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Grill catering

Grill catering in Örebro County and Stockholm (other cities on request)

Are you going to have a party and want your own grill chef - then you've come to the right place. Fully grilled pig/lamb/wild boar or a lovely barbecue buffet. The prices include: the grill chef, grill, coal, the ingredients, buffet table, serving platter and tent for the grill if necessary. Travel costs are added. At least 25 people. If you are under 25 people, you pay SEK 170 excl. VAT (SEK 190 incl. VAT) extra per person up to 25. If you have someone in the party who is veg/vegan/pescetarian, we will sort it out.Click here to see what is on offer for the 'non-meat eating' guests.

Here's how it can go:

The staff will come to you approximately one to three hours before the party starts and install themselves on site. They have at least one staff member on hand to replenish the buffet table and make sure everything looks fresh while you eat and a chef who looks after the grill.

You mingle and socialize with your guests while the staff prepares the buffet table and the grill. When it's time to eat, you start by serving yourself from the dishes laid out on the buffet table and then go to us grillers to get freshly grilled dishes directly from the grill chef. 

Accessories potatoes

A potato dish is included in the above buffets. If an additional potato is desired, SEK 34/person excl. VAT will be added (SEK 38/person incl. VAT)

Accessories sauce

A sauce is included in the above buffets. If an additional sauce is desired, SEK 29/person excl. VAT will be added (SEK 32/person incl. VAT)

"Non Carnivorous" Options

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