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Kanebo Event has extensive experience in group trips to the Swedish mountains and the Alps. We tailor all trips according to your wishes such as destination, budget, date, number and content. We package everything so that in a simple and smooth way you have all parts of your trip booked and ready and can just enjoy your upcoming ski conference. We help you with Travel by plane/car/bus, hotel/cottage, conference rooms, meals, activities, ski pass, ski rental, etc.

Below you will find publishers on ski trips to Swedish mountains Alps. 

Ski conference in the mountains


Sälens Högfjällshotell

Sälen's Högfjällshotell is the hotel in the middle of the mountain, very close to both the lift and service. Suitable for those who want to live comfortably with hotel service, close to both skiing and entertainment. The rooms are fresh and beautifully cosy. Several restaurants nearby.

Novelty! Fly to Sälen and take dog sleds from Sälen's new airport to us - a different adventure for the conference group. We organize everything from small conferences to congresses and fairs for up to 800 people.

Sample package:

  • Accommodation with share in double room incl. breakfast buffet (3 nights)

  • Lunch incl. mineral water (2 pcs)

  • Fresh Break in connection with conference (2 pcs)

  • Three-course dinner excluding drinks 


Rent your own mountain hotel

Gather the entire company under one roof at a luxurious mountain hotel with all imaginable facilities. Most hotels are located with the ski slopes right outside the entrance and offer all the facilities you want at a conference such as restaurants, baths, SPA and modern conference facilities.

Our hotels have everything from 40 to 800 beds under the same roof.


Package proposal:

  • Accommodation in own mountain hotel incl. daily supervision, 3 days

  • Breakfast buffet, 3 days

  • Lunch in connection with the conference on day 1 and on the slopes on day 2

  • Mingle dinner with troubadour on arrival, evening 1

  • After-ski dinner, evening 2 (you start the after-skin a little later to maximize the skiing, the after-skin transitions to a simpler dinner and then the after-skin continues as long as you can)

  • 3-course gala dinner at the hotel, evening 3

  • Free use of the hotel's conference facilities

  • Free use of bath & relax during the stay

  • SkiStar BusinessPass 2 days 


Adventure conference Sälen/Vemdalen

A mountain conference for those who want to experience everything the mountains have to offer. Snowmobile adventures, the destination's best skiing together with experienced guides, world-class food and a content-rich conference program. 

Sample package:

  • Accommodation in a cozy mountain cabin or selected mountain hotel, 3 days incl. cottage package

  • Linen package and final cleaning

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch in connection with conference on the mountain day 1

  • Lunch on the slopes, day 2

  • Mixed buffet with local ingredients, evening 1

  • 3-course dinner at one of the resort's best restaurants, evening 2

  • 3-course experience dinner on the mountain incl. scooter ride, evening 3

  • Skiing with guide 2 hours

  • Conference on the mountain - interpretation to mountain cabin for conference & lunch, day 1

  • SkiStar BusinessPass 2 days

Hemavans högfjällshotell.jpg

Hemavans Högfjällshotell

It's always close to Hemavan Tärnaby - no matter where you come from! Hemavan is completely unique as it is the only ski resort in Sweden that can boast an airport in the middle of the village, only a few minutes' walk from the ski slopes and accommodation. From Arlanda it takes about 2 hours and you choose which day you want to go as there are departures six days a week. 

The hotel in the middle of the ski slope - Here you stay with all services within easy reach with ski in/ski out so you can easily get down to the lifts. The hotel has a restaurant and on the weekends we run After Ski in Lappkastet.

Sample package:

  • Flight Stockholm - Hemavan round trip

  • Accommodation 3 nights

  • Breakfast

  • Cava & chocolate on arrival

  • A 3-Course Dinner - any day

  • Entrance Storfjällssatun - any day


Mountain conference in large cabin

When you live in one of our large cabins, there is the possibility of a large number of separate bedrooms, modern facilities and generous living areas. Relax together in front of the fireplace, and if you want to stay in the cabin all evening, you can order a luxurious take away and enjoy a spa bath under a starry sky. Cottages for larger groups are available in Sälen, Åre, Hemsdal, Trysil and Vemdalen.

