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Food & drinking


Activities in the area of food & drink is popular. How about Smakduellen wine tasting, cooking with a chef or a pasta course as the next team building activity? Here we offer good and pleasant activities!


The taste duel (Stockholm)

Taste and smell belong together. They cooperate and reinforce each other in a way that is often not thought of. The taste duel is a team competition where you are put to the test in both taste and smell.


Examples of competition moments:

  1. Wine - Participants are blindfolded and must guess whether the wine is red or white.

  2. Beer  - Alcohol-free or alcohol?

  3. The spice jar - Here you will smell the right spices.

  4. Chocolate - Guess the cocoa content of three different types of chocolate.

  5. Potato or apple - With a blindfold and a nose clip, you have to guess what it is.

  6. Cheeses – 4 different kinds of cheeses. Which cheese goes with which name?

  7. Guess the variety  - Gin, Rum, Whisky, Jäger, Campari must be distinguished.

  8. Cola -Coca Cola or Pepsi?

  9. Coffee – Dark roast or light roast?

Ölvandring Stockholm.jpeg

Beer tour  (Sthlm)

Our beer taster offers two different beer tours in Stockholm. He is a Stockholm guide, his special interest is Stockholm's beer history.

Södermalm Craft Beer Tour:

On the Södermalm Craft Beer Tour, you get to follow a beer judge and guide on a journey through both time and space through Stockholm's most pub-dense area, where you visit the world's first folk beer pub, see ancient breweries and drink good craft beer while you learn about the history of beer. 

Stockholm Craft Beer Tour:

 On our beer tour, Stockholm Craft Beer Tour, you visit three of them to taste bira, talk about berries and go through the history of beer. 

al dente.jpg

Cook Italian food

Come with your colleagues to us at Al Dente and learn to cook Italian food from scratch in our rustic and homely kitchens. Together you cook a buffet of Italian dishes, you make your own salsiccia sausage, bake fresh pasta and make homemade gelato! After good recommendations from us, we tailor a menu and activity for just your group.

Welcome to Italy in the heart of Stockholm!


Try cheeses

Enjoying cheeses from different corners of the huge cheese world is unbeatable.

You try both hard and soft cheeses, goat cheese, kit cheese and mold cheese.
Let yourself be surprised and fascinated by the different characters and all the nuances of taste... maybe you will find a completely new favorite cheese!

Gröna grönsaker

Cook together

Challenge the colleagues in a wonderfully relaxed and different cooking competition....or just a relaxed and different cooking time together if you don't feel like competing.

If you choose the competition option, all teams receive identical ingredients, kitchen equipment and accessories.
Our absolute judge judges, tastes and finally decides which team will take home the title; Tonight's Best Chefs

If you choose not to compete, the whole group has all the ingredients at their disposal together and must jointly come up with a wonderful menu.
When the menu is determined, the group starts the actual cooking (preferably divided into starter, main course and dessert groups) to finally sit down together and enjoy their fantastic creations.

blanda drinkar

Mix drinks

Learn how to mix drinks like a pro!
Our bartender guides you and lets you scratch the surface of the basics of bartending; mixing techniques, spirits knowledge and drink history.
Together you try shaking, mixing, muddling and stirring different kinds of drinks, and as the crowning glory, of course you taste the results before the evening is over.
A relaxed activity that fits perfectly both before and after dinner.

If you would rather have a classic drink tasting, we of course also arrange that

type of drinking activities:


  • Beer tasting

  • Wine tasting

  • Rum tasting

  • Whiskey tasting

  • Port wine tasting wing

  • Own wish

Image by Hanna Stolt

Try licorice

The black gold, the new chocolate….licorice.

You try about 10 different varieties of licorice; raw licorice, licorice root, sweet licorice, salty licorice and flavored licorice.
The tasting includes fun anecdotes, history and production process.

An eye opener to the fantastic world of licorice!

