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Campfire i Skogen

Adventure activities

Looking for adventure? 

Here you will find adventurous activities and exciting experiences such as four-wheel safari, climbing, glow walking, survival course, mountain bike, Icelandic horse activities and Jeep off-road course, etc. 

Busch craft.jpg

Bushcraft/ Survival

Bushcraft/Survival is an activity where the participants stay out in nature.


  • Participants learn about forest and wilderness knowledge.

  • Fire knowledge in how to make a fire using fire steel and a knife.

  • Highlights prepping, which is about being prepared when things don't go as planned.

  • Handle edged tools such as knife, ax and saw. How  with these tools you can make the necessary equipment for your stay in nature.

  • You build your camp, build a fireplace, collect fuel for the fire, make tools for camp building and cooking.

  • You gain knowledge about how you can find food in nature to increase your food supply.

  • You also learn to interpret signs in nature that facilitate orientation and movement.

  • First aid. How do I act and treat an injury that occurs?

The activity takes place in Stockholm's archipelago


Icelandic horse combination

This is an arrangement adapted for groups of 8 people or more. The arrangement is designed to offer Icelandic horse tours for groups of up to 30 people. Something that becomes possible by combining 3 activities in one. Namely Icelandic horse riding, RIB Charter and clay pigeon shooting. Depending on how big the group is and how much time we have available (minimum 4 hours), we then divide the group. A wonderful arrangement, but equally shared by adrenaline, harmony and a bit of competition.


Personal equipment: Comfortable clothing adapted to the weather.

Time required: Minimum 4 hours

Number of participants: From approx. 8 - 30 people.


High altitude course

You get around on a course up in the trees with the help of suspension bridges, nets, ropeways and more. Together in the group, you make your way and support each other in the face of the various tricks you will pass.

High-altitude tracks can be found in, among other places, Stockholm, Ullared, Borås, Åhus, Ängelholm, Gothenburg. 

Kajakpaddling i Sunset


Kayaking is so much more than just paddling. Gliding almost silently across the surface of the water is an experience out of the ordinary. The calm paddling sessions create a strong, conscious presence that gives strength, and the proximity to the water enhances the nature experience. In addition, it is very social.  

Lerduveskytte kanebo event.jpg

Clay pigeon shooting

We naturally start with a review of safe weapon handling, then the instructor goes through how to hold and do to hit the flying clay pigeons.

All participants receive personal instructions during practice shooting and when everyone feels "warm in their clothes" take on easy and entertaining competition moments.

- Most hits
- The duel
- Doubles (two pigeons in the air at the same time)



vikingaturen rib birka.jpg

The Viking tour Rib

This is our most appreciated RIB tour in Mälaren. The combination of a fast-paced RIB tour mixed with the outstanding guiding of Birka/Adelsö together with your guide Kalle Runristare provides a fantastic overall experience.


Here we offer culture and action in just the right dose. After a RIB trip of about 30 minutes to 1 hour, we arrive at Birka and/or Adelsö. There begins a historical walk with Kalle Runristare på Birka (total 1 hour) and/or the World Heritage Hovgården (total 2 hours). Kalle Runristare's ability to describe and bring both places to life is unique. Dressed in his Viking-era clothes and with exciting objects in his belt, he shows and paints events and people from a bygone era in a fantastic way.

jeep terrängbana.jpg

Drive Jeep - Terrain Track

Experience the strength, power, comfort and accessibility of a Jeep!

Urban Offroad
We build our mobile 4x4 obstacles on site at your place and you get to experience the feeling of driving off-road without having to go out into the forest. Let yourself be fascinated and enjoy the strength of the Jeep as you cross the "broken bridge". Try to balance the Jeep on the treacherous "seesaw". With your tongue right in your mouth and with nerves of steel, you can drive up and over the dreaded "side smell".

Terrain course
Between Strängnäs and Mariefred (about 40 minutes from Stockholm City) is our own off-road course; Sandlycke 4wd Land. 

Time required: from 1 hour
Number of participants: up to approx. 20p
For more than 20p, contact us for a tailor-made arrangement!


Quad bike safari

An exciting, fun and challenging tour through beautiful nature.
We drive from "point A to point B" and then back again. There is room for 2 participants on each four-wheeler, these exchange places with each other at regular intervals so that everyone can ride all the obstacles.
Our instructor guides you throughout the safari.

