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Tired of boring conferences? Here you can find rekindling and inspiration during your next meeting.

Example: Rent your own island, hold a conference on a sailing ship, live in a mushroom or in a tree, in an airplane or why not in a prison? Everything is possible.

klobben natt.png

Klobben Åland

On the island of Klobben (pronounced Klåbben) in Saltvik's outer archipelago is our modern fishing village. Here, a different kind of stay is offered in ten cabins with the sea as the nearest neighbour.

In the past, the sheds at Åland's many fishing locations were used for overnight stays during the tiring stream fishing in the outcrops. Today, instead, you can live simply but comfortably and snugly at Klobben. It is difficult to get closer to the forces of nature than this. Regardless of the weather, your stay at Klobben is unforgettable.

The sheds are built of wood from 500-year-old furrows from Saltvik's forests. Over time, they will turn beautifully grey. There are 30 beds in total, but Klobben can house up to 40 people. The island's salt shed is a natural gathering place for meetings and meals. Meals with a genuine archipelago feel are shipped from Silverskär!​

fårö konferens.jpg

Adventure conference on Gotland

A conference package on Gotland that suits the companies that are looking to continue building the team towards the heights of the future. Here, there is a lot of focus on team building and coming home as a group as a stronger team. Team building is of course combined with conference opportunities.

  • Travel with the Gotland ferry

  • Accommodation at Ljugarn in cabins

  • Bike tours

  • Outdoor conference at the rauk area

  • Activity Expedition Gotland.

  • Gotland festival


Silverskär Åland archipelago


Surprise your company, your team or your association with a meeting or a conference on your own island. On Silverskär you can be in total privacy, nothing to distract you except possibly a soaring sea eagle.


Among the red-painted buildings on our main island, the archipelago idyll is total. There are a total of 47 beds here, from four-star single rooms with private bathrooms in Ladugårds to cozy overnight stays in contemporary surroundings in the old fisherman's home Mellangårds. All meals are prepared by the island's own chef!​

varghotellet konferens järvzoo


Järvzoo - Nordens vildmarkspark  offers accommodation and conference rooms for large and small groups for up to 120 people. The facility is nestled in the forest with the beautiful northern wildlife outside the window. Here are all the conditions for relaxation, new inspiration and exciting and fast-paced activities. For the smaller group, we offer exclusive accommodation where you can stay and conference undisturbed under the same roof.


The wolf hotel is located inside the zoo and each room has large panoramic windows that look out onto the zoo's large wolf enclosure.
Activities; Predator guiding at Järvzoo, yoga, climbing path, rafting and paddling, 20 slopes for skiing, electric light trails for running and cross-country skiing, cycling, downhill and cross country are some other adventures that are right outside the door.


Live & confer on a yacht

M/Y Charm one of our charter boats that is perfect for the small group that wants to spend a few days or a week in the archipelago. Experience the archipelago aboard M/Y Charm. 

M/Y Charm is a 65 foot Sea Ranger built in 1989. The vessel is approved for 40 guests which is good for transport, parties or client meetings. At dinner or a conference, you can comfortably seat up to 24 guests (max. 26) in the large cozy salon. The ship has three decks. On the lower deck are four guest cabins with toilet and shower.


The middle deck has a large saloon, galley and wheelhouse. On the upper deck there is a large sundeck with room for all passengers. Here we also have our jet ski, inflatable boat, windsurfing and barbecue. 

stora lökholmen.jpg

Own island in the Stockholm archipelago

Stora Löknäsholmen is located on Norra Värmdö, by Lillsved. The island is 5 minutes by car from Siggesta Gård, the boat route approx. 5-10 minutes from Grinda and 20-30 minutes from Vaxholm.

When you rent the island, you get access to the entire Stora Löknäsholmen, wood-fired sauna raft & hot tub, firewood, cooking equipment such as grill, cast iron pan, gas stove, pots, crockery, cutlery, mugs, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, water jugs and toilets.

