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Conference in

the archipelago

Conference in the archipelago - An experience you will never forget! Thousands of islands and skerries create a beautiful and inspiring environment.
An archipelago conference is an excellent way to create an unforgettable memory for the entire workforce. The activities are many and varied. Your conference can consist of a team-building sailing or you can relax with a more relaxed guided tour. Archipelago conferences are not only relevant in high summer. Whether it's autumn or a crystal clear, cold winter day, the archipelago is magical and the experience to match.


Sandhamn Sailing Hotel

At Sandhamn Seglarhotell you have a conference in Stockholm, in the borderland between the archipelago and the open sea. You come to a complete conference facility where the sea breezes and the dramatically beautiful nature provide a unique setting.

The conference begins when you board a boat. The air, nature and the archipelago settlement give peace to the soul and you break away from the gray everyday life. On the boat, you have an introductory conference meeting, or take the opportunity to socialize and talk. And after a couple of hours you arrive at the place where the archipelago merges into the open sea. Here you will meet at the pier and the staff will help you find the right place.

Hotell Havsbaden Grisslehamn.jpg

Hotel Havsbaden Grisslehamn

Beautifully situated on the granite cliff, a stone throw from the sea, the rocky beach and the lively fishing port, is the stately archipelago hotel Hotell Havsbaden 

There is a spa with a total of 13 pools, sauna world, outdoor, indoor pools, cold pool, spa experience and much, much more. 


Here you get opportunities to talk about each other. Get pampered in our SPA, walk along the rocks, or why not dig your toes in the sand and just enjoy! Forget everything you associated with the word conference before. At Hotell Havsbaden you can hold conferences and relax in an undisturbed sea environment.


We cater to everything from small groups to large groups of 350 people who value quality and service.

Profilbild Villa Sandudden.jpg

Villa Sandudden

Villa Sandudden on Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago for a unique conference experience!


Villa Sandudden guarantees total privacy in our villas and accommodates a maximum of two parties at the same time - perfect for

management groups and other meetings where you need to be to yourself.

When the meeting is over for the day, that's when Villa Sandudden really delivers. Enjoy a moment in the sauna, take a walk or jog in the forest, borrow rowing boats for a fishing trip, sit on the dock with your toes in the water, challenge each other in a board game – the possibilities are endless!


Silverskär - Åland

Surprise your company, your team or your association with a meeting or a conference on your own island. On Silverskär, you can have complete privacy, nothing to distract you except possibly a soaring sea eagle.


Our meeting rooms, all with a special touch and with fiber or wifi, are located in separate buildings and are suitable for both large and small groups. Up to a hundred people can participate in day conferences and groups of a maximum of 47 people can also stay overnight.

After work, various activities await. In addition, the beach sauna is hot!


Klobben - Åland

On the island of Klobben (pronounced Klåbben) in Saltvik's outer archipelago is our modern fishing village. Here, a different kind of stay is offered in ten cabins with the sea as the nearest neighbour.

In the past, the sheds at Åland's many fishing locations were used for overnight stays during the tiring stream fishing in the outcrops. Today, instead, you can live simply but comfortably and snugly at Klobben. It is difficult to get closer to the forces of nature than this. Regardless of the weather, your stay at Klobben is unforgettable.


​The huts are built of wood from 500-year-old furrows from Saltvik's forests. Over time, they will turn beautifully grey. There are 30 beds in total, but Klobben can house up to 40 people. The island's salt shed is a natural gathering place for meetings and meals. Meals with a genuine archipelago feel are shipped from Silverskär!

Of course, Klobben has its own sauna. It is housed in a rock crevice with a sauna that is adapted to the shape of the mountain. It doesn't get more close to nature than that.

tanumstrand m.jpg

Tanum Strand

A meeting at Tanum Strand is so much more than just a conference. To come to us is also to breathe the fresh salty air and to stop for a short while for the sunset over the sea. It is precisely in the quiet moments, free from the noise of everyday life, that the big, new thoughts are often awakened.


Tanum Strand is located right on the beach midway between Grebbestad and Fjällbacka with kobbs and skerries as excursion destinations from the hotel's jetty.


Siggesta Gård

Siggesta gård is a manor in the middle of a vibrant cultural district. The main building is built in 18th-century romanticism and was erected in the 1930s. Today it is a top-renovated conference center that often appears in magazines and TV programs. The hotel offers accommodation in five houses around the farm.


The guest rooms are furnished to a high standard with great attention to detail. The beds from Millenotti are world class and the floor has tiles from Marrakech. Then add a lovely outdoor environment with hiking trails, open countryside and horse paddocks.

Raw materials according to season and as much of our own as possible is Siggasta Gård's motto. The owner of the farm has his own mobile slaughterhouse, which provides both beef and lamb. The venison is wild and they have their own garden with vegetables and lovely herbs in the summer.


Try cooking together using the fresh ingredients or enjoy a wine tasting with selected wines. In the delicatessen you will find many of their self-made products to have coffee between your meetings.