Technical course:
We build up a technology track at the location where you are.
Here it is not about driving the fastest but driving the smartest to win by getting as close to the ideal time as possible.
The course contains narrow passages, tricky curves and tricky obstacles.
The track is built so that those waiting to drive can see whoever is out on the track at all times.

Time required: from 1 hour
Number of participants: up to approx. 20p
For more than 20p, contact us for a tailor-made arrangement!

Campers i Woods

Cooking in a tent

Cooking in a tent cabin A pleasant year-round activity, which we carry out in a cozy patch cabin! Using the predetermined menu, as well as the simple resources available, the participants must compose a 3-course menu together. All under the supervision of our own chef. Of course, he is also on hand with a helping hand if needed! The activity can be carried out with or without a competitive element!



Join us for the best of both worlds! Enjoy the speed of a RIB boat and the wonderful feeling of floating over the water in a helicopter. An absolutely incredible way to experience the archipelago and its unique landscape of islands and water.

The RIB boats and the helicopter follow each other at breathtaking speed far out into the beautiful archipelago. During the trip, there are stops when the participants change places between the boats and the helicopter. All participants may ride both means of transport.

It is an indescribable feeling to travel at these speeds both on and above open water that seems to have no end.


Float fishing

Fishing is something most people have done, but doing it with the help of a so-called floating ring is probably more rare. A guaranteed different experience where you get to the fishing spot wearing waders, flippers, reel rod and different types of fishing tackle. The activity begins with a review of the equipment we will use. We try out the waterproof neoprene pants, adjust the fins to the correct foot size and check that the flotation ring has enough air. Next, we familiarize ourselves with the fishing rod and the different types of bait. A guaranteed different activity with just the right amount of excitement, contemplation and to some extent even exercise.

rib sälsafari.jpg

RIB Seal Safari

Going and watching seals is by far one of the most popular tours we do! Seeing the seals in their natural environment is unbeatable and every time you are amazed that these large animals live in our waters. But you need to know where to look! We will take you out to the sea belt where we will most likely see both seals and sea eagles.


On the way out, we pass the inner archipelago and middle archipelago before the horizon finally opens up. Before we head back home, we take a coffee break on a sunny rock.


Personal equipment: We provide overalls, life jackets, hats, gloves and ski goggles for everyone on board. Time required: 3 hours.

Number of participants: 12 people / Rib boat


Rent your own adventure island

Stora Löknäsholmen is located on Norra Värmdö, by Lillsved. The island is 5 minutes by car from Siggesta Gård, the boat route approx. 5-10 minutes from Grinda and 20-30 minutes from Vaxholm.

When you rent the island, you get access to the entire Stora Löknäsholmen, wood-fired sauna raft & hot tub, firewood, cooking equipment such as grill, cast iron pan, gas stove, pots, crockery, cutlery, mugs, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, water jugs and toilets.

During your stay on the island, you are also free to use our activity equipment: 2 kayaks, 4 SUP - Stand Up Paddleboards and the family canoes, which each hold up to six people.

The beautiful surrounding archipelago invites you to several wonderful and environmentally friendly water activities and experiences in nature.

You live in wilderness cabins or expedition tents.


Glow walking

Earth, air, water and FIRE... the four elements have fascinated man throughout the ages.

During this experience, everything revolves around the fire!

Indians, Vikings and many other indigenous peoples around the world used, and in many cases still use, fire in their magical rituals and manhood rites.

Today, it's mostly about a spectacular and exciting experience where we push our personal limits to the limit under safe conditions.

Explore your ultimate ability, walking barefoot over an incandescent bed that maintains a temperature of approx. +500°C!



During a few intensive hours, each participant will really get to feel what sailing means. If you are an experienced sailor, you may get a long-awaited moment at sea, while as a beginner you get to experience the sport of sailing at a really high level. A skipper is on each boat. Works all year round as long as there is no ice. We provide you with boat stands and life jackets. Suitable for groups of 6 - 60 people.

rib & paintball.jpg


The powerful engines propel us through the archipelago at up to 45 knots. Knowledgeable guides who know the archipelago like the back of their hand and are happy to share both facts and stories.

