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Transport from point A to B.

Buses, boats, limousines, helicopters, airplanes taxis, special cars & train.



Bus to and from the event. Or why not have the conference on the bus? We cooperate with several different bus companies throughout Sweden. All with very high class and good prices.



Helicopter to the conference and meeting is an appreciated feature. Experience a helicopter ride with amazing views as we ascend and the breathtaking freedom as we land in the archipelago. An exciting experience that you won't soon forget!


Sea flight

With the seaplane, you can experience the archipelago from above. We make transport an experience. It is with pleasure that we take you to the conference or meeting.

MS prins carl philip.webp

Boat transport

Transport to parties or meetings in the archipelago & Mälaren. We have lots of boats for mingling, transport or dinner cruises.


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RIB Archipelago Race.jpg


Fly across the water at 50 knots with a rib boat! Treat yourself to something extra and take a rib charter out to the archipelago.

Folk inuti taxi


Taxi is the given mode of transport if there are not that many of you. We help book the taxi where you are going.

Hyr ett charter flygplan.jpg

Rent/charter your own airplane

Chartering your own aircraft is a special experience where you get a nice feeling of control and exclusivity. We adapt to your desired travel times, destinations, meals, comfort level and to some extent also price level. You decide!



Instead of a bus or car, there is the opportunity to kick off a conference, workshop or meeting with an engaging sailing class! This can be the ultimate start for an energetic and inspiring meeting while you "kill two birds with one stone"!


Special cars

Rent SUVs, Vans, VIP Vans, Sports cars, Minivans, Pickups, Cars / Station wagons, Special cars, Retro cars with own driver.

vit Limousine


Travel in style to weddings, business meetings and other solemn occasions. Limousines in all sizes.


Ride a battleship

Make transportation an experience. A prototype for Stridsbåt 90 with high power and low weight in combination with a water jet gives the battleship an extraordinary maneuverability and performance.


Tuff-tuff train

Let the visitors have a train ride or why not a guided tour? This is a mini-train, which can travel on public roads with two carriages and room for at least 16 people.

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