. The different items give different points depending on the degree of difficulty. Then the teams have X number of minutes to collect them.

Kinesiska viskleken.webp

Chinese gossip

This game is exactly like the quiz game but with paper and pencil! Do it like this: Tear up appropriate-sized pieces of paper and hand out pens to everyone. Everyone must have as many pieces of paper as there are people in the room, that is, if you are six people, you must all have six pieces of paper each. Set the clock for two minutes. Now everyone must draw something on a piece of paper. When two minutes have passed, the stress begins. Everyone shows their drawing to the person sitting to their left. You hold up the drawing for exactly ten seconds. Then the clock is set for 30 seconds and now you have to draw the drawing you saw on a new piece of paper. When 30 seconds have passed, you put the note down, take a new one and then you have to look again at the drawing that the one on the left is holding up. When you have walked the whole team around and everyone has drawn all the drawings, the game is over. Then you show the original drawings and put them one after the other so that you can see how the drawing turned out as people have painted the picture from memory.


“Find the Food”

Try to find the food hiding behind the names below. This game is suitable for children who can read, or the adults who like to play with words. We can promise a guaranteed laugh factor when you come up with the right dish! Write the crazy names on small pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. A participant picks up a piece of paper and reads out what is written on it. The participant places the note on the table for everyone to see, then it is up to each person to spell out the correct dish. Whoever thinks they are right can then say their name and all participants must then stop guessing. Most correct wins.

Nisse Spall (Mustard Herring)
Ylva Slaughter  (Veal Jam)
Sive Gadrack (Weak drink)
Görn Grisstyr (Rice porridge)
Tyra Pingpod (Dip in the Pot)
Per Savtelje (Liver pate)
Signar Prima (Marzipan Pig)
Vilma Törp (Herb dumpling)
Lasse Dartböld (Beetroot Salad)
Lisa Lataram (Rice a la Malta)
Ulf Stik (Lutfisk)
Lina Sjukk (Christmas Ham)
Lasse Pryt (Press Jam)
Tor Siback (Cheese plate)
Sten Frans Sosolej (Jansson's Temptation)
Ulla K Bread (Meatballs)


Christmas crown

In 60 seconds, participants must place a single can as the base of the structure, topping it with a plate. On the next level, stack two cans on the plate, followed by another plate, and so on. 


Whoever builds the highest wins.

Barber Verktyg

The tool game

This is a clever game where the game leader has to be a bit secretive for it to work!

Here's how the game goes:

  1. Prepare a sign/paper that says what the task of the competition is: "Try to get as long, continuous piece of a potato as possible." Do not show this to participants.

  2. Divide the participants into teams or let them compete individually.

  3. Bring out a tray with a variety of tools. Hammer, saw, knife, potato peeler, butter knife, fork, funnel, etc. The more and different the better.

  4. Now ask the participants/teams to choose two tools each to carry out the secret mission.

  5. When all the tools have been chosen, the play leader shows the sign/paper with the assignment. Now it's time to get the longest piece of potato out with the help of your tools! It can be as much fun as you like if you choose, for example, a funnel and a hammer...

svansen på grisen.jpg

The tail of the pig

Pigs are associated with Christmas, so "The Pig's Tail" is definitely a Christmas game! Draw a large, round Christmas pig on a piece of paper. Attach the paper to the wall. Blindfold one participant at a time who is spun around and then led to the paper and allowed to draw a grunt on the pig. The one with the most appropriately placed knorr wins!


Pick up the box with your teeth

Take a large packet of cornflakes (or a similar box). Remove the top cover. Place the box in the middle of the room and ask the guests to lift it - with their teeth. Only the feet may touch the ground, no support may be used. When the first round is over, you tear off a decimeter of the cardboard and let everyone try again.


This is how you continue until the box is very low, and only the most agile in the party remains. That person has won the game.

bästa vänner

Who was it?

Give each participant a pen and paper. Ask the participants to write down one or more secrets or interesting information about themselves (something you might actually want to share) on different pieces of paper. It can be anything from an experience or a secret talent.


