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Do you want to give your staff a really, really memorable conference. Something out of the ordinary.  By creating conferences with memorable content, the events live on for a long time even afterwards. Here are some examples of conference facilities with that little extra. 


Lobster fishing in Bohuslän

At the end of September, M/s Mira arranges a lobster safari. Lobster fishing is one of the real highlights of the year for housing loans. Then the locals go out of their houses to catch the king of shellfish, the delicious lobster. M/S Mira takes you out on an approximately 3-hour long fishing trip where you can take part in pulling lobster nets and other things that belong to a lobster safari. As the crowning glory, you can also choose to buy parts of the day's catch home with you. The feeling of standing at home by the stove and cooking lobster that you helped whiten out of the tin is something very special. And the taste experience is absolutely world class.

Accommodation and conference can take place at, for example, TanumStrand or Byggan in Fjällbacka.


Rent your own island

Stora Löknäsholmen is located on Norra Värmdö. 20 minutes by boat from Vaxholm, 45 by boat from central Stockholm and 9 seconds by zip line (cable car) from the mainland.

You live in wilderness cabins, expedition tents, tree tents or the "survival shelter" you built yourself.



Survival course/Bush craft, High altitude course, team activities and water activities.


No food tastes better than food cooked together outdoors. Together with a chef, you cook over an open fire and on cast iron pans. We provide all raw materials and cooking equipment.


You conference in a large dome tent with room for 50-200 people. The dome tent is beautifully situated up on the mountain with a lovely view of Grindafjärden.

vildmarkshotellet delfinshow.jpg

Vildmarkshotellet Kolmården

Conference hotel in the middle of the wilderness!

Where the sea meets the wilderness - on a cliff in the middle of Kolmården's primeval forest and with a magnificent view of Bråviken, Vildmarkshotellet rises between granite and thorny heather.

We invite you to nature and adventure in the hotel, which leaves its mark in everything from interior design to restaurant menu and activities.

Vildmarkshotellet offers truly unique conference experiences with a focus on kick-off, team building and inspiring meetings. Here, as a conference guest, you can ride Wildfire, Europe's coolest roller coaster, or experience tickling animal encounters such as coming face to face with a live lion of a lifetime.

Choose to hold a conference at Vildmarkshotell, too, and experience unique, pulse-raising conference activities in the middle of the wilderness.


So much better conference

Grå Gåsen in Burgsvik on Gotland has become nationally known thanks to the program "So much better" which is recorded here. Here Sweden's artist elite have laughed, cried, performed for each other, partied and had deep conversations over the dinner table. Now you can have the opportunity to have a much better Conference, in the same environment as Di Leva, Ledin, Uggla and Bryant!

You live like real stars in personally furnished rooms at Grå Gåsen, eat lunch and hold conferences in the large dining room in the main building. For those of you who want to get active, we can offer everything from fast-paced team building to bicycle excursions in a landscape that is magically beautiful and captivating.

  • Suitable for: Groups of 20-60 people


Sailing conference

Take colleagues on an exciting adventure beyond conference walls, projectors, screens and powerpoints. During a conference trip with sailing, the sailboat and the sea are our tools that promote creative conversations and inevitably take team building to the next level!

During a conference sailing, we live and live together on the sailboat. Each boat has 5 cabins that we live in two by two, these will be our "hotel rooms" during the stay.

During the day, we have our crew with us, which consists of a skipper who sails the boat and a host who cooks both breakfast and lunch on board. Dinners are pre-booked by us on the appropriate island at cozy restaurants.

We can either have the conference passes in the cockpit or on the foredeck on board the boat, where conversations and discussions are the focus while we calmly sail out to sea (if you need more technical equipment available, we can of course arrange a conference on one of the islands in a restaurant/ conference rooms).

icehotel konferens.jpg

Icehotel - Kiruna

A different meeting. How about starting the day enjoying the silence on a dog sled ride, then doing an adventure race in the wilderness and ending with a five-course ice cream menu in a traditional Sami hut on a frozen Torne river? 


