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Wedding games

Wedding games during the party are a way to keep the mood up throughout the evening and can be both fun and appreciated by both the bride and groom and the wedding guests. Here you will find lots of fun games that are suitable for the wedding party.



When the bride and groom arrive at the wedding party, the guests can stand next to each other and form a long arc with their arms. The bride and groom are allowed to run through under the arms while some guests throw rice, streamers and blow soap bubbles.

brudens näsa.jpg


The groom must find his bride. Have five ladies plus the bride line up, then the blindfolded groom must figure out which nose belongs to his wife with his hands.

Dekorerad Layered Cake


When coffee and wedding cake are to be served, you may have made a "shaving foam cake" and let someone come in with the cake and accidentally trip and drop the cake. Guaranteed horrified faces and screams!

Then the "real" cake must make an entrance without fuss, of course. Cool spex from the bride and groom.



Divide the guests into different teams and let them answer questions about the bride and groom. Run the quiz during a break or while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the party. When it is time for the correct answers, the bride and groom are called forward to answer the questions. The winning team gets a bottle of bubbly.

galna timmen.jpg


Do like the Venezuelan tradition "hora loca" (crazy hour). When the party starts to die down, the friends/relatives bring out funny hats, wigs, streamers, clown noses and let everyone who wants to dress up. At the same time, festive samba music is played in the speakers, which can be varied as desired. The party gets new energy for at least another hour!



Let bridesmaids and best man with friends compete for awesome moves on the dance floor. This requires some preparation and shameless friends. Kindly ask them a month or so before the party if they want to stand up for you.

A given success with the other guests when they get to stomp the beat and cheer. The team that tears down the most cheers and whistles wins, the toastmaster/madame is the judge.

Photo Booth Van


As the reality shows have moved into the cabins, we have become accustomed to contestants talking directly to a camera about their feelings. Let the wedding guests share their best memory with the bride and groom, tell how they got to know them, wish the bride and groom well or similar.


This is guaranteed to be fun material for the bride and groom to look through after the wedding, and is usefully cut together into a fun little film with the golden nuggets afterwards.

Nyckel till framgång


Distribute 5-6 keys to as many guys the bride's age (not relatives). Also give a key to the groom's mother. Of course, the bride and groom cannot see this. During dinner, someone stands up and tells the bride and groom that:

"Now you have each other and of course you also had lives before. So now it's time to leave the old life and therefore we must ask every guy who had a key to the bride's home to stand up and return these."


The bride, of course, sinks through the table. Then it's the groom's turn:
"Any girl who has a key to the groom's home, return these now!"


Then only the mother stands up, which will lead to laughter! Now it's proven who took care of him even when he doesn't live at home anymore., haha.

Händer som håller ballonger


When the bride and groom arrive at the venue, guests can line up with inflated balloons with rice inside. There will be a tunnel with rice rain and a lot of "banging" when the bride and groom go through. Make sure one guest has a balloon and the other a pin.

Handen når ut


A game where the bride and groom can challenge their parents (can also be a pair of siblings, two friends, etc.). They can only use one hand each, so in each pair only two hands can be used and so they have different challenges to do. The first is to peel an apple and then, for example, the groom holds the apple and the bride holds the peeler. Same for the opposing pair. The second challenge can be to open a cheek egg and build the figure that is inside.

Image by Xavi Cabrera


The bride and groom sit with their backs to each other. The groom gets a small statue made of Lego. The bride gets the same pieces and the groom has to tell her how to put it together so it looks the same as his.


TIP: A variant of this is to build the figure with 5-6 pieces and give the partner 3 times as many and not at all the same shape, but on the other hand they must of course believe that they have the same pieces. Entertainment for those watching. Frustrating for the bride and groom until after a while you interrupt and reveal the truth.



The host couple puts notes under everyone's chairs. Each patch has a mission. The task must be carried out during the evening. The assignment can either be completely individual or linked with several other assignments. For example. "tune up in a snap song", "stand up after the bride's father's speech and praise him heartily", "when someone calls - a blue elephant - run and hide behind the curtain". Creates laughter and excitement among the guests!

Man med blomma i munnen


The bride and groom stuff marshmallows into themselves, one at a time, each piece must remain in the mouth and not be swallowed! After each marshmallow inserted, the bride and groom must say "I'm in charge". Whoever can get the meaning out with the most pieces of candy in their mouth wins, and becomes the most dominant in the marriage, according to the game leader. Guaranteed fun for everyone!



For the slightly more artistic couples and guests, consider hosting a board painted with darts! How will this be done then? 


Yes, it can be a bit complicated to organize but is well worth it.

Set up a large sheet in a suitable place or if you can fix a large canvas. Then attach balloons that have color in them.

Then, from a safe distance, the guests must try to poke the balloon with their darts. 



The bride and groom stand with their backs to the projector screen so they cannot see what is written.

A statement is projected onto the screen. The guests who think they fit the statement stand up. Now the bride and groom must try together to come up with the common denominator, i.e. which statement is on the canvas behind their backs, based on which guests have lined up.

Depending on how difficult the statements are, it may be good to have thought out some clues in advance, as in some cases it may be a bit difficult to come up with the right answer.



Another typical wedding game is the walking package. It involves packing several smaller and smaller packages in a large wrapped package, like a Russian doll, and attaching an instruction on who should have the package to each package. In the end, the package reaches the bride and groom, if all goes as planned. It's not as complicated as it sounds! The person who arranged the game stands up and says something like "I'd like to present a present to the beautiful bridesmaid", and the package is handed to her. The maid of honor opens the package, and finds in it a smaller package, where it says that she should pass it on to the gentleman with the most handsome mustache. When the gentleman with the handsomest mustache opens the package, he finds that he, in turn, must pass it on to the lady with the shortest skirt, and so on. In the end, the package must be handed over to the most beautiful couple, that is, the bride and groom! It helps if the first person who gets the package is initiated into the game, otherwise he might say "Thanks, I'll open it when I get home", and that wouldn't be so successful.



