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Cover & Party band

A really good band guarantees an unforgettable birthday party, wedding or company party. We have bands for all different occasions and in different sizes.

We have collected the best party bands and help you find the right live band to suit your budget. Disco, pop, rock, ballads, yes our bands play it all!



The party band tredrag entertains Sweden's conferences, festivals, corporate events,  and nightclubs!


They constantly work to keep their repertoire up to date with the latest radio hits, house dunk, classics & the latest upstarts.


Three-way party show:

appreciated live shows. 1.5 h full speed. Tredrag will run a fast-paced party show.

Three-act all-night show:

A flexible package solution where together with the customer we create a unique full evening of entertainment.  Everything from the welcome party, vignettes at the banquet and music quiz to show spots and famous guest artists.

The band is based in Gothenburg

Full koll.jpg

Full koll

Full control belongs to Sweden's elite among cover bands. In addition, we have the world's best audience. You. We love music and being able to offer top-class entertainment, something that our shows prove time and time again. We dance with you, sing with you and sweat with you.

We always give it our all, and make you do the same.  

For those of you who haven't heard us yet, you can expect a wild mix of hits from different genres, delivered in a way that's guaranteed to get your party going. We have extensive experience in the industry and many references. 

In addition to numerous private parties, weddings and corporate gigs, they play at several pubs and are regularly booked at, among others, M/S Vindhem, Engelen and Grand Garbo. 

ål in band 1.jpg


ÅL IN BAND is a cover band from Stockholm that has delivered a full set since 2005. We tour extensively in the Nordics and the surrounding area and do about 100 gigs per year.


We are based in Stockholm, but of course come and deliver entertainment to the party, whether it's a kick-off somewhere in Europe or a wedding in Gothenburg.


We target people of all ages who like to dance to all kinds of music, such as new hits and old classics. Our success lies in the breadth of songs in the repertoire, with an emphasis on newer radio hits from 2010 onwards.


For us, a live performance is so much more than sounding good. After 15 years and approx. 1,500 gigs behind us, we know that the key lies in the joy of playing, which is easily contagious. 


Duo jag

Duo Jag is the show band that has toured professionally for over 25 years, primarily in Sweden, but also in Norway and Finland. The band performs approximately 130 performances each year and during the summer and winter season visits our most famous holiday resorts such as Sälen, Åre, Borgholm, Visby, Smögen, Tylösand to name a few. The band is capable of all styles of music, but the emphasis of the repertoire is on newer music. As the band goes with its own substantial sound/light production, they are also frequently hired by various event companies and companies.

Over the years, Duo Jag has often been told: "They sound like the original". It was precisely with this justification that they got the job as a house band in Idol 2006.

During the years 1997–2001, they were also a husband and wife in TV4's summer program Stadskampen.

The band's energetic performances, together with an ambition to ALWAYS deliver entertainment of the highest class, make Duo Jag perhaps the industry's strongest shining brand. The goal is always obvious: 100% entertainment. Music is joy. Joy is music. 

Clas Lundqvist trubadur

Clas Lundquist - One man show

Clas is a 'One man band', Entertainer, troubadour... in short;  Clas delivers the most in music entertainment. You choose for yourself if I will sing and play guitar like a traditional troubadour, or if I will set up a speaker system, stage lights and sound like a whole party band, with background music and everything.

I have been a full-time musician since 1995 and have toured in Sweden and abroad. I play and am frequently booked for corporate events, pubs, boats, parties, kick offers, after-ski, after-beach with perfectly satisfied customers.

A good singing voice and the ability to read the audience make, together with well-made musical backgrounds and awesome sound and light, a successful concept!

Regardless of whether it concerns dinner entertainment, Pop quiz / Music quiz, Party music, Troubadour or stage show!

rydell & quick.jpg

Rydell & Quick

Rydell & Quick is today one of Sweden's absolute most touring rock bands with great successes on tour.

The hit show 
Rydell & Quick's specialty is to deliver a unique show with personal commitment for both customer and audience. The uniqueness of Rydell & Quick is Malin's saxophone and Christer's way of entertaining the audience. Add to that double drummers as well as sound, lighting and decor of absolute top class and you have one of Sweden's most requested shows.