During your stay on the island, you are also free to use our activity equipment: 2 kayaks, 4 SUP - Stand Up Paddleboards and the family canoes, which each hold up to six people. The beautiful surrounding archipelago invites you to several wonderful and environmentally friendly water activities and experiences in nature.

Image by Oskar Hagberg

Padel conference

Start the day with a padel session to increase the adrenaline or end the conference with a raucous mini-tournament – padel is both a fun way to exercise and to socialize.


Combine padel games with a meeting with full board, day conference or a lunch meeting. The choice is yours!

Proposals for facilities:

  • Skytteholm

  • Villa Lovik

  • Hook's Manor

  • Körunda

aktiv naturkonferens.jpg

Active nature conferences

Together with a guide, your active conference is tailored. The conference may include hiking, mountain biking, climbing,  yoga, bushcraft,  Outdoor Cooking (You learn to cook over an open fire and gain knowledge about which plants in our local nature can be used for cooking).

Accommodation in tipis, tree tents, hotels or cabins.

Ex at places for active conferences:

The Swedish mountains, Dalarna, Skåne, Kebnekaise / Abisko, Northern Norway, the Alps, California, the Greek archipelago, Patagonia and Nepal.

safaricampforetag vildmarkshotellet.jpg

An adventurous conference at Kolmården

A stone's throw from the Kolmården zoo, you will find the newly renovated Vildmarkshotellet, which offers different conference experiences with a focus on kick-off, team building and inspiring meetings.

We take advantage of both the zoo's and the wilderness' opportunities and create truly unique conference experiences! Here, as a conference guest, you can ride Wildfire, Europe's coolest roller coaster during the coffee break, or experience tickling animal encounters - like coming face to face with a live lion of a lifetime.


Choose to conference at Vildmarkshotellet, and experience four-star comfort and unique, pulse-raising conference activities in the middle of the wilderness!


Saiking conference

Spend your next conference in the best way in Stockholm's archipelago. Sailing is a team-building activity and a great way to work together outside of day-to-day activities.


Fresh air and Stockholm's unique archipelago provide new thoughts and time for relaxation. Sailing in Stockholm is a perfect option for those of you who want to get out in a creative environment.

Each boat can take 12 people. If you want to sleep over, there are 8 berths in each boat.


Treehotel i Luleå

The concept hotel Treehotel is like taken from a science fiction film. High up among the trees in the Norrland forest, you can book hotel rooms here that are out of the ordinary. How about checking into a UFO, a giant glass cube, or a treasure nest? Treehotel offers a unique hotel experience: tree rooms with modern design in the middle of untouched nature. Here you can forget the time constraints of everyday life, enjoy the tranquility and rejuvenate in a sophisticated but familiar environment.

Treehotel is located in Harads, near the Lule River, about 100 kilometers from Luleå Airport.

Conference: Dragonfly is a well-equipped conference room for groups of up to six people. The room, which is fifty square meters, was designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects. It is mounted six meters above the ground on hundred-year-old pine trees with a spectacular view.

Glamping på Svartsö.jpg

Glamping at Svartsö

Glamping is the popular concept that consists of a slightly more glamorous version of camping. Excellent for those who want to get closer to nature without having to save on amenities. This is the only non-hotel on the list, but it still makes it thanks to its uniqueness and its beautiful location in the Stockholm archipelago. Because what is unique, if not stepping into tents à la Harry Potter's magical world, furnished with comfort such as made-up beds, cozy lighting, blankets and armchairs. And then a private patio deck as the icing on the cake, right at the water's edge. It's the view that strikes you when you open the tent canvas in the morning. Simply a better start to the day.

The season at Svartsö Logi lasts between May and September.

gröna lund sockervaddskola

Conference at Gröna Lund

Magical events in a fairground environment

Have an entire fairground to yourselves, discuss the company's budget in a roller coaster, roll out the red carpet and arrive in style, or invite hundreds of employees or customers to the park.


At Gröna Lund, you can book events, conferences, fairground meetings and banquet halls - which are guaranteed to be both magical and unique.

