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Dinner shows are a perfect way to make a dinner even more memorable. Mingle for the welcome drink, background below the dinner, quiet pleasant entertainment after the dinner, everything is adjusted according to conditions and wishes.

Fantastic Four.jpg

Fantastic Four

World-class entertainment and musical joy.

Few groups have had such a long career as Sweden's biggest Motown group
The Fantastic Four.

This 20-year jubilee group made a breakthrough in TV4's viewer success "Talang 2007".  Since then, The Fantastic Four has been a dynamic and tone-setting force in the Swedish entertainment industry and has achieved great success over the years.

The successful debut album reached third place on the Swedish Albums Chart ahead of greats such as Madonna and Metallica, they became world champions in entertainment in (WCOPA) Hollywood, L.A. the world's largest international entertainment competition.

The group has collaborated, produced and played with artists such as Bruce Kulick (KISS) Richard Street (The Temptations) Sarah Dawn Finer, Darin, Eric Saade Mikael Rickfors, Gladys Del Pilar and others.

When you book The Fantastic Four, you're offered a hit cavalcade of great proportions packaged with
style, finesse and a large dose of humor.
You can book The Fantastic Four with your own band, as guest artists or in singback format.


This is world-class entertainment!

Sisters of Soul.jpg

Sisters of Soul

Sisters of Soul are Linda and Anna, two seasoned artists with long experience from the absolute top tier of the industry. Happy to collaborate & often with Sweden's artist elite and lends their voices in radio and TV commercials.

We love music and we love giving the audience a professional, warm and humorous experience!

Our love for what we work with, because that's actually what it's all about, and what we've developed over our nineteen years into today's Sisters of Soul has taken us thousands of miles around the world.

We have played in Shanghai, London, Berlin and Paris at large events with thousands of visitors.

We have represented Sweden and the Swedish music industry at fairs, we have played in halls filled with Volvo and Scania trucks. We have played for business managers, politicians, civil servants and women in authorities and organisations.

We have played in Stockholm and in so many Swedish towns of various sizes that we almost lost count. In the Swedish mountains, at facilities with dolphins, at facilities with lemurs, at hotels, on boats, at inns, at company parties and at galas for Swedish football with Zlatan in the audience.


Impersonator Anders Mårtensson

Anders Mårtensson - impersonator and comedian with musical flair!

The King, the Splasher, Tommy Körberg, Edward Blom, Zlatan and Kalle Moraeus are some of the popular characters that Anders portrays with uncanny precision on stage and on TV. Partaj, So much funnier and Solsidan are some of the TV programs he has appeared in in recent years and success in Klassfesten autumn 2019 on TV4 when Tommy Körberg met himself in the guise of Anders..


Anders is a versatile and experienced entertainer and is also employed as a conference host at various events and galas. He collaborates with various musicians and is a well-known entertainer.


Dinner entertainment

  • The king greets you! specially written short speech approx. 5 min

  • Interlude with Kalle Moraeus with Cornelisambitioner, Ensemble with the audience. About 10 min.

  • Show: Entrance as Stänkaren, Lasse Berghagen, Zlatan, Björn Ranelid, Ulf Lundell, Johan Glans, Thomas Petersson, Tommy Körberg and more. about 30-45 min.



When Showtime thunders onto the stage, it's promised crazy excitement, stylish choreography, lots of sequins, fantastic vocals and sometimes something grand and atmospheric. A real roller coaster!

They have material from basically every single genre that works in a show context: 80s, hard rock, country, mello, dance bands, power songs, Swedish, divas, schlagers etc. 

Our artists are fantastic entertainers with huge pipes and dancing skills.

They have four shows ready: 

  • The mello edition
    A glitzy, sparkly, sequined show:

  • The X-mas edition
    Our Christmas show begins with the rockiest, cheesiest Christmas songs, a little Donald Duck, something finely tuned and turns more and more into a classic pub show with a Christmas setting.

  • The mixed edition vol 1 and 2
    A mix of schlagers, hard rock, country, Swedish hits, mello, dance bands, 80s music

  • Show quiz
    Show and quiz with extra everything.


LE HYPE, David Eldh

David Eldh is Sweden's best live act on bongos, congas and effect drums. Sweden's only DJ & percussionist, who in a very flexible and seasoned way knows the importance of adapting both song choice and energy to his dance audience. Performances for Sweden's royal family, business and the entertainment industry have been praised. A musical producer and creator who has participated in major productions with Sweden's artistic elite in TV and live stages around the world. A rhythm-based energy injection.

They produce and tailor their performances to your specific needs. In consultation with us, the DJ and live musicians tie together the event's program points and awards in a stylishly energetic way.

We suggest placing a DJ centrally on stage. Throughout the evening, he adds a theme-appropriate soundscape. He radiates joy, pep and energy. with upbeat beats encouraging hand clapping as winners take the stage to receive their prizes.

The artists perform well-known songs that are modernized in beats to raise the mood and praise and cheer the guests. From older hits to the newest dance remixes. We will of course talk to you about choosing music that you like. An interactive form of entertainment that gives energy to both stage and audience.


Brynolf & Ljung Show

Sweden's absolute best magic duo!!

Brynolf & Ljung had his international breakthrough in Britain's Got Talent in front of 11 million viewers. To the Swedish audience, they are known from, among other things, Allsång på Skansen (SVT), Godmorgon Sverige (SVT), Nyhetsmorgon (TV4), the pub show "Oslagbart" (2012) at Hamburger Börs together with Eric Gadd, Andreas Johnsson and Petra Mede as well as the own show "An evening with Brynolf & Ljung" at Södra Teatern (2011-2012) directed by Morgan Alling.