Sample package:

  • Accommodation in large cottage, Thursday-Sunday alt. Sunday-Wednesday

  • Bedsheets and towels

  • Final cleaning on departure

  • Conference in the cabin

  • Dinner at one of the nearby cozy restaurants, the evening of arrival

  • Cooking in the cabin


SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället

SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället is centrally located in the middle of Hundfjällstorget, just a 10-minute journey from Scandinavian Mountains Airport. The tastefully decorated apartments have all the equipment needed to make the holiday as comfortable as possible. In SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället there are restaurants, lounge bar, playroom, SkiStarshop and relaxation area with sauna and gym.

Sample package:

  • Lodging with share in the hotel's 6-bed apartments for 3 nights (5 people per apartment) 

  • Linen and final cleaning after departure 

  • Hotel breakfast 

  • Conference lunch one day 

  • Lunch on the hill one day 

  • Welcome dinner at Pontus!  

  • 3-course meal at a nearby restaurant, transport to the restaurant is by snowmobile 

  • Sharing menu on Mondo

  • Conference incl. coffee break 2 half days 

  • An entrance to the lodge's bath and relax 

  • SkiStar BusinessPass 2 days

Pernilla Wiberg Hotel 1.jpg

Ski conference Idre Fjäll

Stay comfortably in the world's nicest hotel and hang out in the lounge or share a cabin and hang out in front of the fire. Choose the accommodation that suits your group best - regardless, we promise you will have a good time. 

The Pernilla Wiberg Hotel on Idre Fjäll's southern slope is a specially designed hotel for you who enjoy sporty life. Here you have the best of both worlds - a whole world of mountains directly outside the door and first-class accommodation and in winter the mode is ski-in/ski-out.

The mountain is one big adventure park if you want! Challenge yourselves together and grow as a group. Choose what suits you from our range of activities. A thrill-inducing rafting trip or an astonishing horse ride on the mountain perhaps? 

Sample package:

  • Accommodation at Pernilla Wiberg hotel 3 days

  • 3 days breakfast 

  • 2 half-day conference

  • 3 3-course dinners at PW Kitchen & Bar

  • Lift card 2 days

  • Entrance to PWH Spa & Relax

Tunet Hemavan.webp

Hemavans Högfjällshotell

Tunet (formerly Trolltunet) is a popular facility in the middle of the village of Hemavan. Memories have been created here for generations for both companies and individuals.

The farm has access to local guides, 55 beds in hotel rooms and apartments, as well as a restaurant and conference room. And just a stone's throw away is the airport, snowmobile trails, ski tracks and newly groomed slopes. Everything you need for a lovely stay, regardless of the season.

Sample package:

  • Flight Stockholm - Hemavan round trip

  • Accommodation 3 nights

  • Breakfast

  • 2 lunches

  • 3 dinners


Copperhill Mountain Lodge Åre

Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre offers an exclusive mix of architecture, gastronomic experiences and Åre's beautiful mountain world. As made for unique encounters.

At the top of Förberget, where the road ends, is the mountain world's only design hotel. With us at Copperhill Mountain Lodge you enjoy comfortable rooms, locally produced food cooked with love, generous lounges for both young and old and a spa that has won an award as Europe's best. The mountain is literally right outside the door.

Sample package:

  • 2 half-day conference (meeting room)

  • 3 nights accommodation (part in double room) 

  • 3 breakfast buffet

  • 2 two-course dinners

  • One-day lift pass 

  • Entrance to the SPA


Mountain Lodge Stöten

In the middle of the fantastic ski resort Stöten you will find a brand new ski lodge, Mountain Lodge with 26 double rooms, conference, restaurant, piano bar, après ski and ski shop.

You can rent parts of the hotel entirely for yourself or combine accommodation in a house/apartment with meals and activities at the hotel. Confer in the Toppen conference room or hold a more relaxed meeting in the lounge, which is equipped with LED TV, comfortable furniture and breathtaking views.

They serve you coffee and lunch in a warm environment indoors or why not take your meal outside with you? Let the tasty dinner "top off" the evening. Here you get time together to summarize the day's activities.

Bergshotellet Järvsö.jpg

Bergshotellet Järvsö

When Bergshotellet was built, the vision was an activity hotel that suits everyone. There are conference rooms for 2 - 140 people and 52 rooms with a total of 240 beds.


Bergshotellet is beautifully located on the south side of Öjeberget in the middle of all activities: skiing in Järvsöbacken, Bergscykelparken which offers cycling for everyone in the form of cross-country and downhill, the animal park Järvzoo and the cozy village within easy walking distance.