Corporate show
When Rydell & Quick is hired for corporate events, the music and appearance are adapted to suit the target group in question. At corporate events, the show consists of material from other artists, but always arranged and performed with R&Q's distinctive character. From the latest hit songs to the 80s-90s-00s.​


Nästan två!

Two professional musicians who with total sensitivity for the evening. Danne Machmar & Richard Broberg. We play classic hits and the best songs from the 60s to the 2000s, pop, rock, schlager, disco and dance etc. With a sense for song selection and the people's wishes!

Sounds like a whole band!! No task has been impossible for us so far, we tailor each gig together with the organizer for the best results We grow with the party from sing-alongs, competitions, to crazy parties! With dance-friendly music, mingling or background music, we always deliver our best regardless of tone! 

Can also finish as a DJ if desired!

We have everything needed;

Good sound and light, we also of course have music during the breaks.

bad influence coverband..jpg

Bad Influence

Bad Influence belongs to the absolute elite of Sweden's cover bands.
Of course, the fact that Expressen gave their show 5 wasps does not make matters worse.

Bad Influence, led by the charismatic singer Fredrik "Fritz" Wallin, puts on a perfect party show with everything from today's chart music to unforgettable hits.

Always with a glowing energy and a magical ability to lift the mood to the max. 

If you want to join this year's party, don't miss Bad Influence!



Herr Kantarell ny.jpeg

Herr Kantarell

Herr Kantarell is the well-established cover band from Örebro that delivers a fresh mix of musical styles with style and finesse. Ingeniously composed and performed with true joy and energy to meet most ages and discerning palates - the goal is for the audience to have AT LEAST as much fun as we have on stage!

Since the start in 2010, we have had the privilege of getting along with small and large groups and companies, of course a lot in Örebro and the Stockholm region - but every winter SkiStar usually wants us to visit Sälen as well.


We are always ready  and loaded to the keys. Hope to see you!

Mia och Sophie.jpg

Mia & Sophie

Undoubtedly, the girls master every event with their incredible ability to feel the pulse of the audience. With their clear voices, swinging guitar playing and the enormous enthusiasm to share,
they make listeners just want to hear more.

The duo, who have known each other since their teens, play everything from stylish ballads and Swedish songs for sing-alongs and rocking roj!


Mia Löfgren song
Sophia Conte-guitar/vocals


Among other things, the diligently employed girls have had the honor of entertaining. The Crown Princess's roofing party for Haga Castle.

Mia and Sophie are active within the Defense Field Artists and have been out on assignments in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Lebanon & Liberia. Mia is also known as, among other things, the lead character in "Rednex" (1998-2001) and also appeared in the popular TV series "Fame Factory" (2003) where she made it to the final.

Spring lane.jpg

Spring Lane

SPRING LANE and is a fresh cover band from Umeå containing absolute top-class musicians who are now looking for playing opportunities throughout the country.


Our music is very mixed, but unlike many other bands out there, our choice of music is based on the fact that it is not always the songs people expect that we offer. 

We like swinging and catchy but, because of the song choices, really stand out from the crowd. You could say that we also try to find the songs that people don't remember that they love!


We are five members in the band with two front singers (Marcus & Eline), which means that our music can be offered in a varied way! 


We are happy to play at wedding parties, corporate events and festivals!


SPRING LANE are adaptable and can also put together a quieter cocktail set with a troubadour (guitar or piano) if needed. 



The party band tredrag entertains Sweden's conferences, festivals, corporate events,  and nightclubs!


They constantly work to keep their repertoire up to date with the latest radio hits, house dunk, classics & the latest upstarts.


Three-way party show:

appreciated live shows. 1.5 h full speed. Tredrag will run a fast-paced party show.

Three-act all-night show:

A flexible package solution where together with the customer we create a unique full evening of entertainment.  Everything from the welcome party, vignettes at the banquet and music quiz to show spots and famous guest artists.

The band is based in Gothenburg



Haaks is one of Sweden's most popular bands for events, company parties and kick-offs, and the list of satisfied customers is both long and impressive.