Icehotel has all the facilities that traditional meetings require, but also the possibility of unconventional conferences — for example in the year-round open part of the ice hotel, in a sauna, lavvu tent or out in the wilderness.


Strengthen the group through team building activities tailored to needs and season. There are 276 beds here and the largest (indoor) conference hall has room for 100 people. 

Icehotel is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, but only an hour and thirty minutes by plane from Arlanda, Stockholm.


Silverskär - Åland


Surprise your company, your team or your association with a meeting or a conference on your own island. On Silverskär, you can have total privacy, nothing to distract you except possibly a soaring sea eagle.


Among the red-painted buildings on our main island, the archipelago idyll is total. There are a total of 47 beds here, from four-star single rooms with private bathrooms in Ladugårds to cozy overnight stays in contemporary surroundings in the old fisherman's home Mellangårds. All meals are prepared by our own chef on the island!

Our meeting rooms, all with a special touch and with fiber or wifi, are located in separate buildings and are suitable for both large and small groups. Up to a hundred people can participate in day conferences and groups of a maximum of 47 people can also stay overnight.


Live & confer on a yacht

M/Y Charm one of our charter boats that is perfect for the small group that wants to spend a few days or a week in the archipelago. Experience the archipelago aboard M/Y Charm. 

M/Y Charm is a 65 foot Sea Ranger built in 1989. The vessel is approved for 40 guests which is good for transport, parties or client meetings. At dinner or a conference, you can comfortably seat up to 24 guests (max. 26) in the large cozy salon. The ship has three decks. On the lower deck are four guest cabins with toilet and shower.


The middle deck has a large saloon, galley and wheelhouse. On the upper deck there is a large sundeck with room for all passengers. Here we also have our jet ski, inflatable boat, windsurfing and barbecue. 

Budapest F1.jpg

Sports trips abroad

Are you looking for football trips or match tickets to the biggest and most classic stadiums?

Do you want to experience Formula 1 live at the Circuit de Catalunya? Want to experience an NHL trip with the best NHL ticket at Madison Square Garden when the New York Rangers take on the Toronto Maple Leafs? Should your football trip include the pulse of a crowd at Camp Nou, when 90,000 people cheer on their FC Barcelona?

Below you will find a number of appetizers, perhaps it is one of these arrangements that appeals to you, perhaps they give you an idea of what you want to experience.

Read more about sports trips here >>>


Klobben - Åland

On the island of Klobben (pronounced Klåbben) in Saltvik's outer archipelago is our modern fishing village. A different kind of stay is offered here in ten cabins with the sea as the nearest neighbour.

In the past, the sheds at Åland's many fishing locations were used for overnight stays during the tiring stream fishing in the outcrops. Today, instead, you can live simply but comfortably and snugly at Klobben. It is difficult to get closer to the forces of nature than this. Regardless of the weather, your stay at Klobben is unforgettable.

The sheds are built of wood from 500-year-old furrows from Saltvik's forests. Over time, they will turn beautifully grey. There are 30 beds in total, but Klobben can house up to 40 people. The island's salt shed is a natural gathering place for meetings and meals. Meals with a genuine archipelago feel are shipped from Silverskär!​

Kräftfiske konferens, Norrqvarn

Conference with crayfish fishing

Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference in Lyrestad by the Göta canal dates from the early 20th century. 

Here you can stay in one of their hotel rooms or step into the enchanted world of fairy tales andlive in a stump or mushroom. Be creative and productive at a conference, then intersperse it with activities that have a connection to nature, culture or food experiences.

Crayfish fishing

Confer with an experience that is really close to nature. Crayfish fishing along the canal bank is very easy and everyone can join in!
Fun and above all very exciting!

Bookable in August & September.


Conference abroad

Are you tired of boring conferences? Book a unique conference abroad. It will be an active conference where you get to see and experience a lot, instead of a conference room. 

We tailor all conference & group trips 

according to your wishes and budget. So regardless of whether you are 2 or 1,500 people, you are welcome with your requests. We book everything you need for a successful trip with the company, friends, family or customers. 

Below you will see some examples of trips we have arranged and can arrange. Click on the image for more information and what may be included.

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