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Showers & meet and greet for children with characters such as Bing, Shaun the Sheep, the Moomintroll and Paddington to timeless Swedish classics such as Lilla Spöket Laban and Mamma Mu & The crow. Stage shows and mini discos for example. festivals, family days and shopping centers etc.

Bing & flopp.jpg

Bing & Flopp

In the series "Bing", we follow the cute preschool rabbit and how he experiences the world around him. The series uses small everyday events to show how Bing learns new ways to deal with different situations with the help of his buddy, Flopp, and other friends. The series is shown every day on SVT Barnkanalen, on SVT Play and on Bing's own Swedish YouTube channel and has quickly become a favorite with families with children throughout the country! 

We can offer both Meet & Greet and mini disco with Bing & Flop.

Mamma Mu & kråkan.jpg

Mamma Mu & Kråkan

Who are we? Yes, it's probably me in the first place, the Crow would say. It's me... and so... well, okay, Mamma Mu then. It's us...but mostly me, the Crow. And the others. And I".

It is Mamma Mu and the Crow, two individuals with strong personalities, but also an inseparable couple. In the last ten years there have been more books from Jujja Wieslander, a feature film has been produced, several computer games, lately apps of course and much more. There are plays with Mamma Mu and the Crow in several places in this country, in Finland and Germany. And the two friends have flown far and wide. Today, the books about Mamma Mu and the Crow have been translated into more than thirty languages.

Mother Mu & The crow can be booked either as Meet & Greet or with "Mamma Mus Musikäventyr", a mini-show where the children can sing and dance to "Veckovisan", "Vipp på rumpan affärn" and other classic songs from the series.



2011 saw the return of the Smurfs to the silver screen and since then no one has missed the impact these quirky blue creatures have had on the world stage. In 2017, the Smurfs were back in cinemas in their latest fully animated blockbuster "The Smurfs: The Lost Village". The fun continues in 2021 – The Smurfs like to play sports and this year's postponed European Football Championship and Olympic Games are no exception! Can you score on Old Smurf?

We can offer both Meet & Greet and mini disco includedThe Smurfs.


Additional activities

Additional activities are available to complement our Meet & Greet event. These are simple activities that are fun for kids but require less space than our ready-made event packages (or no space at all in some cases). We offer e.g. face painting, balloon figures, point walks & treasure hunts (which can for example be completed in the toy shop and combined with toy promotions to increase sales), a whole range of craft activities (make your own pearl necklaces, your own playdough figures, tissue paper flowers for mum on Mother's Day), coloring and many more. We also have a photo activity where the children can take home a picture together with the figures, and of course all our additional activities can be connected with social media competitions.


The Moomintroll

Do you know Moomin? He is a kind Moomintroll who is very interested in everything that happens around him. There are so many exciting things for him to explore and he especially enjoys collecting rocks and shells. Moomin loves the sea, just like everyone in the Moomin family. Most of all in the world, the Moomintroll loves his mother and family. 

We can offer both Meet & Greet as well as the mini-show “Moomin, My & the sea”. The characters Moomin, Miss Snork, Little My, Moominmamma & Moominpapa can be booked with us. Moomin Characters also has a solid merchandise department, which means that we can also offer fine Moomin products in connection with our activities - either as giveaways for the children, or as a prize in a competition. 



In Christmas 2015, Paddington stepped onto the big screen again after many years in the shadows and delivered one of the most critically acclaimed children's films of modern times. Over 300,000 saw the film in Sweden alone. At the box office internationally, the film took $270 million.


It won the BAFTA statue for Best Children's Film… the film took Britain's most popular and beloved bear to new heights and in 2017 it was time for the sequel, this time starring none other than Hugh Grant. 

We can offer both Meet & Greet and mini disco with Paddington.

Pelle svanslös.jpg

Pelle Svanslös & Maja Gräddnos

A Swedish classic! Pelle Svanslös is finally back and with a message. It was in 1939 that the first book about Pelle Svanslös came out and Gösta Knutsson's beloved cats from Uppsala were relaunched in connection with the 75th anniversary in 2014 with a whole series of new stories and books. 

