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Magic & wizards

A magician or sorcerer makes the party magical. Bhire a magician, magician or illusionist for your next event.  A magician is suitable for most things - for the party, the fair, shopping center days, the conference Here you will find Sweden's most employed in magic & sorcery. 


Seth Engström

Seth Engström, one of the most respected names in the industry is striving to bring the word "magic" back to the word "magician".

He does so with his astonishing arsenal of tricks, all performed with two tools: his dexterity and a deck of 52 regular playing cards.


His magic tricks have amazed millions of people worldwide, with appearances on international TV, King Carl Gustaf's birthday and at over 1000 corporate parties.


Niclas Jacobsson

A magician with nimble fingers who conjures the party's drinks and gets the occasional guest to lift.

Magician Niclas Jacobsson offers several shows for corporate events, private parties, etc. The various shows are made to be independent, but can also be combined with each other or with other entertainment, all according to wishes.

Sit back and take part in an amazing experience where magic tricks are performed right before your eyes.


Klas Andersson

Here you will find magic entertainment for the next dinner event, company event, your next conference, kick-off and fair. Let your guests experience amazing artistry performed by a truly entertaining magician.

Regardless of whether you choose Klas as a mingling magician or entertainer, a stage show, variety show or ready-packaged dinner entertainment, you will get an unforgettable experience that your guests will talk about long after - with an experienced magician, magician and entertainer with 20 years of experience.

John Houdi.png

John Houdi

Experience one of the entertainment industry's most unique, seasoned and professional performers - John Houdi.
With a career spanning several decades, John Houdi is a master at delivering an extraordinary show experience. With a skillful interplay of humor, ventriloquism, sorcery and magic, he can adapt his performance to suit any type of event, large or small, in Swedish or English.

John Houdi is more than a simple entertainment act. His performances are a magical experience with a unique ability to capture the audience's attention and create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, he is always a highlight.

Can be booked as dinner entertainment, moderator/conferences or conference entertainment.


Tobbe Trollkarl

Tobbe the Magician - not just for the little ones!

In the show "Tobbe Trollkarl - XXX rated" he is aimed exclusively at an adult audience.

Tobbe has, as many do not know, worked with wizardry for more than 20 years and always worked a lot against companies and pure adult gigs, both on stage and close up.


The show is, even the crazy and fast-paced one with a lot of music, above all very funny! Big and small are mixed at a fast pace that will overturn any audience!

The show can be expanded with big illusions and close ups around the tables, the CEO can be conjured up or (perhaps better) removed.


Göran Strandberg

Göran Strandberg always offers the audience fascinating wizardry, impossible thought experiments and accurate humor! A guaranteed success at your next event!

Göran has extensive experience in enchanting corporate events and is very confident in adapting to the customer's wishes and situation. Improvisation and fingertip feeling make Göran extra popular among customers who want to book a secure card and that little extra for their event!

daniel kane.jpg

Daniel Kane

He broke through to the wide audience when he made a success on Talang in TV4 and was seen by 8 million Swedes & over 60 million on social media such as Facebook. However, he has been active as an entertainer at company events and other events for many years.

His shows have been shown all over Sweden but also in Berlin, Oslo, London and more. With his extensive experience, he is often booked at corporate events in Stockholm-Gothenburg-Malmö. There he weaves in his shows together with other speakers and entertainers.


Spectacular magic – Unforgettable entertainment!


Ivan & Lacki

A different and fun variety show or mingling entertainment. Let the guests be mesmerized and entertained by astonishing magic, exciting juggling, spectacular fire arts, a living statue. Or why not the unforgettable balloon man.


Magician, wizard or illusionist, call it what you will, but magic and wizardry should be fun and entertaining to watch! Let your guests be amazed and entertained by Ivan & Lackey's Conjuring Arts and Magic Tricks. Their conjuring show is performed with a phenomenal fingertip feel and liberating audience contact and is guaranteed to be a valued feature of your party.

Tommy Sköld.jpg

Tommy Sköld

"Tommy fits many clichés about wizards: skilled, dexterous, charming, incomprehensible and entertaining" Tommy Sköld began his wizarding career in the dark. He often attended other wizarding events and shows without telling himself about his skill.


As time went on, it turned out that he was a wizard of the more exclusive crowd who always turned down wizarding jobs and instead pursued his passion in a very tight circle while he honed and honed his skills. For Tommy, technology and precision are extremely important, just as he thinks it is necessary to be able to create miracles with all sorts of everyday things that are around us - coin magic is especially close to his heart. Now he has gone from the hidden into the world with his skills and astonishing miracles are promised with a twinkle in his eye.


Jens Jadbäck

Jens Jadbäck is currently one of Sweden's most booked magicians. Since 2011, with his tricks, his dexterity and his lightning fast tongue, he has regularly  charmed the audience at Golden Circle Comedy Club, Reginateatern, SysterOBror and Bryggarsalen, among others.


While Jens toured the country with comic close up magic, he also managed to be the opening act for, among others, Henrik Schyffert, Måns Möller, Adde Malmberg, Thomas Järvheden and several others from the Swedish comedy elite.


In 2017 he also won first prize at the festival Uppsala Magic & Comedy in fierce competition with some of the world's most recognized creators.​

Johan ståhl.jpg

Johan Ståhl

​Johan Ståhl is this year's Talent 2021 winner

Johan Ståhl surprises the jury with his magic. world class according to Edward af Sillén.

Best magic act according to Bianca Ingrosso that she has ever seen!

These are some comments about Johan Ståhl after Goldenbuzz's win at this year's Talent 2021.

Now you can book Johan Ståhl for your event!


So feel free to book me for your future events. In pandemic times, however, we have to make do with socializing at a distance. On YouTube and Facebook I post magic clips and funny posts.

When the restrictions allow, I will go on a small tour of Sweden.


Hans Lindström

Here you will find magic entertainment for the next company event, kick-off or dinner event. You get one of the industry's most well-deserved, popular and versatile magicians. Your guests will experience amazing artistry performed by a talented entertainer.

Are you looking for a magician who both creates fascinating magic but also always makes sure to do it with a twinkle in his eye so that your audience is often giggling with laughter? Then you've come to the right place!


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