Fold the pieces and place them in a bowl.

The game leader draws a note and reads it aloud. Now it is up to all the participants to simultaneously point to the person the note is about, whoever is right gets points! The most points when all slips are read out wins.


Assignments under the plate

Everyone gets their own assignment, for example under the plate at the meal.

The tasks should be slightly different, such as "wipe your table neighbor's mouth every now and then", "take food from your table neighbor's plate every now and then", "interrupt and tell about your vacation often", "burp loudly and loudly", "say that this was the worst thing you ate", "cheers to summer often" "comment on the same board every now and then", "reach across the table for food so it disturbs" etc. 


Guess the spice

Take out a dark scarf, taped glasses or something else that fits as a blindfold. Then you pick out a lot of different exciting spices. Divide into even teams and let them smell the items one at a time while blindfolded. The team that guesses correctly the most times wins.

Other options
If you don't want to run a smell test for adults in teams, you can instead do a taste or feel test. Or why not do a sound test. If you have a little time, you can record different everyday sounds on your mobile and let the people guess one at a time. It can be the sound of scissors, hole punch, dropped pencil or something else entirely.

Godis i pannan.webp

The candy in the forehead

This is a fun party game that can be played outdoors. Divide into two groups and line up the groups. This is probably one of the easiest outdoor games for adults and the only thing you need is candy. Preferably flat wine gums like raspberry/licorice skulls.


Place the candy on the forehead of the person at the front of the line. The participant must have his hands behind his back throughout the game. The outdoor game involves getting the candy from the pan into the mouth without using the hands. If you lose the candy, you have to go back in the queue again. Anyone who manages to get the candy in their mouth is done.


The group that finishes first wins.

keramiska Cup

Coin cup

Myntkopp is a simple game that only requires a table, some kind of cup or ice cream and that all participants have a coin each. Place the cup in the middle of the table and then the participants must take turns trying to hit their coin into the cup. If you meet, he or she decides whether another optional participant will take a sip of their drink or whether you will take a sip yourself. In other words, the choice is yours, to get drunker or to make others drunker! Both are fun to say the least.

Gamla Fotbollsskor

The school play

A really old classic Christmas game! Sit in a circle on the floor and let a shoe be passed from one to the other, behind the back. A person sits in the middle of the ring.
Meanwhile read the following verse:

This shoe it shall walk,
from one to the other,
let it go, let it go, never let it stand still.

At the word "stand", the hands stop. Now it is up to the person sitting in the middle of the ring to guess where the shoe is. Whoever has the shoe gets to stand in the middle of the ring.


The Christmas gift game

In order to be able to play this game, all participants must bring two, cheap Christmas gifts. Then it's simply a game of who gets which Christmas present. Exactly how the game works can vary, but of course all Christmas presents must be wrapped when you start and the game itself can e.g. proceed as follows:

You use a die, which everyone rolls, until someone gets a 6. Then he gets to choose a Christmas present from the pile. This continues until everyone has received two packages. If you wish, you can also continue to throw dice after this. The only difference now is that when someone gets a six, he or she is allowed to exchange one of their Christmas presents with someone else (of course you get to choose who).

Image by Erda Estremera

Piping raisin

A popular classic among children is the game where you get the chance to collect as many raisins as possible. Start by placing 10 raisins on the table. The game then consists of one of the people around the table going a bit away so that the other participants can choose which raisin to pipe. When you have selected the beeping raisin, the person who went away can come back. She must now pick one raisin at a time and try to get as many as possible before she reaches the beeping raisin. Then the game is over.

Let everyone around the table try each round and see who manages to get the most before you smacking them. The raisins can of course be replaced with other goodies.



This is a Christmas game that spans the entire Christmas season! If you find two hazelnuts in the same shell, you give one nut to someone else and keep the other for yourself. They agree on a date, not too far into the future. Whoever on this day says "Filipino" to the other first has won.

Liten mus

The mouse or “beep!”

Place a pile of nuts (and/or raisins and almonds) on the table.


