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Mingle & happenings

Mingling and happenings are the kind of entertainment that is a perfect start to a party. A surprising element that amuses the audience and raises the mood at all types of events.

Mamm mu och kråkan.jpg

Meet & Greet with cartoon characters

Live event with some of the Nordic countries' most popular cartoon characters. This is suitable for, among other things, shopping center days, public events and fairs.

Here are the figures we can offer:

Shaun the Sheep, The Smurfs,  Moomin, Laban the Ghost, Mamma Mu & The Crow, Paddington, Maya the Bee, Pelle Tailless & Maja Gräddnos, Dinosaurietåget and Miffy.

sören strid.jpg


Troubadours fit into almost any kind of event.


Some mingling entertainment with the drink, themes, sing-along & snap songs for the food, pub entertainment or party troubadour at full speed.

See all troubadours here

Silent disco 1.webp

Silent Disco

Take the chance to try what you may have read or heard about on social media - Silent Disco.


Silent Disco/Silent Event is a concept where you use headphones with multiple channels to reach out with the music or your message.


It is much easier to rig and draws only a fraction of the power consumption compared to large speakers. Which is more environmentally friendly.


Living statue

At the pre-drink or in the entrance stands a marble statue that suddenly sneezes or changes position. Unexpected and fascinating.



A lovely accordion player that entertains on a boat, archipelago party, French evening or other fun arrangement where this fits in.


Mingling, entertainment, sing-along and atmosphere. Accordion troubadour solo or perhaps a duo or trio, entirely according to wishes and arrangements.


Antique appraisal with Peder Lamm

Do you have something you want valued at home?

Peder Lamm will come to you and do an antique valuation for 3-5 hours. 

TV profile Peder Lamm is known for his broad knowledge of food, antiques & cultural history. He has, among other things, the hit show Slottsliv, Antikjakten and the chef duel. He has worked in the antiques business since the age of 15 and has been employed by Bukowskis, among others.

isabelle ragnarsson.jpg

Figure skating show 

Figure skating where you least expect it! Isabelle offers an act of dance and skating on a synthetic ice surface of 12m2. Elegant figure skating moves are mixed with showy movement with empathy and feeling.

An unexpected and exciting element of the event. Perfect at the Christmas party to create a winter feel, or why not as an unusual feature at the summer party. The ice surface is placed on a flat and hard surface indoors or outdoors.

Watch movie >>

Komisk entrevakt.webp

Comical entrance guard

No one fools our security guard who searches arriving guests at the entrance. He finds all kinds of fun inside the jacket as he jokes and welcomes the guests.


Stilt waiters 

All sorts of 3 meter tall characters and figures that interact with the twinkle in the eye. Stilt waiters for the aperitif or dinner are a crowd favorite.


Fire show

A crackling fire show is the perfect end to a successful event and will not leave anyone indifferent.


Mingel witchcraft

Let your guests/visitors be enthralled and mesmerized by close-up magic as a magician mingles among you and performs one amazing trick after another.
The cool thing about close-up magic is that even though it's performed right in front of your nose, it's completely impossible to understand how it's done. Laughter, frustration and fascination are promised!

Read more about the wizards here

NINA HELDENIUS luftakrobat.jpg

Aerial acrobat

Are you looking for that little extra for your event?

Then this aerial acrobat show is perfect.

Nina Heldenius has been an aerial acrobat since 2016 and started working full-time and professionally already in 2017. In addition to being an artist and performing, Nina has also worked as an instructor in aerial acrobatics through her own company AERY, both for classes and personal training. In 2019, Nina won the SM in aerial hoop, a victory that gave artistry and her own training a bloody tooth.

Watch movie >>


Entrance fire

A reception with fireworks and spontaneous fun that makes the guests feel warmly welcome.


String entertainment

Strings are a perfect mingling entertainment with style & charm. Solo with e.g. harp, cello, violin etc. or in groups with different numbers of artists. Classical repertoire, elements of modern repertoire, archipelago atmosphere, etc.


Stylus characters

Let your guests be welcomed by three meter high stilt characters who with fire and warm humor give an unforgettable start to the evening.

Mingling jesters on stilts are a popular eye-catcher at large folk festivals such as city festivals and fairs.


Piano & mingle

Bar pianists with wide, wonderful repertoires! Old & new classics in a nice vintage. Just piano or maybe with vocals! Mingle for the welcome drink, background during the dinner, quiet pleasant entertainment after the dinner, everything is adapted to the conditions & wishes.

See suggestions here

komisk servitör

Comedic waiter/infiltrator

This waiter lives in his own world, somewhat confused and wildly incompetent. He constantly loses himself without being aware of it. A fun topic of conversation for guests.

He can also be a lecturer, consultant, new employee, new CEO, cleaner, uninvited guest, someone who went wrong, etc. There are possibilities for most things here.

Watch clips >>


Ivan & Lacki

Ivan & Lacki are accurate on stage, amazingly skilled at what they do and make everyone laugh at one of their shows, not least because of their amazing balloon man who is a big hit.


Jazz entertainment

Instrumental jazz trio that offers swinging background entertainment with style!. Or maybe a little jazz nightclub feeling with a nice jazz quartet playing and offering a smoky sax solo that makes the evening just right. Maybe a lovely jazz singer as extra spice.

There are lots of possibilities here.


Family fun

A family fun is a joyful, shared humor experience with incredible circus acts and lots of laughs. Gyckel is a form of entertainment that stands with one foot in the street theater tradition and the other in improvisational theatre.

The performance is played by two clowns in the original version, but can be adapted with more artists according to your wishes.

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