Among international references, assignments as opening act for Penn & Teller at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas (2011), closing act Belfast city festival in front of an audience of 20,000 people (2012) and shows in Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Vienna, Edinburgh, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Paris and London. In 2009 Brynolf & Heather a silver medal in the Wizarding World Championships in Beijing, China.

Together, Peter and Jonas push the limits of what counts as sorcery. Don't expect bunnies and top hats but rather duct tape, graffiti and paintball guns! Humor, music and audience participation are combined at a fast pace with illusions and special effects.


Marcus Frenell

Singer, musician, troubadour, show artist & entertainer! Singing, music, humor, activity, etc. with an entertainment professional. One of the absolute best dinner entertainers!


Marcus Frenell can offer:

  • Welcome music for the pre-drink.

  • Show feature during dinner & the coffee

  • Music competitions, quizzes

  • Sing-along & conference worker job

  • The dance in the evening

  • Fun show element between the courses during a dinner with a lovely closing show for the coffee, always with a lot of humor and feeling!

  • Different themes, artists, arrangements, anything can happen here! Sinatra, Elvis, 70s-80s, 2000s, disco, rock, schlager etc.

  • The shows are adapted to the customer & wishes.

  • Singing, music, activity & humor makes for a lovely evening.



Two or three professional artists offer a wonderful show during dinner.

Mingling music when the guests arrive,
2-3 well-planned stops during dinner and a lovely closing show with the coffee!


Beautiful hits from different decades that you all recognize and can easily follow along with.
Singing, music, humor & activity.


Audience contact and feeling for what the audience wants is a very important part!


Perfect flexible dinner show with male & female artist who gives you everything you want!
Professional, good entertainment from the welcome party to the coffee!


Can also offer a fantastic music competition if desired.


We put together a show that suits your party best, and are happy to help with themes, etc.

Available both for Swedish & international societies.

Ricardo lila.jpg

Ricardo Ausin ”Dinner Comedy”

Imagine the best of stand-up and music, then you have Ricardo Ausin's "DinnerComedy".
Add a "blow" to it, where you trick the whole party right in front of their eyes,
then you have the same "Mole".

One thing is certain, when Ricardo, who is one of Stockholm's best dinner entertainers
manages the entertainment, you can't help but laugh!

An entertainer with incredible breadth and feel for what the audience wants!

Singing, music, lots of humor, activities, etc.

His large repertoire & feeling makes him fit in most contexts.

Two or three shows during the dinner and a real closing show with the coffee!
Alternatively, only a longer show with the coffee if that suits best.
A perfect mix of stand up and music!!!

The mole!!
Why not let Ricardo infiltrate the party as a waiter, new employee, consultant, new manager, etc. to start the evening.

Infiltration can be started already during the day.

Many involuntary bursts of laughter and strange looks before he reveals himself as the evening's entertainer! 

S.O.S (Sound Of Sweden).jpg

S.O.S (Sound Of Sweden)

They met at Wallman's salons in Malmö in 2000 and all have extensive experience in the artist industry. They have worked with Sweden's biggest artists, appeared in TV productions, pub shows and musicals.

Maybe you want to hear lovely Swedish summer songs, mature motown, glittering disco, swinging schlager or tear-jerking musicals?


S.O.S make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy and they really give it their all to create a warm and personal atmosphere together with the audience.

Together with a good sound and light production, this becomes a perfect experience.

Dinner entertainment at its best, quite simply.

made in sweden.jpg

Made in Sweden

These artists bring you a top class, reputable show!
Singing, music and lots of comedy. They are performing for you, in your midst!!!

Made in Sweden - is a show concept that basically celebrates Swedish popular music.

The result is a combination of humour, music and interactivity
very festive and catchy numbers, with an audience that joins the notes!


Don't let the name fool you, they also have international acts as well as other themes such as
Rock, pop, disco, 80s, Queen 90s, etc.


They also do specially written Time Travels, Management group shows, Charter evenings, Körslag, Oktoberfest etc.

Sometimes they have a pianist with them and can also drive to the mingle…


Stage For You

A show with glitter & glamor!
The show group StageForYou is an experienced group of 3 artists who take the guests with them
on a fast-paced, colorful show in the form of various medleys that are guaranteed to raise the mood.

In step with the atmosphere, they offer energetic hits from the 70s until today,
focusing on what the group does best - Disco, ABBA, Schlager and Alcazar.

The repertoire includes lots of lovely music you recognize, exuberant joy, cool beats, costume changes and lots of singing and dancing - both on stage and out in the audience.

StageForYou also:

Discoskolan - A fantastic experience for your whole gang that you will talk about for a long time

Music quiz – A wonderful and fun moment for those who are competitive, which raises the mood considerably.

Get in touch for an unforgettable evening!

We can take an overall approach to the party evening with fancy mingling music for the drink, swinging show for dinner and start the dance with a disco show.


Clas Lundqvist "One man band"

Clas is a 'One man band', Entertainer, troubadour... in short;  Clas delivers the most in music entertainment. You choose for yourself if I will sing and play guitar like a traditional troubadour, or if I will set up a speaker system, stage lights and sound like a whole party band, with background music and everything.

Regardless of whether it concerns dinner entertainment, Pop quiz / Music quiz, Party music, Troubadour or stage show!!

Everything with good energy and the audience in the first room! As one customer put it; Clas is a safe card!

Read more about Clas here >>

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