Haaks has developed different concepts that suit all company parties. Small parties to large congresses are of no importance. With a routine of over 4,000 gigs and hundreds of songs to choose from, Haaks adapts to any context. Full production ie sound, lighting, technicians, 

conference microphone  is of course included.


Dinner entertainment, mingling, partying, spontaneous dancing, competitions etc.  Always with 100% commitment, a pinch of humor and a twinkle in the eye.


During the breaks, we play "real" music from our mixer. If desired, a disc jockey can of course be hired as we have a collaboration with several of Sweden's best disc jockeys.


Deja Vu

Deja Vu is the party band from Gotland which delivers a show with high tempo and high recognition. Everyone in the audience can sing, and dance along to our songs.

They have a wide repertoire with songs from everyone music styles and customizes our entertainment after you in the audience. With hits from the 50s to today, it just can't go wrong.

Deja vu supplies the following to order:

  • Party set: (2X60 min, or 3X45 min).

  • Mingling music.

  • So much better, A concept where we are the band and YOU are the artist.

  • Quiz performed by and with the band, 100% live.

Book Deja vu for weddings, parties and corporate events, we promise an unforgettable evening.

Deja Vu starts from Gotland, and we stand by ourselves for our travel expenses.

Bad news.png

Bad News

Bad News is a cover band that has existed since the 90s in various constellations. All of the band's members in today's line-up have solid experience and the band plays in pubs, corporate events and private parties, mainly in the Stockholm area and on Gotland.

The repertoire is broad and consists of all the hits from the 60s until today, with an emphasis on well-known rock covers with a lot of punch right through. The band puts a lot of emphasis on doing the songs justice with a high quality, combined with good speed in the show and the twinkle in the eye.


For us in the band, the most important thing is to have fun on stage, which also rubs off on our audience.

If necessary, we have a full set of technology and can arrange everything on site based on the request.

We give you a rock show with glowing energy that is guaranteed to raise the mood to the top at the party!


stage for you.jpg

Stage for you

Show for dinner, mingling or why not a late night show?
Choose from the medleys below and compose your own desired show, or let us put together a tailor-made program for you and your guests to last the whole evening.


Disco - Solid 70s with groove and glitter in true Studio 54 spirit

Music by Alcazar - Stylish stage show and you won't be able to sit still

The Disco School - Choose in addition to the above - A Disco School! A fantastic experience for your whole gang that you will talk about for a long time. Why not put together your management team? 

  • Music by ABBA - The most popular party songs.

  • Schlager - Beautiful songs from past and present

  • Hard rock - Full scoop - get up and jump!

  • Soul - A little 70s, a little 80s

STARBUGS ett showband.jpg

STARBUGS ett showband!

Starbugs is an 8-piece band with a lot of jazz and big band influences.


Bandmaster is Marcus Frenell on vocals and together with the band (who are some of Sthlm's best musicians) they brighten up your party.
Starbugs also plays in smaller sets and also has a concert program.

Pre-drink: Jazzy and pleasant lounge music.
The dinner: Father-filled dinner entertainment in Starbug's own style with beautiful singing, humor and sing-alongs!

The dance: Here we offer a nice mix of Motown hits, rock'n roll, disco, rock classics and the occasional current radio hit!

All night, mingling, dinner, show or just dancing? it is adapted to your needs. A band that gives an exclusive feeling and that everyone remembers.



TimeMachine is one of Sweden's absolute best full-time touring party bands.
Does approx. 120 gigs per year and collaborates with some of Sweden's top artists and biggest companies.


We are perfect for après ski/beach, nightclub, festival or company party. We can tailor our show for your event or company party!

Do you want a special guest artist or do you perhaps have a special theme for the evening?
It can, for example, be  schlager/hard rock

/60s/70s/80s theme!


The music should perhaps suit a certain target group or could it be that you want to adapt the music to the food?


We also have sound and lighting equipment that covers most arrangements.

Folk från kvarterat.jpg

Folk från kvareteret

"We in "Folk Från Kvarteret" are a group of freelance musicians who have selected our favorite songs from all sorts of different genres and decades. Songs that are fun to play
and above all fun to listen to and dance to.