  • Subscribe to the park for a day

  • Subscribe to the park for 2 hours

  • Rent the Theater or the theater lodge

  • Party floor in Tyrol, Pontonen or Fiesta

  • Cotton candy school


Så mycket bättre-conference

Grå Gåsen in Burgsvik on Gotland has become nationally known thanks to the program "So much better" which is recorded here. Here, Sweden's artistic elite have laughed, cried, performed for each other, partied and had deep conversations over the dinner table. Now you can have the opportunity to have a much better Conference, in the same environment as Di Leva, Ledin, Uggla and Bryant!

You live like real stars in personally furnished rooms at Grå Gåsen, eat lunch and hold conferences in the large dining room in the main building. For those of you who want to get active, we can offer everything from fast-paced team building to bicycle excursions in a landscape that is magically beautiful and captivating.

  • Suitable for: Groups of 20-60 people


Conference abroad

Make the next conference an unforgettable experience!

We offer tailor-made conference travel to popular destinations in Europe and worldwide for all types of companies.

We take care of the entire trip. A well-planned conference trip for staff, management, customers or suppliers. Below you can see examples of what a trip might look like. We tailor all trips according to your wishes and budget.

See suggestions


Live in a mushroom at Norrqvarn

Are you looking for a different and close to nature accommodation? Bring the staff and live as trolls in our cozy troll stumps or mushrooms! When you live in mushrooms and stumps, bed linen, towels, final cleaning and our lovely hotel breakfast are included! Sitting groups are outside in nature at each cottage.

To spice up your conference even more, book a unique meal experience out in nature along the Göta canal.

Inside Norrqvarn there is a restaurant, which in high season is open every day for breakfast, lunch and evening menu.


Live in a prison

Captivating accommodation in the middle of Stockholm. At Södermalm lies the verdant island of Långholmen with quiet park areas and beach bathing. Here we have transformed a historic prison into an inviting hotel.


The renovated cells have every imaginable comfort for one and in our Wärdshus our good breakfast buffet is served every morning.

Ishotellet Jukkasjärvi.jpg

Ishotellet Jukkasjärvi (Kiruna)

Come along to Lapland and host your next conference at the world's largest ice hotel built from snow and ice. ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi is resurrected every year between November and December when ice sculptors from all over the world come and create this magnificent architecture made of ice and snow.

ICEHOTEL is a modern conference facility with a high standard and good conference rooms where there is room for up to 100 conference participants. Here you combine accommodation by sleeping one night in one of

ICEHOTEL's cold suites with the other nights in warm accommodation. In the suite, you sleep in a warm sleeping bag on a bed made of ice and with reindeer skin as a base.

The activities are many and unique. Here you can find everything from snowmobiles, dog sleds, northern lights tours and reindeer tours with sleds, and there are also opportunities to try making your own ice sculpture. 


Lobsterfishing in Västkusten

With the best view of the harbor on Marstrandsön, only 35 minutes from Gothenburg, is Villa Maritime Marstand.

There are 70 fine newly renovated hotel studios in classic marine style with one or two separate bedrooms. All hotel studios have a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, hall and living room, most with a balcony and a view of the harbor, or Marstrand's community and the mighty Carlstens Fortress that watches over the city.

Lobster fishing packages include:

Lobster fishing, fully equipped state-of-the-art conference rooms, accommodation in our fine hotel studios, delicious lunch, afternoon coffee and lobster supper with 1/2 fresh lobster. (Note that you can exchange Lobster Soup for a seafood platter if the whole party chooses to exchange), accommodation in a double room and a delicious breakfast buffet.


Sports conference abroad

Combine the conference with a trip abroad.

Watch first-class sport in the most prestigious arenas. We can offer you match tickets to the biggest and most classic arenas.

  • Football trips

  • F1 trips

  • Hockey trips

  • Padel trips

  • NFL Travel

  • Tennis trips

  • Golf trips

  • Training trips

  • Yoga trips

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