Matlagning över Campfire

The appetizer

Few activities create such togetherness and a pleasant atmosphere as when cooking together. The appetizer is the activity where you prepare a nice starter together with first-class ingredients and simple tools. In pleasant ways, everyone helps to prepare a tasty starter with fresh ingredients and lots of kitchen equipment.


The activity can be done both outdoors and indoors. If we are outside, we do it with the sky as a roof to create a cozy wilderness feeling, but the activity can also be done indoors with advantage. We provide the knowledge and tools, you provide the cooperation and cooking. The activity can be carried out with or without a competitive element.

Ölprovning på kontoret.jpg

Beer tasting at the office (Sthlm)

A beer tasting is a fun and easy activity to do in the office as a company event, both within the company as a team building activity but also to invite customers to the office or your show room (in connection with a presentation of your business).


A beer tasting can be done well in both very small and large groups. A much-appreciated experience is the Beer Challenge, where the company can compete against each other in tasting exercises and beer quizzes.

If you are sitting remotely, scattered in the country or the world, then a digital beer tasting is perfect for you.


Our beer taster has extensive experience in both digital and physical beer tastings. It is also possible to run a hybrid solution where some are on site and others remotely.

Gratis smakprov

Tasting mix

The perfect mingling activity!
In the Smakmingel activity, mingling, competition and good flavors are combined (if you wish, it is also perfectly possible to add a pre-drink in connection with the activity).


  • We are setting up five different testing stations; oil, chocolate, cheese, charcuterie and licorice.

  • The group is divided into teams that use an iPad to scan a code at each station, the code activates the question/challenge for that particular station.

  • You mingle around among the different stations and can take them in any order you want.

  • When the time is up, the result is reported and the winning team is chosen.

  • A fun and different way to try different delicacies and at the same time mingle with and compete against each other.

Berry Dessert

The dessert

Why not round off the dinner by serving the hand-prepared dessert? The activity begins about an hour before your dinner is served. We whip, peel, season and prepare a delicious dessert from seasonal berries. Everyone helps prepare the dessert with nice ingredients and simple tools. The activity can be done both indoors and outdoors if the weather permits.

Vin Toast

Drink tasting

Learn more about your favorite drink with a drink tasting.
A drink tasting with us at is a rewarding meeting in the spirit of drink. It is a fun activity for friends, the company, clients or an event for someone who deserves appreciation.

Everything will hopefully taste better if you know the story behind the drink.

What kind of beer, whiskey or wine are you interested in? We offer different options and concepts for your drink tasting. For example, you can choose to try several different types of beer or to stick to a single type. There is also the possibility to put together your drink tasting entirely according to you and your party's own wishes.

Ölprovning hemma.jpg

Beer tasting at home - or at the party (Sthlm)

A beer tasting is a fun activity to liven up a dinner party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party or party. The great thing about an outreach beer tasting is that the party comes to you. 

Something all beer tastings have in common is that they are a pleasant and cheerful way to meet in groups. A beer tasting can be entertaining, informative, competitive or all three. Our beer taster has extensive experience in holding beer tastings and extensive knowledge of the many types and flavors of beer as well as the brewing process and ingredients.

Bitar av choklad

Try chocolate

A pleasure-filled experience where we, together with a number of different chocolates, embark on a tasty journey around all corners of the world.
Your chocolate guide revolves around myths and legends, history, cultivation and production of this divine product.

An entertaining, fun, educational and above all tasty tasting!









matlagning i tältkåta.jpg

Cooking in a tent

A pleasant year-round activity, which we carry out in a cozy Lappish cottage! Using the predetermined menu, as well as the simple resources available, the participants must compose a 3-course menu together.


All under the supervision of our own chef. Of course, he is also on hand with a helping hand if needed! The activity can be carried out with or without a competitive element!

We will contact you shortly with a quote or proposal.

Of course completely free of charge and you do not commit to anything.

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