One person turns his back, the others decide which nut is the "mouse".


The player turns and then picks nuts until they get the "mouse", then everyone else shouts "beep!".


Either you compete and count how many nuts you have taken and put them back.


Whoever gets the most nuts after several rounds wins!


Or, especially if playing with smaller children, instead of counting and competing, you can play with raisins and almonds and simply let the player eat all the raisins/almonds that are not mice.

Packa pappas kappsäck.jpg

Pack dad's duffel bag

One person goes out and the others decide on a particular person. Each one packs one thing into the duffel bag, something that distinguishes the chosen person. It can be such different things as ballet shoes, cap, snuff. The one who went out comes in and asks what each has packed, and with the help of the answers he must figure out who the person is.

Pussa kortet 1.jpg

Kiss the card

Place the guests in two rows, preferably every other boy and every other girl. Give the first person in each team a playing card, which he must make stick to his lips with a small suction. Then the card must be moved from the mouth of person to person without anyone touching the card with their hands. whoever loses the card gets a kiss instead... but then the team has to start over.

Friends sjunger

The song game

In turn, everyone must come up with a song to sing so that everyone understands what it is. The only rule is that you must never sing a song that has appeared before. You can, if you want, decide that you have, for example, ten seconds to start singing when it's your turn. If you don't make it or if you happen to sing a song that has already been sung, you have lost. It becomes a lot of fun after a while when the imagination starts to run wild. Then you often hear everything from hymns and operettas to hard rock songs.

Vem är vem.webp

Who is who?

Good game for parties where everyone doesn't know each other very well, or where different groups of friends meet. First, the guests are divided into groups, which are called 1, 2, 3, etc. Each group receives a number of questions about another group that they must find out during the course of the evening.


Eg: what shoe size does Santa have? What was Berit's grades when she left the ninth grade? Then it is up to the groups to figure out these answers during the evening.

Surt godis

Candy stop

An exciting and nerve-wracking game, especially for the little ones! One person turns away while the others line up the candies on a piece of paper. Together you select a candy that will be "stop".


The person then gets to take the candies one by one, but should they take the one you selected, you shout stop and that's it! Maybe it gets many, maybe none.

Kärleks kärlek

The love

Everyone sits on a chair each in a ring, except for one person. This will try to get a chair by declaring his love for someone in the ring. If the person sitting then starts laughing, they must give up their seat, otherwise the lovesick person may move on to the next one. 100 percent risk of laughter!

Image by Jason Blackeye

Snowball crack

A game that is exactly what it sounds like: you agree on a goal, which you have to dot with a snowball, from a certain distance. Of course, it only works if it's snowing outside, to the extent that you can make snowballs, but if that's the case, this can be a really fun and entertaining game.


The celebrity game

The celebrity game consists of the table guests writing a celebrity on each post-it note. The post-it note was then attached to the table neighbor's forehead. Whoever gets the post-it note on their forehead cannot know what is written on the note.


Then whoever has the note on their forehead must guess who it is by asking questions to the guests at the table.

Dartboard Bullseye

The dart game

This game requires a dart board and darts. Attach pieces of paper to the board with tape and then let the participants throw. If you come across a note, you pick it up and read out loud what to do.

Write down optional suggestions of things you can do. E.g. "Give the nearest male participant a pinch in the ass" if you are a woman or vice versa if you are a man. Here, only your morals and imagination set the limits, and who knows what all this can lead to?


Gloves eating

Accessories: Block chocolate, hat, scarf, gloves, dice, knife, fork.
Everyone sits in a ring, with a plate of chocolate blocks in the middle. One starts by rolling a die, then it's the next person's turn, etc., until someone gets a six. Then he gets to put on a hat, gloves and scarf and start eating the chocolate with a knife and fork. Meanwhile, you keep rolling the dice, and when someone gets a six, it's his turn to grab his hat, mittens, scarf and start eating until he's interrupted by the next six.