Bergshotellet offers you

  • Comfortable and newly built hotel in a scenic setting in the middle of all activities for all levels

  • Ski in - Ski out and Bike in - Bike out

  • Close and easy to get here by car, bus and train from Stockholm, Mälardalen and Norrland coast

  • 3 hours from Stockholm and Mälardalen, 1.5 hours from Gävle and Sundsvall and 1 hour from

  • Hudiksvall and Söderhamn respectively

  • Electric lighted exercise loop for running and cross-country skiing around the knot from the hotel.

Ski Lodge Tänndalen.jpg

Ski Lodge Tänndalen

Ski in ski out! Here you live practically in the middle of the ski slope. Just put on the skis and slide out! 


After a day on the mountain, it's time to relax. With a wonderful view of the mountains, tired arms and legs get new strength. There is a joint women's/men's sauna with a relaxation section.


The Ski Lodge is designed with inspiration from the North American Ski Lodge tradition with elements of Härjedal construction art, natural colors and smart detail solutions. The perfect accommodation in the real mountains!

With a wide range of activities and the mountains on your doorstep, you have the time and opportunity to holiday on your own terms. Mountain biking, skiing, snowmobiling, mountain hiking, climbing, paddling and much more.

stöten hotell.jpg

Stöten in Sälen

Come to a wonderful skiing conference in Stöten. Outside the door, inspiring and beautiful mountains await, and the day is filled not only with Manchester mornings in fresh mountain air but also with conferences in nice premises and good food in nice restaurants.

Sample package:

  • 3 nights with accommodation in nice 8-bed apartments  by the hill

  • Linen set including towels and cleaning

  • Ski pass for the entire stay

  • Conference room half day incl. coffee break

  • 3 breakfast buffets at the hotel

  • 2 lunch vouchers valid at any restaurant in Stöten

  • Simpler dinner at the Brasseriet restaurant

  • 2-course dinner at restaurant Tyrolerladan

  • Access to SPA & relax


Adventure conference Åre

Make the conference a memory for life

Driving a scooter and dog sled in the nature of Jämtland can be a real adventure and why not start the conference with something really different and cool like driving a scooter from the airport to Åre? Getting from the airport to Åre takes all day and you will have a lunch stop along the way. When you land in Åre, the luggage is already checked in and the sauna is warm. We promise that you will sleep well after tonight's dinner with Jämtland delicacies.

Sample package:

  • Accommodation in 2 4-6 bed apartments in central Åre, three nights

  • Linen package with towel and sheets

  • Place of departure after stay

  • Breakfast in the accommodation

  • Three lunches

  • Three dinners

  • Mountain adventure 1: Scooter from the airport (1 person/scooter, clothes, petrol, lunch and guide)

  • Mountain adventure 2: Dog sled tour 

  • Conference in the accommodation (we arrange simpler conference equipment) 


Vemdalsskalets Högfjällshotell

Vemdalsskalets Högfjällshotell

A classic mountain hotel with skiing right on the doorstep. All in direct connection to restaurants, shopping, skiing and activities at Vemdalsskalet.

The classic high mountain hotel at Vemdalsskalet 12 hotel rooms, divided into six single rooms and six double rooms. We also have 65 apartments at Rösegården, Skalsgården, Torglidret and Fallmoran as well as Backengården and Ivarsgården with 12 beds for larger parties.

When you stay with us, you always have free parking and free entrance to our entertainment evenings. 



Gather colleagues eager to ski for a fast-paced and energizing conference in Funäsdalen. Here you stay comfortably at Hotell Funäsdalen including full board at the Fjällrestaurangen in the same building and have free access to the conference room during your entire stay.

Sample package:

  • 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches

  • 1 two-course dinner

  • 1 three-course dinner

  • Conference room incl. coffee, coffee and fruit

  • Share in a double room at Hotell Funäsdalen

  • Slalom lesson

  • Ski rental

  • 2 hour ski pass for Funäsdalsberget


Ski conference in the Alps

Image by Matt_214

Cervinia - Italy

Italy's highest alpine village is known for its many long, wide pistes. Cervinia also shares a ski system with Zermatt, which is slightly steeper, which makes for a perfect combination. Fantastic skiing is offered here for both beginners and professionals.

  • Skiing at high altitude (3,900 m.a.s.l.)

  • The Alps' sunniest lunch restaurants

  • Wide carving slopes

  • Cozy village within walking distance

  • Transfer time 1 hour 45 min

St Anton.jpg

St. Anton - Austria

Fantastic skiing with legendary off-piste.

