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Piano and strings

Bar pianists with wide, wonderful repertoires! Old & new classics in a nice vintage. Just piano or maybe with vocals!

Mingle for the welcome drink, background during the dinner, quiet pleasant entertainment after the dinner, everything is adapted to the conditions & wishes.


Ellinor Asp

Ellinor Asp is a singer and multi-instrumentalist with the quality of being able to bring the whole audience with them in a "cheeky" and hearty atmosphere. She engages the guests with joy mixed with poise and makes sitting at dinner a unique experience.
Ellinor sings and plays piano, accordion and bass.

She is known from SVT as the conductor for Ingvar Oldsberg's "Here's Your Life"
She has entertained for the King and Queen and performed at the Annex during gala dinners.


Perfect dinner entertainment from start to finish:
Welcome party with classical music from the grand piano!

Surprising elements during the dinner with sing-alongs, possibly drinking songs, rock'n roll, activity, energy, audience courtship, joy and humor!

The dessert/coffee is Ellinor's Grand Final which starts with a wireless element with accordion and ends in a lovely rock move! Ellinor activates and entertains the audience with 100% energy and professionalism. A full-fledged entertainer who knows how to entertain an audience.

maria kvist quartet.jpg

Maria Kvist band

Jazz, mingling, entertainment music of the highest class.

Lovely feeling and fantastic musicians as well as Maria's beautiful singing make this a safe bet. Nice, stylish, emotional and very good.


Welcome party, cocktail, dinner music, jazz club theme or just bring a very good atmosphere!!

Available as 2,3,4 man bands: Vocals, piano, double bass, sax, guitar, drums.
Repertoire is adapted according to wishes.


Maria Kvist is also available as a solo artist/bar pianist with piano & singing and a large repertoire.


William Baker operasångare tenor

William Baker

Musician, Opera Singer, Tenor, Artist

William has studied at Birkagården folk high school, studied the chamber music program at Mälardalen high school and has a bachelor of arts degree in opera majoring in singing from the Academy of Opera in Stockholm.

Between 2012 – 2014, he played the role of the swan in Folkoperan's hit production of Orff's Carmina Burana, a performance that ended with a grand finale at the Globe.

At Drottningholm Palace Theatre, William played the role of Paolino in Il matrimonio segreto by Cimarosa. William also sang at Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill's wedding reception at Drottningholm Palace during the same playing period, closely followed by a season with Scania Opera where he played Conte Almaviva in Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia.


In the summer of 2016, William returns to Malmö and Scania Opera to play Prince Don Ramiro in Rossini's Cinderella.

Björn Palander pianist.jpg

Björn Palander

Björn Palander is a piano troubadour, bar pianist and mixed pianist from Jönköping.

Creates that little something extra, whether it's for weddings,  mingling, piano bar, conference, party or event. 
Cozy mingling with everything from the American songbook to Elton John or sing-alongs around the piano with Schlager-Queen-ABBA-Bon Jovi.

Can also make the mingle completely instrumental, or with backtrack bass/drums for more dance-friendly, or as a duo with Lillemor, a little more Jazz/visa/soul.

Grand piano shells are available for rent that blend in with any environment or for a nice hanging around the piano.

Adapts to most genres.

Long experience as a musician. Played with cover band, big band, revue, theater, choir and pub show.
Companion various artists. Played at numerous companies/weddings in the last 25 years

Own sound and keyboard are always included if it is not available on site

Madeleine Hilleard opera.jpg

Madeleine Hilleard (opera)

Madeleine Hilleard is the super talented Talent winner who took everyone by storm!

Madeleine has been singing for as long as she can remember and started in music class at Adolf Fredrik's music classes.

Now she attends advanced training in classical music at Södra Latin and works on the side.

In 2018, she won Talent in TV4, aged 15
with opera and classical pop and has since sung both opera and musicals and other music on large as well as smaller stages. For example City Hall, Berns, Archipelago, Operaterassen, Malmö Live, Solliden, Skara Stadshotell, Haninge city hall and Vällingby square etc.


Madeleine can be booked both solo or with pianist and orchestra.


CK Duo

CK-duo is a coordinated, fine-tuned piano/vocal duo with Stockholm as their home base.

