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Duo's & two-man band

A really good band guarantees an unforgettable birthday party, wedding or company party. We have bands for all different occasions and in different sizes.

We have collected the best party bands and help you find the right live band to suit your budget. Disco, pop, rock, ballads, yes our bands play it all!

Golden voices.jpg

Golden Voices Sweden

The troubadour duo that delivers the music you want to hear at your event.

2 Damn Right is the troubadour duo from Stockholm who deliver everything from current hits to songs that evoke the most nostalgic of emotions.

Here we are now giving YOU the chance to book us for your event and let us create magic for the evening.

Wide mixed repertoire, adapts to requests, new & old.


Lisa & Elias

The troubadour duo that delivers the music you want to hear at your event.

2 Damn Right is the troubadour duo from Stockholm who deliver everything from current hits to songs that evoke the most nostalgic of emotions.

Here we are now giving YOU the chance to book us for your event and let us create magic for the evening.

Wide mixed repertoire, adapts to requests, new & old.



All night with Wiseguys

Roger & Magnus or Wiseguys are two hard working guys who really don't give up until all the guests have a great time.

Wiseguys originated in Enköping and has entertained around Sweden for over 20 years.

During these years, they have worked out an all-evening concept, partly with their appreciated music competition for dinner and partly as a fast-paced party band for the party.

The band has a wide repertoire and plays everything from schlager to rock, new and old to make the evening memorable and everyone gets what they want.

Full evening, only party/dance or tailor-made, everything is possible.


CK Duo

CK Duo is a concerted, professional piano/vocal duo from Stockholm who have been playing together regularly for several years, mainly as a duo, but also in larger ensembles. Trio, Quartet and also very good party bands.

This has resulted in a wide repertoire of songs for different types of events and moods. Here mainly pop and jazz are accommodated,
but also soul / RMB and country music as well as Swedish songs/folk songs,
as well as classical music if desired.

The foundation consists of Karin and Carl singing/piano, but can be expanded to, for example. 



A party duo that has it all. A good singer and guitarist with backgrounds that sound like a full band.

Experience & wide repertoire that suits everyone! Consists of two members from the cover band Broberg Band, which belongs to one of Stockholm's best party bands.


Super duo  can offer:

  • Mingling music when the guests arrive.

  • Help with sing-along & atmosphere during dinner.

  • Fun music competition for coffee.

  • Party & dance afterwards.

Wide repertoire, fantastic audience contact, repertoire that adapts to audience & wishes. The Superduo has what you need!


Granberg Combo

Troubadour, duo, trio, band. You choose.

A very experienced established troubadour/entertainer who can do most things who also works a bit as a piano entertainer.
So in addition to the typical guitar songs, you can get a bit of piano repertoire if you want.
Brings his experienced colleagues and offers 1-5 man bands.

A very good singer and musician but his main strength is audience contact.
So a good atmosphere in the audience is guaranteed.

References abound. Can also offer a music quiz if desired.

Has worked as a quiz host at Birka Paradise and O'learys for several years.

Mingling, party, quiz, sing-along, atmosphere, etc.


Trubbel duo.jpg

Trubbel Duo

Trubbel Duo, a real troubadour duo who have been active for almost 20 years.
The duo consists of Per Hilmersson & Boss Heldenius. Their happy & professional approach to get the audience going has given an incredibly positive response.

Both guys sing & playing guitar as well as increasing the pressure sometimes with foot controlled drums!!

Wide repertoire with sing-alongs

Both classic and more modern.

Songs from the 50s-2000s.
Slow or full speed.
Responsive to the audience's wishes!
A nice touch to a nice evening.


Trubbel Duo is happy to help with different themed evenings with clothes, musical chairs, etc.
Open cooperative guys who do EVERYTHING
for you to have a pleasant evening.

Guaranteed 100% entertainment.

maria kvist quartet.jpg

Maria Kvist band

Jazz, mingling, entertainment music of the highest class. 

Lovely feeling and fantastic musicians as well as Maria's beautiful singing make this a safe bet. Stylish, stylish, emotional and very good. 

Welcome party, cocktail, dinner music, jazz club theme or just create a very good atmosphere.

Available as 2, 3, 4-man bands: Vocals, piano, double bass, sax, guitar, drums.

Repertoire is adapted according to wishes.

Maria Kvist is also available as a solo artist/

bar pianist with piano & singing and a large repertoire. 