The ambition is for our audience to have as much fun on the dance floor as we have on stage.
So, put down your cell phone and come have some real fun.


Come and hang out with people from the neighborhood, simply.”


5-piece band basically, but there are both smaller sets for mingling music, quizzes and smaller parties as well as larger up to 8-10 piece bands, then there will be both brass and choir.


The artists included have their roots in Fryshuset and Kulturama.

bandet enjoy.jpg

Bandet Enjoy

Beloved band has many names? The band Enjoy is mainly an engaged and entertaining party band / cover band, but can also sometimes be called a dance band or modern band. We are perfect for the corporate event, private party or official event. We have extensive experience and strong references. Our customers are constantly returning.  We deliver joy and music everywhere – festivals, nightclubs, dance venues, corporate events, association parties, private events, etc.


We have our roots in Skåne but have the whole of Sweden as our playing field. We start from Skurup/Ystad, about 4 miles from Malmö.

Party band, cover band, dance night, rock night, hit cavalcade, afterbeach, afterski, festivals, accompaniment by guest artists, music quiz and carnivals are a selection of everything fantastic we have been through since the start in 2003.



The Stockholm band Superduon is a party duo that has it all.

A great singer and guitarist with backgrounds that sound like a whole band!
Experience & repertoire that suits everyone!

2 members from the cover band Broberg Band, which belongs to one of Stockholm's best party bands.

Maybe a whole evening with:

  • Mingling music when the guests arrive.

  • Help with singing & atmosphere during dinner

  • Party & dance afterwards.

Wide repertoire, fantastic audience contact, repertoire that adapts to audience & wishes.


Superduo has what you need!



When Showtime thunders onto the stage, it's promised crazy excitement, stylish choreography, lots of sequins, fantastic vocals and sometimes something grand and atmospheric. A real roller coaster!

They have material from basically every single genre that works in a show context: 80s, hard rock, country, mello, dance bands, power songs, Swedish, divas, schlagers etc. 

Our artists are fantastic entertainers with huge pipes and dancing skills.

They have four shows ready: 

  • The mello edition
    A glitzy, sparkly, sequined show:

  • The X-mas edition
    Our Christmas show begins with the rockiest, cheesiest Christmas songs, a little Donald Duck, something finely tuned and turns more and more into a classic pub show with a Christmas setting.

  • The mixed edition vol 1 and 2
    A mix of schlagers, hard rock, country, Swedish hits, mello, dance bands, 80s music

  • Show quiz
    Show and quiz with extra everything.

Magnificent coverband.jpg


MAGNIFICENT – Sweden's Best Event & Artist band (can be booked as a trio, full band or with brass section).

Magnificent is one of Sweden's best event and artist bands with a great habit of standing on big and small stages for an entire evening containing mingling, jingles, prize giving, fanfares to full party sets with or without guest artists, usually in collaboration with moderators/



The Magnificent band has worked with the following moderators in recent years, to name a few: Mikael Tornving, Oscar Zia, Lina Hedlund, Anna-Lena Björklund, Andreas Lundstedt. In the form of large and small events at Fotografiska, Gothia Towers, Moderna museet, Berns, Marina Towers, Waterfront, Riddarhuset, Friends Arena, Annexet and Skansen, to name a few.

Kings & queens.jpg

Kings & Queen

With audience integration and a really great party spirit, Kings & Queen to the audience with a wide and beautiful repertoire that suits everyone.
Both Ellinor and Ricardo are audience-free lead singers who are entertainers at their fingertips with Robert on drums, a unique person who delivers the beat with gusto. 
Available as a trio or quartet.
Full evening with mingling, dinner/coffee show & dance party or only dinner entertainment or dancing!!

Maybe a fun infiltration feature with Ricardo's "Mulvaden"


The band consists of:

Ellinor Asp: Lead vocals/bass/clave
Ricardo Ausin: Lead vocals/guitar
Robert Karlsson: Choir/drums

Full evening with Kings & Queens

  • The live band where Ellinor & Ricardo is included

  • Mingle

  • Dinner entertainment at its best

  • The live party set with this power trio

  • DJ afterwards

dom där du vet....jpg

Dom Där, Du Vet..