A quick look at the piste map is enough to arouse the passion and longing of seasoned skiers. St Anton is the skiing world's absolute favorite place with great variety in skiing, where enthusiasts have made pilgrimages for over a hundred years.

  • Austria's largest ski system

  • Legendary off-piste

  • World-class après-ski

  • Modern lift system

  • Transfer time 1 hour 30 minutes or 3 hours*

* From Innsbruck Airport: 1 hour 30 min / From Salzburg Airport 3 hours

Davos skiing.jpeg

Davos - Switzerland

Winding in a unique mountain landscape, Davos is one of the largest winter sports areas and the highest city in Europe, which also has pistes from an altitude of 1560 meters up to 2844 meters. A winter sports metropolis and an Eldorado for snowboarders and skiers, cross-country skiers, ice sports fanatics, connoisseurs and people who like to hike in winter.


Davos also has a lot to offer all night owls, from the rustic mountain inn to the specialist restaurant, from the hotel bar to the disco, from the theater or concert hall to the nightclub or the thrill of the casino.

  • The highest city in Europe

  • A winter sports metropolis

  • World-class après-ski

  • Good nightlife​

  • Transfer from Zurich approx: 2 hours


Madonna di Campiglio - Italy

Charming world cup resort with fabulous skiing. 

Wide carving pistes, large selection of restaurants, guaranteed snow-sure slopes and a snow park of 50,000 square meters. There is a wide range of accommodation options and you are guaranteed to be satisfied whether you choose to stay in a hotel, in an apartment, at a Bed and Breakfast, in a cabin or simply at a campsite. So go on your skiing holiday to Madonna di Campiglio and enjoy the Italian atmosphere in the village and have a fantastic experience on the slopes of Madonna di Campiglio.


  • Large ski system

  • Cozy car-free village

  • High hotel standard

  • One lift pass - eight resorts

  • Transfer from Bergamo: approx. 2 hours.


Saalbach - Austria

Genuine ski resort with wide carving slopes.

Saalbach is considered one of the best ski resorts in the Alps with a cozy car-free main street and is sometimes called "Europe's Aspen". Wide pistes that follow the fall line make skiing in Saalbach an incredible experience.

  • Ski system connected to Zell am See

  • Wide carving slopes

  • Cozy village with good restaurants

  • Transfer timeSalz: 1h 30m | Inns: 2h 20m

Val Gardena.jpg

Val Gardena - Italy

Sunny village in the world's largest ski area.

Val Gardena is a charming alpine village located in the heart of the Dolomites mountain range. The resort is part of the Dolomiti Superski ski system - the world's largest ski area with 1,220 km of pistes and 450 lifts.  Both the gourmand and the sun worshiper who want to enjoy long pistes, fantastic mountain scenery, good Italian food and over 300 sunny days thrive here.

  • The world's largest ski area

  • World class food

  • 1,200 km of pistes in the lift pass

  • Skiing for everyone

  • Transfer time 1 hour 45 minutes


Courmayeur - Italy

Courmayeur is one of the nicest ski resorts in Italy thanks to the town's success in refining elements of traditional style, character and atmosphere.


The village is quite small and almost everywhere you live is within walking distance to lifts, shops and restaurants. The center is free of car traffic and perfect for strolling around. The village offers everything from fantastic pizzerias to small trattorias with delicacies from the area. 


  • Cozy ski resort close to everything

  • Big, wide pistes

  • Divine restaurants​

  • Transfer from Geneva approx.: 1.5 hours.


Livigno - Italy

Imagine a sun lounger with a view of the incomparable mountains, long and inviting carving autostrados, long lunches with wine and lots of nice people who only want you well. La dolce vita awaits in the tax haven of Livigno.


Many guests fall in love and return here year after year. The small alpine village with a long pedestrian street and beautiful old houses from the 19th century is located at a snow- and sun-safe 1816 meters. Livigno consists of two mountains and three wonderful ski systems, with the village down in the valley. On one side Carosello and Costaccia. On the other Mottolino.

  • Livigno offers a vibrant nightlife.

  • Incredible food

  • Italy's best ski area

  • Transfer from Geneva to Livigno takes about 3.5 hours.


Champoluc - Italy

Wonderful off-piste, long runs and many varied pistes. Everyone loves Champoluc. Ski fans who want a lot of snow go here - preferably all to themselves. Discover the secret snow pearl of the Alps this winter!