Smokingduon was formed in 2012 and has since entertained with their fantastic entertainment concept that includes everything from:

  • Mingling entertainment at the pre-drink

  • Conferences and moderator at galas, inaugurations and anniversary parties

  • Light dinner entertainment (short stops during a dinner)

  • Dance party music

  • They have a very wide repertoire that can start with a languid Viennese waltz and then continue with songs from Van Morrison, Sam Coke, Elvis, Avici, Rolandz, Black eyed peas, Earth wind and fire, Magnus Uggla, GES, Gyllene tider, Abba , Kiss et al.

Mia och Sophie.jpg

Mia & Sophie

Undoubtedly, the girls master every event with their incredible ability to feel the pulse of the audience. With their clear voices, swinging guitar playing and the enormous enthusiasm to share, they make listeners just want to hear more.

The duo, who have known each other since their teens, play everything from stylish ballads and Swedish songs for sing-alongs and rocking roj!


Mia Löfgren song
Sophia Conte-guitar/vocals


Among other things, the diligently employed girls have had the honor of entertaining
The Crown Princess' roof party for Haga Castle.

Mia and Sophie are active within the Defense Field Artists and have been out on assignments in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Lebanon & Liberia.

Mia is also known as, among other things, the lead character in "Rednex" (1998-2001)
and also appeared in the popular TV series "Fame Factory" (2003) where she made it to the final.

Bergman Duo.jpg

Bergman duo

Entertainment professionals at your fingertips
led by experienced artist Christer Bergman.

A duo consisting of artists who have played with most of the Swedish musical elite.

Responsive and fantastic at getting a dance floor going.


Guitars, vocals & full backgrounds make them sound like a full band.

They can offer:

  • Wide mixed repertoire that is always adapted to the audience & wishes

  • From the 60s to today's hits.

  • Mingling, dinner element to a full dance party afterwards.

  • Here you can choose what is needed.

  • Full evening from start to finish or only selected parts.


Nina Bring duo

Nina is a young yet experienced artist who has already accomplished a lot in her career.
Educated at, among others: Rytmus, Dreamhill, Musikmakarna, etc.

She has participated in many live performances in various constellations and toured with Laleh as a choir singer on the summer tour in 2019. Nina went to the final as one of only eight people in Sweden's biggest talent competition P4-Nästa. 

Professional Musician, Singer & songwriter who entertains at all kinds of events.

Nina brings along very talented fellow musicians as accompaniment, which makes this an experience for any gathering.


Nästan två!

Two professional musicians who with total sensitivity for the evening. Danne Machmar & Richard Broberg. They play classic hits and the best songs from the 60s to the 2000s, pop, rock, schlager, disco and dance etc. With a sense for song selection and the people's wishes!

Sounds like a whole band. No mission has so far been impossible for them.


They costumize each gig together with the organizer for the best results. They grow with the party from sing-alongs, competitions, to crazy parties!. With dance-friendly music, mingling or background music, we always deliver our best regardless of tone! 

Can also finish as a DJ if desired.


Björn Bertilsson and Chris Lind

Björn and Chris have a long and solid past in the music industry/showbiz.

The arrangement is two guitars and two world-class voices. 
They play music and joke in a blissful mix, mingling, troubadours, comp artists, music competitions, etc.

They stick their chin out and say "it doesn't get much better than this".

No event is too big or too small for them.


Two guitars and some vocals...does it work?

Yes, if you have done it for 30 years and know what not to do, then YES.

Both of these guys are in the band BBZ (see You Tube clip below).

StarCase duo.jpg


Two or three professional artists offer a wonderful show during dinner.


Mingling music when the guests arrive,
2-3 well-planned stops during dinner and a lovely closing show with the coffee!
Beautiful hits from different decades that you all recognize and can easily follow along with.

Singing, music, humor & activity.
Audience contact and feeling for what the audience wants is a very important part!

Perfect flexible dinner show with male & female artist who gives you everything you want!


Professional, good entertainment from the welcome party to the coffee!
Can also offer a fantastic music competition if desired. We put together a show that suits your party best, and are happy to help with themes, etc.

Available both for Swedish & international societies.



A lovely accordion player that entertains on a boat, archipelago party, French evening or other fun arrangement where this fits in.


Mingling, entertainment, sing-along & atmosphere. Accordion troubadour solo or perhaps a duo or trio, entirely according to wishes and arrangements.


Accordion players such as Conny Östlund, 

Fredrik Åberg,  Åsa Arvidsson or

Archipelago duo or trio.


Here there are all possibilities with experienced talented artists.


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