The party band with an infectiously happy mix of everything from light punk to heavy schlager makes everyone jump, laugh, scream along, stage dance and dance on the table.

The band does corporate gigs, birthday parties and weddings and has recently become Stockholm's After Ski favourite. They are often told that they were the ones who "made the whole party". The reason for that ​ is probably that they do NOT see themselves as someone who "performs", but as a "party engine" who becomes one with the company and creates a bubbling and warm pot of love.
They also often run a hysterically funny music quiz for dinner. And if you don't want a full crowd all the time, they play the same songs in a bossa nova version.



Bad News is a cover band that has existed since the 90s in various constellations. All of the band's members in today's line-up have solid experience and the band plays at pubs, corporate events and private parties, mainly in the Stockholm area and on Gotland.

The repertoire is broad and consists of all the hits from the 60s until today, with an emphasis on well-known rock covers with a lot of punch right through. The band puts a lot of emphasis on doing the songs justice with a high quality, combined with good speed in the show and the twinkle in the eye.


For us in the band, the most important thing is to have fun on stage, which also rubs off on our audience.

If necessary, we have a full set of technology and can arrange everything on site based on the request.

We give you a rock show with glowing energy that is guaranteed to raise the mood to the top at the party!



If you want a wild and crazy live act for a hard rock party, this is the ultimate rock act. Full show with heavy sound and rock light and all the hits you can think of covers interspersed with own material. The show requires a slightly larger room with a ceiling height of at least 4 m. Rock On….

Hellinor delivers a compelling music experience and lifts you to a higher realm. 

With the perfect blend of gritty energy with soulful vocals, reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler and Janis Joplin, Hellinor delivers Organic Rock on a mission to heal the soul and make a difference. With influences from Glam Rock and Journey, to Sting and Rammstein, a unique voice floats through the sky with the message: "Be brave, be bold, believe in love and respect yourself."



the coverbros.jpg

The Coverbros

The band has a classic 5-man squad with drums, bass, synth and 2 guitars. In addition, if necessary, they can call in the fantastic brass section (trombone and sax). They have chosen to call the music selection dance party music a la the 50s, 60s and 70s, but anything people want to dance to can appear.


Coverbros want people to dance and have as much fun as they themselves have during a gig!

The band comes from Örebro.


Isaac And The Soul Company.jpg

Isaac And The Soul Company

Isaac And The Soul Company is one of Europe's top entertainment acts
and booked for exclusive dinners, gala evenings, corporate events,  wedding/

private parties, festivals, concerts and city parties.


The band tailors world-class entertainment and spreads a crazy energy that cannot be matched by anything else in the industry!


If you want to book us, we will do everything to give you an unforgettable evening! We will simply deliver an experience that your guests or audience have never seen before! Isaac And The Soul Company are based in Stockholm but have the world as their workplace. The Soul Company are based in Stockholm but have the world as their workplace. 



Daddy Pop knows entertainment! So if you want to have an unforgettable evening in the company of good friends and colleagues, you must not forget the main ingredient; Daddy Pop!

In addition to , dance parties after dinner, they can also help with mingling & dinner entertainment with different themes & element. Daddy Pop also has many years of experience in dinner entertainment at various events and is happy to help you tailor entertainment that suits YOUR event.

Daddy Pop consists of a group of very carefully selected seasoned musicians who over the years have acted as accompanists for some of Sweden's most popular artists such as Loreen, Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Lena Philipsson, Darin, Nanne Grönwall and Charlotte Perelli.



Skåne's most well-established cover band!

SoundTrip is the band that gets everyone on the dance floor! With over 25 years of touring in southern Sweden, they have had time to play at every imaginable event.

With a focus on the 90s and newer, they have a broad music mix that offers something for everyone.

SoundTrip has a solid sound/light production that few can match and that gives the show an extra dimension.

In addition to gigs at festivals, après ski/beach and nightclubs, SoundTrip often plays at corporate events.

As they have a complete concept with their own sound and light, they are an affordable and flexible option for companies.

SoundTrip's fast-paced show is characterized by great commitment and a wide mix.