Hotell Villa Maritime på Marstrand

Surrounded by the sea in the picturesque archipelago idyll lies Villa Maritime, located only 40 minutes from Gothenburg. If you are looking for a conference just outside Gothenburg and a place where you can enjoy a beautiful and stimulating environment, Villa Maritime is the place for you. Enjoy seasonal produce and the delights of the sea, visit the unique Pater Noster lighthouse or go on an exciting seal safari. At Villa Maritime, the sea is constantly present. After a day in the meeting rooms, you rest in Villa Maritime's exclusive apartments with living room and own kitchen.

In the modernly designed restaurant with a harbor view, the taste buds are watered both by the arts of the kitchen and the homely flames of the fireplace. The inspiration in the kitchen comes from the sea around and you are treated to both classics and delicacies, from the obligatory prawn sandwich to fresh oysters.


Sailing with overnight stay

Imagine anchoring in a bay after a full day on the lake. Satisfied in body and soul after working together as a group by sailing the big boats through our beautiful archipelago.

Once moored in a natural harbor by the rocks, we light the grill and take an evening swim while the grill is perfect. Perhaps we have taken you to one of our donut locations where there is a wood-burning sauna. Together we prepare the dinner and have a relaxed and pleasant evening together with sailing talk as well as creative thoughts and reflections that flourish after a day in the fresh air, far from the office.


After a pleasant evening, you crawl into the comfortable cabins of the boats. On board our boats we offer three and four double cabins. Each cabin has access to a shower and toilet. The heart of the boat consists of a salon with a well-equipped kitchen and a comfortable table/sofa area.

Conference on board

For the small company or management team that needs to work separately in a different, creative environment, there is the possibility of conferencing on board our boats.

Waxholms hotell.jpg

Waxholms Hotell

Welcome to the historic Waxholm Hotel, where Stockholm's archipelago meets a cozy small town. For over 100 years, the hotel has attracted guests with good food, a lovely atmosphere and wonderful views over Vaxholm Bay. A warm welcome to the archipelago - all year round!

Book a conference that doesn't feel like a conference. More like a trip to the archipelago, in the company of good friends. Anrika Waxholms Hotell offers conferences and events with family elegance and is close by, all year round. From central Stockholm it only takes 30 minutes by car and from Arlanda airport approx. 45 minutes. You can easily get here by car, bus or archipelago boat.



In the middle of the beautiful nature, the skerries and the breeze in the Roslagen archipelago, you will find Marholmen. On the 93-hectare island with a bridge connection to the mainland, there is every opportunity to create a lifetime memory for your participants. Over the years, thousands of meetings, conferences, parties and kick-offers of all kinds have been arranged here.


With 386 beds distributed in a comfortable hotel, cozy cottages and charming villas, you can tailor your own stay according to your needs, wishes and conditions. Marholmen's spa, restaurant, party rooms, cold baths, hot tubs, sauna, walking gym, forest bath, exercise track, multi-sport track, agility track and barbecue areas, you add as you wish. Want a little more action?


The in-house activity team helps you tailor a plan to build the team with a wide range of activities based on your wishes.


Gullmarsstrand Hotell & Konferens

Gullmarsstrand is located in Fiskebäckskil, in a place between sea and mountains where silence meets the forces of nature. If you are looking for a conference with a view of the fjord's islands and bays, surrounded by water and rocks, Gullmarsstrand is the facility for you. Taste the exclusive delicacies of the sea, directly from sea to table. After a day in the meeting rooms, you can refresh both body and mind in the Sinnenas Havsbad cold bath house.

At Gullmarsstrand you enjoy fresh fish and shellfish while looking out over the sparkling sea. The kitchen collaborates with several local producers and cares for both people and nature. The crayfish are delivered directly to the pier, it hardly gets any fresher than that.

The activities at Gullmarsstrand are also based on the water. Take a boat trip in the beautiful archipelago, go on a guided tour in the beautiful Fiskebäckskil or relax with a sauna and a bath in the cold bath house. On the lobster safari, you accompany the fishermen in search of the black gold, the evening ends with a four-course lobster supper.

Siaröfortet konferens.jpg


Siaröfort, located a little outside Stockholm in its wonderful archipelago. This means that the stress of the big city is left behind and you can focus on what is important. A place that is excellent for almost all types of conferences and meetings. Here you get the important things said while you are allowed to recharge your batteries for new challenges.

Here, up to 37 people are offered a pleasant night's sleep.

A place in the middle of the archipelago that rests historical mystery over which is at the same time seductively beautiful. The island is waiting for you to discover it. 

In Siaröfortet Skärgårdskrog you are served rustic food in a historic setting. Enjoy well-prepared food from fine ingredients. All meals are enjoyed in the restaurant. 

Get yourselves here

Siaröfort Sea taxi with space for up to 98 passengers

You will be picked up by boat at Östanå Ferry Terminal where you can easily park the cars in a large parking lot next to the water. 

Of course, you can also be picked up at other locations if desired. 


Djurönäset Konferenshotell

In lush greenery in the middle of the archipelago rests the Djurönäset Konferenshotell - a complete conference facility with experience since 1979. At that time, the hotel was ready in design after the winning entry 'Fresh Air' in the competition that decided how it would be built, and it was Anders Tahlberg who was in charge at the top of the podium. His vision has evolved into a competent, flexible and stylish meeting place for all gatherings.