They are i.a. educated at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and have played together regularly for around 15 years, mainly as a duo, but also in larger ensembles.

CK Duo mainly plays as a duo, but also in larger ensembles. Trio, Quartet and also very good party band!

This has resulted in a wide repertoire of songs for different types
of events and moods. Here mainly pop and jazz, but also soul / RMB and country music as well as Swedish songs / folk songs, as well as classical music if desired.


Julia och Claudia

Great entertainment in French, English or Swedish!
Mingling, themed parties, concert performance.


Claudia and Julia Jonas have composed music together throughout their childhood.
Both born in Cape Town, South Africa to a Belgian mother and South African father.
The duo then grew up in Stockholm and often draw from their great cultural heritage when they create their own music and put a gentle touch of their own in all recreations of well-known songs.

The sisters present perform and compose both as a duo and also as solo artists in a range of contexts and locations around the world.

When the Jonas sisters entertain, they never limit themselves to any type of function, event, genre of music or even language for that matter with the two speaking fluently; English, French and Swedish.

rosa kvartetten.jpg

The Pink Quartet

Rosa Kvartetten is a broad string quartet that plays everything from classical music to pop and rock. They have, among other things, have been seen playing Metallica songs at the Polar award ceremony, been invited artists with their own music at the festival Urkult, played in Nyhetsmorgon, shared the stage with Icona Pop and Silvana Imam.


Among the references of companies that hired the Rosa Kvartetten can be mentioned Spotify, SAS, Paradox Interactive and the Riksbank. The great width of the Pink Quartet makes them unique. You can book the Rosa Kvartetten for everything from the festive ball at City Hall to the party where you want a show with strings and backing tracks, the rock festival or the small intimate acoustic gig.


Stråk Kapellet

A "pool" of string musicians with high competence and genre breadth.
We tailor solo elements, duet, trio, string quartet or orchestra according to your needs and wishes.
We offer everything from mingling music and show numbers to concert performances in various genres.


After many years of freelancing, we, Malin-My Wall and Victoria Lundell, decided
us to start a "stroke pool". We had worked in different quartet constellations
but felt it was time to think bigger!


In the String Chapel, we have gathered talented musicians that we enjoy working with, and can thereby offer string quartet as well as duet or other desired setting.

We have played with artists such as Brian Wilson, Chris Medina, Veronica Maggio,

Lars Winnerbäck, Miss Li, Europe, Mikael Wiehe, Darin and others.


Anna Landström

Are you looking for a versatile, professional artist who delivers with soul and heart -
then you have found exactly the right place!

You can hire Anna for the piano bar, the holiday, the company event, the industry dinner, the glamor party, the beach party, the wedding... or why not brighten up a gray annual meeting?
At the Grand Hotel Stockholm, Anna regularly entertains as a bar pianist in the Cadierbaren.

Should you hire a party band? Anna plays together with the awesome girl band Svea,
as, among other things, fellow artists such as Martin Rolinski (BWO) and Linda Bengtzing.

Are you in need of an accompanist? Anna is extremely responsive and compliant and likes to sleep
one more vote. Has, among other things, been out and accompanied Thomas Andersson Wij,
Andreas Weise and others on various assignments.

Has also collaborated with Sarah Dawn Finer, Samuel Ljungbladh, Anders Lundin,
Nanne Grönvall and Lars-Åke "Babsan" Wilhelmsson. She also often plays and sings together with the singer Ulrika Zettersten or the entertainer Chris Lindh!


Stockholm Monroes

Stockholm Monroes is basically a first-class jazz band with a focus on
corporate events, weddings and social gatherings.
3-5 artists as needed & wishes.

Are you planning a birthday dinner?

Are you going to celebrate something special at the office?

Do you want to invite your neighbors to this year's garden party?

We are Stockholm's swingiest jazz band and our mission is to give you the best experience you can get.

And we mean it! We help you take the party to the next level and offer the guests something unique and unforgettable.
If you want, we can tailor our music and arrangement completely according to your thoughts and wishes.
It can mean anything from traditional jazz to film music or modern pop songs in jazz format.