Everyone should join SoundTrip's party!


Watts Up 

Stockholm-based Watts Up is perhaps one of Sweden's tightest party bands and loves to spread joy, boost the party atmosphere and get the dance floor rocking - from the first song to the last.


They play a high-octane, danceable mix of 70s disco, pop and rock from the 80s/90s, Swedish classics and modern hits. From Donna Summer, ABBA, AC/DC, Europe and Carola to Bruno Mars, Avicii, Miriam Bryant and Katy Perry. Songs and artists that people recognize and like to dance to, simply.


The band consists of six seasoned musicians who have entertained Sweden for decades and play at private parties and weddings as well as corporate events and various public functions (m/s Vindhem, Engelen, Visby, the archipelago, etc.).



ACORISE plays straight, raw rock in the best AC/DC style.


The band plays its own music, which is delivered with great joy on stage and is appreciated by a wide audience of mixed ages.


The band is fronted by Malin Dahlström on vocals and lead guitar. Her edgy rock voice and guitar playing captivate the audience from the first chord.


ACORISE has played on both larger and smaller stages around southern Sweden and are very flexible.

The band is based in Malmö.



Dunderklubben is a cover band from 

Örebro that delivers live entertainment in the absolute highest class.


Everything from pop, rock, dance bands, schlager, rap - you name it. With our own twist, we create an unbreakable bond with our audience.

In the summer of 2023, they have been the house band at "Allsång på Strömpis" for the second year in a row, which attracted over 10,000 visitors. In the winter, they hold Christmas shows at Frimis.

Freddie, who fronts the band, also has a career as a solo artist and came second in Idol 2019, but his greatest commitment lies in playing in a band with his best friends and making people jump and dance and feel euphoria with us.




Gibson is a relatively new cover band that consists of members from some of Sweden's most popular bands; De Sotos, Marmalade Orchestra and Ramsells.


The members of Gibson have solid experience in entertainment. They have been on most of the country's stages and appeared in many different contexts; on afterski, city festivals, TV, company parties, private events, afterbeach and has also accompanied many of Sweden's artists. EMD, Markoolio, Charlotte Perelli, Da Buzz, Linda Bengtzing, Titiyo, Lisa Nilsson, Robyn, Sonja Aldén, Sanna Nielsen, Patrik Isaksson, Ola, Nordman, Måns Zelmerlöv, Shirley Clamp, Jill Jonsson, Magnus Carlsson, Eric Gadd and others . The band consists of: Henrik Didriksson vocals, guitar Johan Gullbo keyboard Joacim Otterbjörk bass Martin Johansson drums.

Beastie Girls.jpg

Beastie Girls

This rock trio consists of three strong girls who are passionate about the music and the show. The style is rock and full of speed and the most distinctive thing about the band is the repertoire which is "up-to-date". The hottest radio hits get their own interpretations in a lovely combination with old heavy hits.

The band's strongest character traits are the energy and joy of playing, as well as the sing-along that is a consistent feature during the show.

Established Ellinor Asp is one of the members member of the Beastie Girls which is a female rock trio consisting of guitar, bass and drums.

Ellinor Asp – Bass/vocals

Sophie Conte – Guitar/vocals

Linda Gustafsson – Drums/vocals

The Beastie Girls offer a rock show that refreshes and brings out the true Rockn' Roll feeling.

Beastie Girls play rock'n'roll with a twinkle in their eye and have the ability to sneak in both cozy and really heavy songs in a lovely combination.

Corporate gigs and club rock have become their great love and all assignments are characterized by the healthy "Beastie spirit".



BBZ is the band everyone is talking about. In a short time, BBZ has become one of the most popular bands in the industry. It's not surprising as the members of BBZ are some of the most accomplished musicians in the country with a combined CV that few other bands can compete with. The members have participated in productions such as "That's how it should sound", "Idol", "Ladies Night" "Dobidoo", Christmas Galas and much more, as well as toured and participated in album recordings with artists such as Britney Spears, Magnus Uggla, Carola, Celine Dion , Max Martin, Tomas Ledin, etc. The list can be made long.