We can offer both Meet & Greet and mini disco with Pelle Svanslös & Maya

Hemligheten till jultomten

Seasonal events

We also offer tailor-made events during all the holidays of the year where all the licensed characters can kindly stand by.

  • Christmas entertainment with Santas, gingerbread decorating and Christmas tree decorations

  • Halloween event with pumpkins, steaming kettles and scary competitions.

  • Easter event with witches, egg craft and face painting; school start pack with word hunts & giveaways. 

  • We adapt the arrangement to your frames and surfaces and ensure that the children take home a wonderful and positive experience. And of course the figures can join in the fun if desired!

Lilla Spöket Laban.jpg

Lilla Spöket Laban

Little Ghost Laban is a nice little ghost who lives in the royal castle Gomorronsol with his little sister Labolina, mother Ghost & Dad Ghost. Laban dreams of becoming exactly like his big, scary father, but he's afraid of ghosts and he doesn't like the darkness of Gomorronsol Castle. However, he is a very kind and helpful ghost!

Ghost Laban's Ghost Hunt"

Ghost Laban has hidden several pictures of the world's finest ghost (himself) around the mall. Find the pictures, solve the riddle and win great prizes!

Lilla Spöket Laban can also be ordered together with Lilla Anna or Long Uncle as a companion at our events.

Biet Maya.jpg

Biet Maya

Although she is perceived as a modern figure, Beet Maja was created as early as 1912 and the series based on her adventures was launched with great success in Europe in the late 70s. 130 episodes of the new series have been broadcast on Barnkanalen on SVT since 2014 and Maja is now well established and popular with Swedish families with children. Who is Maja? She is not like all other bees – she does not live in a hive. The meadow is her home and the place where she experiences all her adventures with her unusual friends - and her bestie Willy, who despite being a bee is actually a real lazy worm.


“Farming with Maya”

The children learn to plant seeds together with Maya. All children who participate take home their budding plant, neatly packaged in a specially designed Beet Maya presentation box. We bring everything needed – pots & seeds, table & soil!

Maja can also be booked for meet and greet and mini disco.



Created by The Jim Henson Company, the company behind the Muppets, Dino is a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex adopted by the Pteranodon family of flying lizards. He looks a little different from the other dinosaurs but they still like him. Together they ride the dinosaur train through jungles, swamps, volcanoes, lakes, oceans and even time tunnels. At each station along the journey, Dino gets to know more prehistoric animals from different eras. The series has been shown for many years in Bolibompa on SVT. Probably our most colorful figure!

We can offer both Meet & Greet and mini disco with the Dinosaur train.

Fåret Shuan.jpg

Shaun the sheep

Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated television series about a sheep and his crazy adventures around a small farm as the leader of his flock. The series is aimed at both adults and children and is therefore suitable for our activities for families with children.


Shaun can be booked either as Meet & Greet or together with the activity "Shaun's Championsheeps".



Children & parents compete in branches such as "Throw the Pig", "Feed the Farm Animals" and "Tower Building". A fun activity for the whole family, works both in- & outside. Perfect as a summer event in connection with this year's Olympics in Tokyo!

Angry Birds.jpg

Angry Birds

December 11, 2009: the rise of anger as we know it. That day Angry Birds was freely released in the AppStore and the world hasn't been the same since. 


Angry Birds is by far the most downloaded and played mobile game in world history and no one has missed the advance of the Finnish birds! Not only on the mobile screen - merchandising in the form of clothes, toys and much more has filled the store shelves year after year, an own TV channel, the hit film "The Angry Birds Movie" premiered in 2016, the sequel "The Angry Birds Movie 2" came in 2019, and in 2021 we continue our collaboration with Rovio Entertainment and the main character "Red".


Red can be booked either as Meet & Greet, or in our fun "Hit the Piggies" activity. We create an IRL version of the Angry Birds game at your event. The kids throw Angry Birds stuffed animals and try to push the evil pigs down from their wooden crates!  


Easter crafts & egg hunt

Easter crafts can be booked with any figure, with our nice Easter bunny (pictured above) or only craft activities.


The children make Easter cards & other Easter decorations before we send them off on the "Easter Egg Hunt" - a fun treasure hunt where FIVE lucky children win a candy-filled Easter egg!

Lekfullt barn

Children's figures

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