From start to finish, we manage the music and do what we do best, so you can relax and enjoy the party.

ck duo.jpg

CK Duo

CK Duo is a concerted, professional piano/vocal duo from Stockholm,
who have been playing together regularly for several years, mainly as a duo, but also in larger ensembles. Trio, Quartet and also very good party band!


This has resulted in a wide repertoire of songs for different types of events and moods. Here mainly pop and jazz, but also soul / RMB and country music as well as Swedish songs / folk songs, as well as classical music if desired.

Everything is performed with their own personal touch and style by two fantastic musicians with solid training and feeling!


CK Duo can also offer you a larger constellation of musicians, by adding e.g. bass, drums and/or guitar (or other instruments) for Duo.

  • Duo

  • Trio

  • Quartet

  • Party band


Stockholm Strings

Your perfect choice if you need string musicians for any occasion, big or small.
Stockholm Strings is run by Anna Dager and Hanna Ekström.


We are basically two string musicians and work so that we bring in the right colleagues for the right gigs. So quite simply you can get from a duo to a large string ensemble depending on what you are after.
Most things can be solved and we will help you fix it!

We design programs according to the customers' wishes, offering programs with everything from string duo / string quartet or other settings such as a larger string section and wind section as needed.

We have a very wide network of contacts in the music industry and can arrange professional musicians
of all kinds for varied assignments.


A much-appreciated feature at events / parties is our program of pop songs arranged for string quartet.
This can be performed as a mingling, shorter elements during dinner or as a combination of these.


Cilla Hector

Cilla Hector, an experienced singer & bar pianist who tours Sweden full-time!
Long professional career since 24 years.

She is frequently hired for conferences, company parties and plays regularly
as one of the pianists at the Grand Hotell in the Cardierbaren & on Birka Cruises i.a.
Also private events such as weddings, baptisms or other celebrations.

Cilla has also been sitting in the Swedish Event Academy for a number of years on chair #14 (together with ex Robert Wells & Janne Schaffer).

She has built a large reporters with enormous breadth that fits everything & everyone.
She loves to perform all kinds of songs from all kinds of genres and eras in her own style.

Frank Sinatra , Nat King Cole , Beatles , ABBA , Maroon5, Adele , Rihanna , Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen , Laleh , Elton John & Kent - nothing is impossible!


Perfect for the welcome party, the cocktail party, the dinner music or just to get a great atmosphere!

A real thoroughbred professional 🙂


Marika Willstedt

A fun entertaining activity with singing & music!

The music cross is like a melody cross - but live. It's about: an hour of light crossword competition, where you help your team to victory by listening and figuring things out. What was that artist's name anyway? And who wrote that song? etc.

The music cross is suitable for groups of up to 40-50 people and is available in different degrees of difficulty and with different types of music, depending on the customer & wishes.

emil piano.jpg

Emil Landström

Emil is one of Sweden's most employed and seasoned artists/musicians we have in this long country.


He is today 32 years old and has managed to perform around all corners of the world.
Emil is a man who masters many instruments, but it is as a singer and pianist that he has worked the most to spread music and joy.


Has worked as an entertainer on many Swedish and Finnish boats that sail across the Baltic Sea.

He has also worked as a pianist and conductor for 1.5 years on cruise ships between Hamburg, New York, the Caribbean, etc.

Emil has been hired by many companies around Scandinavia for kickoffers, fairs and other corporate events.


Emil Landström is a versatile, widely experienced artist who can always adapt his performances to the audience & wishes.

Always a great atmosphere!


Miriam (harp)

Miriam is a harpist based in Stockholm.
If you are looking for a harpist for a party, wedding, funeral, baptism, conference, mingling or other event, she will gladly come and play!

She freelances around Sweden in various contexts; I have done solo performances, chamber music and large orchestral productions.

Her specialist area is classical music, or art music,
which also includes completely newly written music. But have also played some other genres,  for example pop and jazz. 

In addition to Sweden, she has also played in Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Poland, Germany and the USA.

She is active in the entire Stockholm area and neighboring counties and in some cases can travel to other parts of the country.

She freelances as a solo, ensemble and orchestral musician and has played with, among others, Malmö Opera, Helsingborgs Symphony Orchestra, Musica Vitae and Teater Solaris. She is educated at the Academy of Music in Malmö.

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