All guests must have their napkin ready and wave it in response to the questions asked. Suggested questions: "Who played with the rubber band as a child?" "Who has gone to the same school as the bride?" "Who has gone on vacation with the groom?" "Who are related to the bride"? "Last question, Who wants to wish the bride and groom good luck?"

Photobooth Kiss


Take after a fine Danish tradition as a spex at the wedding. Every time the bride goes to the bathroom or for some other reason leaves the room, all the girls at the party go to give the groom a kiss on the cheek, the same happens to the bride if the groom leaves. Definitely gives positive reactions, and the guests get to move around a bit every now and then.



Kidnap the bride in the middle of the party and let the groom solve various tasks to get his bride back.



Find fun cards of the bride and groom as toddlers, teens or adults. The cards are enlarged and hung in a suitable place in the party room for public viewing.



A traditional wedding game where the groom and the bride exchange a shoe with each other and then someone (e.g. toastmaster) reads out a number of statements, e.g. "Who cleans the most at home?".

Then the bride and groom should hold up the shoe that they think cleans the most at home. The bride and groom sit with their backs to each other and thus do not see which shoe the other is holding up. A game that attracts many laughs.



All guests receive a bingo tile where each number represents a different event (everyone gets a different one), for example "The bride and groom kiss", "You taste the table neighbor's food", "You dance with the mother of the bride". The atmosphere tightens as everyone works to get bingo before the night is over. Guaranteed laughter party!



Anyone who has read or seen Harry Potter is probably familiar with the "Sorting Hat" - the old witch's hat that is put on every new Hogwarts student to then contemplate out loud and divide the children into their houses.

This game works in a similar way! Get an old hat that "reads minds". Record small short audio clips of selected guests in advance, which are played for everyone when each person puts on their hat. It could be a person who works with food who is "thinking" about the choice of food, a party-loving person who is wondering when the party will start, and so on. Here, however, the bride and groom take it with a grain of salt!



A game that can be used to choose the 12 people (or couples) to surprise the bride and groom each month:
A number of people sit on each chair and are asked to pick up someone who fits a certain description or statement. In each round, a chair is removed and the person who comes back last loses. When you go out, you get one of the missions/surprises and a month to complete it.


The descriptions can, for example, be

  • Get someone who has a tie.

  • Get a man who is shorter/taller than the groom.

  • Pick up someone who has grandchildren.

  • Get someone who is a student.

brudgummens ben.jpg


Blindfolded, the bride must find the grooms leg. Blindfold the bride with a shawl. Bring out five gentlemen plus the groom and ask them to stand on chairs with their trouser legs pulled up. The bride must then feel out which legs belong to the groom.



Divide an A4 paper and place it under the plate together with a pencil. After dinner, the wedding guests get to draw the person they are sitting opposite. They can write who drew and who they drew by. Then have someone go around and photograph everyone. It is guaranteed that everyone will start talking to each other and it will bring out a lot of laughs. Fun memory to put in the wedding album then with the drawing next to the real picture.



Create a painting for the bride and groom. Let the guests make a painting for the bride and groom during the pre-drink! Put the responsibility for this on a couple of friends. Ask them to purchase a large canvas, paints (water soluble), aprons and brushes. During the pre-drink, they say that everyone should contribute their interpretation of something, e.g. the path of life, love, the bride and groom. This then becomes a personal painting that the bride and groom receive as a memory of their big day.

brud och brudgum


The bride and two female friends stand behind a sheet. The sheet must have three large holes at face height. The groom must now find his bride by kissing all three through the holes. But in advance, three male guests have been persuaded to stand up secretly. Of course, their lips should be painted with a lipstick. After kissing all three (male) mouths, the groom must choose one of them whom he believes to be his bride. When the curtain is removed, a big cheer is guaranteed.

Rabatter för musiklärare


Most people enjoy music, so why not organize a music competition?! Music games tend to be popular with both old and young! Divide the guests into teams, and give each team a piece of paper with a prescribed team name. Play the first ten seconds of a number of well-known songs, while teams write down on the piece of paper the name of each song and/or who sings the song. You play song by song, and the answers are written down. The team that gets the most correct when the slips have been collected and corrected wins something, for example a box of chocolates each or something else.



Arrange a fish pond, where each "goody bag" contains a small thing that the bride and groom or selected guests can tell about and explain the meaning.


If it is a guest who gets to tell, it should be something connected to his relationship with the bride and groom, if it is the bride and groom, it can be something to do with a guest.

It can be both emotional and comical!

Mrs. Bride, Mr. Groom


The game involves the bride and groom guessing the common denominator between a number of guests. All guests are given a list of statements, which the bride and groom are not allowed to see. The game leader asks all guests who match statement #1 to stand up and then let the bride and groom guess what the statement is. When it gets too difficult, the play leader or the guests give clues.

The claims can be, for example:

  •  I am a woman.

  •  I have a tattoo.

  •  I have done the dirty work.

  •  I have a dog.

  •  I have children.

Dans på bröllop


A different and fun game that will also make the guests let loose and maybe get to know the guests they don't know before a little better.


The game works like a letter is taped under each guest's chair. In the letter there is a number on a sticky note and a bingo card. The sticker with the number must not be shown to anyone, but must be attached under the shoe. Now it's time to dance and invite someone.


After finishing the dance, you can ask your dance partner to lift their foot and show you their number on the sticky note. If this number is on your bingo card, just cross it off.


Whoever gets a full row first wins. A fun and slightly challenging game! The winner can get some special prize or similar!

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