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Here you will find lots of suggestions for activities. Everything to weld the team together and increase the community. Or just because it's fun to play a little.Many ofthe activities are mobile and can therefore be done in several places in the country. Kanebo Event collaborates with several different activity companies and organizers throughout the country. 



In groups you solve challenges, puzzles and various physical and mental obstacles. Everyone is needed and the team with the best cooperation skills wins.


Fair & event activities

Fair & event activities - activate your visitors with competitions or other things that attract more visitors. 


Mountain activities

The Swedish mountain world is absolutely teeming with experiences and adventures. Here you can see several mountain activities in Åre, Funäsdalen and Sälen.

Examples: Dog sled, scooter, mountain bike, fly fishing, zipline, mountain hiking, Via Ferrata, snowmobile skiing and laser clay pigeon shooting.

teambuilding volvo.jpg

Motor activities

Test your and the group's limits.

Guaranteed adrenaline rush that will weld you together for the rest of your life!


Summer activities

Lovely summer activities that you can do outdoors. The activity company comes to you and makes your summer party or conference that little bit extra.

you climb

Adventure activities

Letar du efter äventyr? 

Här hittar du äventyrliga aktiviteter och spännande upplevelser.


Fishing activities

Here there are activities in fishing with different arrangements for companies and smaller groups.

Fishing is an activity with great variety that suits adventurous as well as calm people. We also have lobster fishing and crayfish fishing activities. 


Climbing activities

A climbing activity creates a close-knit team to deal with upcoming challenges and to reach future goals. Climb with Fredrik Sträng or rent your own climbing wall.


Indoor activities

Here are activities for those of you who want to have your activities indoors. All the activities are mobile and can be arranged in many different places in the country.

Elektroniskt pistolskytte 1.png

Shooting activities

Exciting shooting activities both outdoors and indoors. Clay pigeon shooting, pistol shooting, paintball, laser clay pigeon shooting, biathlon, eco aims, kick bike shooting, bow, rib & paintball  etc.


Digital activities

We have collected a number of different activities that suit both you who want to be completely alone and also those of you who want to get active together with your family, friends or colleagues.


Christmas activities

It is nice to combine the Christmas dinner with a joint activity.

Christmas time invites cozy and fun activities where we get to be together.
We have come up with a number of Christmas options that we hope you will like

Friends sjunger

Entertainment activities

Music, dance and theater activities are a perfect way to recover after a dinner, conference, long lectures, etc. An easy fun competition / activity that suits everyone.


Food & drinking activities

Experience new tastes with cooking and drink tasting activities. There are cooking activities for companies where you can cook together as well as wine tasting, chocolate tasting and other tastings for those of you who want to challenge your taste buds.


Children's activities

Vi samarbetar med flera olika leverantörer som hyr ut barnaktiviteter. Ansiktsmålning, uthyrning av seriefigurer, clowner, blå tåg, karuseller, jultomtar mm.


Free party games

We tailor all our trips according to your wishes and budget. We book everything you need for a successful conference trip abroad.

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