Crazy forehead

1. You need paper, pencil and tape.
2. Write a celebrity or someone everyone knows about on a piece of paper. Tape it to the forehead of the person to your right.
3. Now everyone with yes and no questions must figure out who they are. You may ask one question at a time.
4. The first one wins.

ATTENTION! You only get to guess people three times, then you're out.


Charades x 3

A slightly more advanced charades game that gets more fun the further into the game you get! Do this: Everyone writes eight notes each with famous people, then put the notes in a bowl.


Then divide into teams of two. In the first round, one member of the team draws a piece of paper. Then in one minute you have to explain who you have on the note to the other person. You can use any words except those on the note. When the bowl is empty, you count how many tickets you managed to win and then put them all back in the bowl. The second round works the same way but you can only use three words. No more, then the ride continues. The last round can only be shown with charades. It is very addictive and fun.


The nonstop game

The advantage of Nonstop play is that you can be as many as you like

That's how it goes:
1. Place 15 non-transparent plastic cups upside down.
2. Then you put a nonstop under each plastic cup. You must have three different colors, five of each color.
3. Have three different bowls spread out that are quite far apart.

4. You should take your time and open one plastic cup at a time and take the nonstop that is inside and put it in one of the bowls. Then you do the same with everyone and the color varieties.

5. There must be five non-stops in each bowl and the person running the game calls stop when there are five in each bowl.

skalade jordnötter

Pick nuts

Lay out ten nuts on a table. A person leaves the room. Those who remain select a nut that comes to their mind. Whoever left the room enters and must take one nut at a time, until he or she reaches the selected nut. You can keep the nuts you pick up. If there are nut allergy sufferers at the party, you can of course make the game with raisins or other Christmas goodies.

Högen av apelsiner

Orange displacement

This game, in all its simplicity, is endless fun. Divide into two equal teams and place the teammates in rows, preferably every other woman and every other man. Instruct everyone to keep their hands behind their backs throughout the competition. Each team gets an orange that must be moved from the first to the last person on the team. The easiest way is to pinch the orange between the chin and neck and hand it to the next person's chin/neck. If the orange falls to the floor, the team is penalized by having the orange go back one step, i.e. to the person who just managed to leave it behind.


Marshmallow Challenge

The group was divided into teams of 4. Each group received 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 m of tape, 1 m of string and 1 marshmallow. The task was then to build the tallest free-standing tower with the entire marshmallow on top in 18 minutes.

The marshmallow challenge is something that has been tested around the world, with different ages and with different professional groups. One of the groups that coped best with tower building is children in preschool. Another group that has performed at the top is, for natural reasons, architects.


The tallest tower yet built is 90 cm. The job is very much about collaboration, innovation and creativity

hålla händer

The clap and turn game

You need four old planks or skis. Then you nail 3 straps across each ski, with a suitable distance so that three people can stand behind each other.


The game consists of three people from each team putting their feet into the straps and with joint efforts cover a certain distance in the shortest possible time.


It will be extra fun if you make the track a bit curvy.

Red Vattenflaska

Drip water

Fill an ordinary water bottle with water (plastic sports bottle model with drinking nozzle). Place a span approximately 2 meters in front of a participant. 

The participant places the water bottle between their knees with the mouth of the bottle directed towards the span. By squeezing the bottle between the knees, the participant must try to pour as much water as possible into the bucket. 
Whoever manages to fill the pan with the most water during a predetermined time (1-2 min) wins.
Participants may not use their hands after the bottle is placed between their knees!
The game can be adapted in many ways, as a relay, cooperative exercise (someone can help catch water with smaller vessels). It may be permissible to refill the bottle if it is empty.


"Skumtomte" game

This Christmas game is suitable both for playing with children and as a game for a Christmas party.

The contestants must one at a time put a foam Santa in their mouth and say "Are there any kind children here?". You must not swallow any foam Santa.


Whoever gets through the most rounds wins.

Do not play this game with children without adult supervision as there is a choking hazard.

We will contact you shortly with a quote or proposal.

Of course completely free of charge and you do not commit to anything.

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