The strength of BBZ is that there is a huge musical breadth. The band has no less than 4 lead singers and moves easily between different styles and probably has Sweden's largest and widest repertoire. This means that BBZ always adapts to exactly your wishes. Everything is delivered accurately and playfully with the highest musical quality, with a joy, humor and spontaneity that always rubs off on the audience.​



Smokingduon was formed in 2012 and has since entertained with their fantastic entertainment concept that includes everything from:

  • Mingling entertainment at the pre-drink

  • Conferences and moderator at galas, inaugurations and anniversary parties

  • Light dinner entertainment (short stops during a dinner)

  • Dance party music

  • They have a very wide repertoire that can start with a languid Viennese waltz and then continue with songs from Van Morrison, Sam Coke, Elvis, Avici, Rolandz, Black eyed peas, Earth wind and fire, Magnus Uggla, GES, Gyllene tider, Abba , Kiss et al.



The band the AM!GOS is a bunch of happy good friends from a long time, (yes, hence the name) all with a lot of experience in entertaining and playing for the most discerning audiences!

Regardless of the conditions, they make sure to always deliver music & entertainment of the highest quality.
They either play to 100 people or in front of their record crowd of 20,000!!
The members are all full-time musicians who, in addition to their own jobs on tours, shows and div. TV program still managed to raise the temperature of x number of pubs, events, ships, festivals, corporate & private parties as the party band the AM!GOS for over 10 years.




TOAST is Joy, Music and Party with singers who pull the audience along in mood and moves. Are you going to have an Event, or a Kick off? Do you want a sing-along, after-ski or after-beach, conference or maybe a night club? Toast delivers!

4-6 man bands as desired. Toast plays something for everyone of all ages: Hits from the 60s to the most modern on the radio right now.


TOAST is the obvious choice in all contexts and the recipe for success is PUBLIC CONTACT!


Few bands have such a natural ability to captivate the audience and make even the biggest event feel like an intimate evening at a sweatshop.​


Granberg Combo

Troubadour, duo, trio, band 

A very experienced established troubadour/entertainer who can do most things who also works a bit as a piano entertainer.
So in addition to the typical guitar songs, you can get a bit of piano repertoire if you want.
Brings his experienced colleagues and offers 1-5 man bands.

A very good singer and musician but his main strength is audience contact.
So a good atmosphere in the audience is guaranteed.

References abound. Can also offer a music quiz if desired.

Has worked as a quiz host at Birka Paradise and O'learys for several years.

Mingling, party, quiz, sing-along, atmosphere, etc.


Hallå hetal pressen

If a few decades ago schlager was a musical genre, today it is instead a phenomenon, a cult – a lifestyle! The band in Sweden that most faithfully and fanatically nurtured the song treasure that Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest strewn around them in recent years is Hallå Hela Pressen.


They party around in a glittering sea of old and new finds with the mantra joy! Joy to life, to the music – to the audience!
Programmed background music and recorded choirs are banned;

here music is performed live with an exclusive four-piece band. Because the lead song stands two seasoned and extremely attractive hunks; Mikael Landby and Kristian Tåje.

Their love for their material is wildly genuine and they spice up the performances with relaxed snacks, exotic anecdotes and great warmth.

First-timers, regulars and groupies are invited to request songs and the show undulates according to the audience's mood.



Emma, Jonas and Mattias have played and sung together privately and also in other constellations for many years.


The music is mixed with new, current material and also classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s.


JEM plays at most events such as weddings, corporate events, mingling, parties, dinners, boat trips, garden parties, restaurants, etc.

The band is based in Lysekil.


Captain Crew

Captain Crew – The party cover band from Kungälv. 

Do you want to raise the atmosphere in the place?
Then we are the musical alternative for you.

Captain Crew provides the entertainment with songs that everyone knows and can sing or dance to.

Tell us what your needs look like. What kind of music is suitable? 

Which audience do you want to reach? Is there a theme that applies? We will solve it!

Captain Crew is an experienced group with long and broad experience in the music and entertainment industry.

They of course have their own sound & lighting equipment

The band is based in Gothenburg/Kungälv.


Do you also want to be seen here? 

Send in a description of you/your band as well as a picture and a video clip


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