Are you a passionate skier looking for a holiday with 100% focus on good skiing? Then Champoluc is the perfect destination for you. 

  • Fantastic off piste

  • Family friendly

  • Cozy village with charm

  • Transfer time 1 hour 45 min

Zell am See.webp

Zell am See - Austria

Zell am See is a real classic! Best known for its high party atmosphere during the 80s and 90s, but which today is more associated as a snow-sure ski resort with a lovely atmosphere. Here, both professionals and beginners can enjoy wonderful skiing. Zell am See, which is beautifully located on the Zeller See lake, has many nice restaurants, bars and hotels.

  • Skiing in 3 systems

  • Beautifully located village

  • Varied skiing

  • Good hotel & restaurants 

  • Transfer time 1h 15 min

sierra nevada.JPG

Sierra Nevada - Spain

The Sierra Nevada is a national park known worldwide as the Andalusian mountain range in southern Spain. With its 20 peaks of over 3,000 metres, you can here  find a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the culturally rich city of Granada, in addition  can you nearby have an opportunity to enjoy Europe's longest ski season combined with good food, après ski with sun and fantastic views.

Sierra Nevada is considered the sunniest ski resort with 80% sunny days during the season, a fantastic combination that can create the ultimate ski holiday with world-class slopes, great views and sun that is perfect for a relaxing weekend.

  • Most sunny ski resort with 80% sunny days during the season

  • Good for both families with children and party groups

  • Transfer from Granada Airport: approx. 1 hour

Image by Julien Flutto

Engelberg - Switzerland

Do you fancy a trip to the Alps? Then a ski trip to Engelberg is perfect for you, here you will find great skiing, a cozy alpine village and really good off-piste.

If you are looking for a fast-paced après-ski, lots of activities in addition to skiing and a little quieter skiing, Engelberg is probably not ideal for you. Get us right, Engelberg doesn't have a bad après ski. But the main focus here is the skiing itself and many who make it to Engelberg are very serious about their skiing and are happy to get up early the next morning. 

  • Cozy alpine village and very good off-piste

  • Soothes afterki and nightlife

  • Transfer from Zurich: approx. 2 hours

Image by Clemens Volgger

Ischgl - Austria

State-of-the-art ski system, incredible après ski and incomparably good skiing in beautiful alpine surroundings. Ischgl is a charming and wonderful Austrian alpine village with lots of good slopes. Here you maximize your skiing and you can also find challenging off-piste. Here you can find everything for the party-hungry ski lover. 

  • State-of-the-art lift system

  • Varied skiing

  • Charming village

  • Lively après ski

  • Transfer time 1 hour 30 minutes or 3 hours*

* From Innsbruck Airport: 1 hour 30 min / From Salzburg Airport 3 hours


Lech-Zürs - Austria

Lech-Zürs is a fantastic ski resort in the middle of the Alps. The resort, with skiing at 1,450 - 2,811 meters above sea level, is the favorite destination among the European royal houses. Everything in Lech is of a very high standard, and this is particularly noticeable in the resort's hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses.

  • Luxury ski resort

  • High class hotels

  • Cozy village

  • Huge ski system

  • Transfer time 1 hour 45 minutes

Bad Gastein.jpg

Bad Gastein - Austria

Winter in Bad Gastein is magical. Imagine blue skies, bright sun, snow-covered alpine peaks, wonderful skiing and a great après-ski. In combination with first-class accommodation, there are all the conditions for a successful kick-off/conference.

Bad Gastein is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Alps. The lift system, which stretches 1,100–2,700 meters above sea level, has snow from late November to early May. The lift is conveniently located from our conference hotel: Hotel Salzburger Hof, where you can stay comfortably and enjoy fine facilities and good dinners.

  • Austria's biggest falls

  • Modern and comfortable hotels

  • Modern ski system

  • Transfer from Salzburg: 1.15 hours.


Kaprun -  Austria

Kaprun-Kitzsteinhorn offers Salzburgerland's highest and most snow-sure skiing. With its wide carving pistes and great off-piste possibilities in combination with the village's charming atmosphere, good food and lovely après ski, it is a perfect destination for the whole family's ski holiday.  

  • Glacier skiing (3,029 m asl)

  • Snow and sunny

  • Varied skiing perfect for the whole family

  • Charming village with a short transfer

  • Transfer time 1 h 30 min

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