Djurönäset has the capacity to receive really large conference groups. Up to 450 people can hold conferences. Depending on how the log is distributed between single and double rooms, the same number of people can be offered overnight accommodation.
The facility's design with several independent buildings containing both conference rooms and accommodation and pleasant social areas creates the opportunity for intimacy even for small and medium-sized groups.

engsholm slott 1.jpg

Engsholms Slott

Engsholm Castle is located right by the sea, just 50 minutes from Stockholm. Here you can meet in a rich environment with a long history. All premises are decorated according to different eras and have a fantastic view of the sea or the Castle Park. The beautiful surroundings have even inspired hotel rooms to be furnished with binoculars instead of TVs! Outside the rooms, you can meet in the generous lounge with sauna and relaxation, light therapy room, gym, billiards, darts, party games, beer and wine bar.

Work undisturbed in the beautiful Strandateljén and enjoy the crashing and crackling fire of the waves, or use the house in the evening with sauna, barbecue buffet, mingling and evening swimming. Villa Liljefors has been home to Bruno Liljefors, but was built in the early 18th century. Conscious food is offered in the lavish baroque dining room, which is organic, ethical and without unnecessary additives. The castle has a game guarantee, which means that all guests can be served game during their stay. Or why not cook your dinner together with the chefs? The drink for the meal is taken from the octagonal wine cellar in the tower. 

Strandflickorna Lysekil.jpg

Strandflickorna i Lysekil

Imagine living in a beautiful, Bohuslan turn-of-the-century villa - a villa by the sea far from the noise and stress of the big city. At Strandflickor in Lysekil, this is reality and everyday luxury. And best of all - we have not just one, but three beautiful villas - all located just seven steps from the sea…..

Outside, the wind blows over rocks and sea. Seagull and pout fly backwards. Fishermen and kayak adventurers brave the strong winds and set out among the white-headed waves. Harbor seals still swim in to the quay in Södra Hamnen in the hope of a herring. Suddenly the sun peeks out, the wind dies down and in a quiet corner the sun's rays warm your cheek.

Inside our Strandflickor, candles burn on all the tables and the kitchen smells lovely. Bathmaids lead bathrobe-clad guests over the mountain to the Bath Pavilion, and chefs pour bubbly and serve freshly crayfish and prawns to all seafood lovers (they are at their best this time of year).


Stora Löknäsholmen

Stora Löknäsholmen is located on Norra Värmdö. 20 minutes by boat from Vaxholm, 45 by boat from central Stockholm and 9 seconds by zip line (cable car) from the mainland.

You live in wilderness cabins, expedition tents, tree tents or the "survival shelter" you built yourself.



Survival course/Bush craft, High altitude course, team activities and water activities.


No food tastes better than food cooked together outdoors. Together with a chef, you cook over an open fire and on cast iron pans. We provide all raw materials and cooking equipment.


You conference in a large dome tent with room for 50-200 people. The dome tent is beautifully situated up on the mountain with a lovely view of Grindafjärden.

Villa soludden 1.jpg

Villa Soludden

Villa Soludden is located in a wonderful west-facing position, with a lake plot and an unobstructed view of the bay. If you are going to make big decisions, this is an environment that provides energy and new ideas.

If you want to enhance the conference further, we suggest a boat trip from the city. Between work shifts, you can relax with a sauna, cold bath or walks in the quiet forest and along the calm water.


Häringe Slott

Just 25 minutes from Stockholm, beautifully and idyllically located, is Häringe Castle. The castle recalls a bygone era of splendor and opulence. The big city feels far away when you wander over the vast estates, next to the sea and a large nature reserve.

Over the centuries, the castle has been loved by the owners; prim nobles, despotic kings and grand businessmen. Everyone has had a sense of flair and celebration. In the 1920s, the castle was famous for its cocktail parties. The deluxe rooms and suites are personally decorated after the castle's legendary guests, such as Jussi Björling and Greta Garbo.

Marstrands Havshotell.jpeg

Marstrands Havshotell

On the outer edge of the quay in Marstrand, with a view of the sea and Marstrand Island, there is an exquisite place for meetings. Outside the meeting door, Marstrands Havshotell offers air, peace and rocks - all year round. Discover the Bohuslän quality of life with Scandinavian furnished rooms, flexible conference solutions and a constantly changing spectacle outside the window.

Dinners are served in restaurant Ottos Kök with the view and the evening sun as background. In summer, you prefer to sit on the veranda and watch the boats and sea. Bohuslän flavors dominate the menu, and seafood lovers are rarely disappointed. Between the meetings, there is home-baked coffee and sea air to cheer you up.

The sea, Marstrandsön and nature is an experience in itself. But the range of organized activities is still enormous. Sailing, RIB boat, trip to the Pater Noster lighthouse, seal safari, lobster fishing are just some of the options at sea. On land there is cooking, geocaching, mussel tasting or a relaxing visit to the hotel's salty spa department.

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