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Kaffe och spel

Christmas activities

It´s nice to combine the Christmas dinner with a joint activity! We have lots of fun and creative options for group activities, below is just a selection. Welcome to contact us for suggestions for Christmas activities.


The Christmas building

If you want a cozy, pleasant and prestige-free moment in the company of good friends, then the creation of gingerbread houses is the obvious choice! Here, teams create their own real gingerbread houses with nonstop decoration, icing, cotton and marzipan pigs. Together we create the genuine Christmas feeling with Christmas music, gingerbread cookies and a large dose of creativity and imagination. An indoor activity that everyone can participate in and that suits everyone at the company, both young and old!

Time to complete the activity: 1.5 hours

Number of participants: 8-100 participants


Santas workshop

Santa's workshop is for everyone who loves Christmas crafts, but where there can be a competitive content.


With the help of all the secrets of Christmas, we will try to put the participants on the slippery slope. Each team receives a woven Christmas basket, and as a team they must now solve a number of questions and challenges, all with a Christmas theme. Here finesse, creativity and cooperation in the group are required to solve all the secrets of Christmas.


A fun and cozy indoor activity in the spirit of Christmas is what the participants have to look forward to! The winners get a nice trophy to show off!


Clothing: The activity is carried out indoors

Time required: The activity lasts for 1.5 hours

Number of participants: From 6 - 180 people.

isskulptering (2).jpg

Christmas sculpting from ice

Christmas ice sculpture - a lovely outdoor activity before the Christmas table!
A creative and relaxed activity that is an excellent start to the Christmas celebration. After completing the activity, you have the opportunity to enjoy your sculptures until they eventually melt....

By law, the participants must create a Christmas sculpture from a block of ice.

The conditions are the same for all teams; 1 ice block and identical tools.

Time required: 1.5 hours
Number of participants: Unlimited

Christmas Tables

Chritmas quiz

How much do you know about Christmas?

This Christmas quiz contains lots of exciting, fun and interesting questions and challenges. The questions and challenges take you around the world and make an impact in different joys from near and far.

How many times has the yuletide in Gävle really burned down, why do some people drag horse skulls to Christmas and who really is Zwarte Piet???
If you don't already know this, you get the chance to learn it….and much more during this Christmas quiz!

With an iPad (or your own smartphone) you can easily complete this Christmas quiz how, when and wherever……like a break in the conference, at the Christmas party, during coffee or perhaps in connection with the Christmas table.

Time required: 1 hour
Number of participants: Unlimited


Christmas rusch

With "Roll the nut", "Build the foam Santa" and 10 other Christmas-inspiring challenges, we make it a little extra fun for 1 hour. We divide you into teams and then you choose your own Santa who will face the other teams' elves in fun challenges.


Clothing: The activity is carried out indoors

Time required: The activity lasts for approx. 75 minutes Number of participants: From 4 - 80 people

Ugly Sweater Escape.webp

Ugly Sweater Escape

You are a group of players who have been locked in a room
It's cold, it's getting colder and colder all the time….
But you have at least 6 ugly Christmas sweaters….that are locked.
Unlock the sweaters to get a little warmer and be able to escape from this cold room.
Beware, there is a limited supply of Ugly Christmas Sweaters….will they be enough to keep you warm until you manage to get out?


  • This is a Christmas game.

  • You need to be 2 - 6 devices/game (1 device = 1 smart or tablet).

  • All must start at the same time.

  • The game ends for everyone as soon as 1 unit reaches 1 hour of playing time.

  • The game is suitable for all types of groups and cultures.

  • Play with your colleagues, family, friends, etc…

  • The game is conducted in ENGLISH!

Time required: maximum 60 minutes
Number of participants: unlimited
Location: optional (players can be in different locations and still play together)

Image by Fabrice Villard

Murder night prevails - a Christmas murder mystery

Santa has invited everyone - even the servants - to the party.
Tonight he wants all intrigues and quarrels to be swept under the rug. But the party doesn't go exactly as Santa intended. It ends in evil sudden death...

This murder mystery fits perfectly at the company's Christmas party with a cozy Christmas table as an accessory.
The murder mystery contains drama, suspense and humor with a clever solution that requires thought.

The party already starts about 1 week before the actual party night when the participants get their roles.
Let your friends and colleagues step into the role of Santa Claus, elf, butler, accountant, stable manager, housewife and experience this crazy event together.
Who is the killer? Is it you?


Time spent: from pre-drink to coffee
Number of participants: 15-60p

Image by Stephan H.

iChristmas hunt

Just as it sounds, this is a fast-paced Christmas gift hunt where you must legally try to solve as many Christmas-related tasks as possible. But time is short and the tasks many. Nothing can be taken for granted here, but it is important that everyone in the team brings out their sharpest competition (reindeer) horns to have a chance to take home the 1st prize.


The activity is carried out indoors, local costs may apply.


Clothing: The activity is carried out outdoors = clothing according to the weather


Time required: The activity takes 1.5 - 2 hours


Number of participants: From 10 - unlimited number

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