Regardless of whether the purpose of the activity is transport to/from the conference, the activity or the dinner, it is an experience out of the ordinary.​ The RIB tour can be advantageously combined with a lot of fun. For example: Seal safari, Navigation competition, Sauna raft, Pub tour in the archipelago or why not finish with a visit to an archipelago restaurant. 



Kayaking is a relaxing and wonderful adventure where the surroundings are explored at a leisurely pace. The paddling takes place on Mälaren's fjords and associated water systems, or among cobbles and skerries in the Stockholm archipelago. Both natural environments have their own special charm, where Mälaren often has calm water, which makes it better suited for beginners. The archipelago can have a bit more demanding paddling, but also has more varied surroundings with all its cobbles and shards. Wildlife is rich in both environments with a great chance of seeing both sea eagles and ospreys. The paddling takes place in 2-man kayaks, so-called K2s, a very stable and easy-to-paddle type of kayak.


RIB Climbing

Here we serve a real adrenaline rush for the participants that is both fast-paced and challenging. The RIB boat gives us the opportunity to access the many inaccessible rock islands found in Lake Mälaren and in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Combining the fast-paced RIB trip with a nice trial course in climbing, which we then finish with a so-called abseiling from the top of a cliff, gives everyone a fun experience. We meet the participants at the desired location and then set off on a pleasant RIB trip for about 1 hour to a suitable rock in the immediate area. We explore the rock together and give technical tips on how to master the current climbing route. The trails have different degrees of difficulty and of course we adapt the activity to the group's level of knowledge.


Personal equipment: Comfortable clothing adapted to the weather. Time required: approx. 4 hours Number of participants: 12 people


Climbing event with Fredrik Sträng

Do you want to take your company to the top? Does your company need a tight-knit team to handle upcoming challenges and to reach future goals? Do you want to increase job satisfaction at work and stimulate employees? If so, indoor climbing with Fredrik Sträng is perfect for you!

We offer full-day and half-day group development activities at climbing gyms around Sweden. This in combination with an inspiring lecture!


Cross-country skates

Cross-country skating is central Sweden's "national sport". With relatively cold winters and little snow, perfect conditions are created for wonderfully shiny ice. Cross-country skating at a leisurely pace and passing beautiful natural scenery has its own special allure. The silence, the closeness to nature and the healthy, "apple-cheeked" supervision you get afterwards, make this one of our most sought-after arrangements. Experience is not a requirement, it is very quick to learn the technique, but to refine it is said to take a man's age....


Personal equipment: Non-sore clothing adapted to the weather + complete change packed in a waterproof bag.

We provide: 1 backpack including complete skating equipment, containing boots, skates, ice spikes, lifeline.

Number of participants: 10 - 60 people.


Adventure station wagon

An arrangement for large groups where we can offer up to 5 adventures. Blah. RIB tour, MTB cycling, climbing, kayaking and clay pigeon shooting. Depending on how big the group is and how much time we have available (minimum 1.5 - 2 hours), we then divide the group. A fun adventure, rich in new experiences.


Build fleets

The task is to build a fully functional raft per team in 1 hour.

All teams receive identical conditions regarding construction materials and tools.

When the construction period is over, the teams have the opportunity to present their creations and then it is time for the decisive competition.

Which team paddles the fastest around the course without the raft falling apart and the team having to swim back?


Multisport Race

This is a pure experience and adventure competition, where a combination of physical and mental strength, team morale, tactics and careful preparation is required. A number of different elements form the basis of this arrangement. The competition involves the teams having to orient themselves to a number of waypoints where a problem or challenge awaits. The problem must be solved before the team can continue. The disciplines that await are paddling, cycling, climbing / abseiling, raft building, hiking etc. Anyone with a normal physique can participate in this slightly more challenging competition. During the last part of the event, the teams gather where we evaluate and value the challenges together and finally crown a winner with laughter and cheerful faces.

navigera rib 1.png

Navigation competition RIB

Navigation competition RIB is a fast-paced navigation competition that we conduct with Rib boats in the Archipelago or in Mälaren. Participants are equipped with a Rib including iPads and charts. A number of flags are laid out on the digital map in the iPad and how best to navigate to them is chosen by each boat team themselves. Once the teams find these locations in real life, a number of questions emerge for the team to answer. The goal of the activity is to try to find as many positions as possible and earn points there. The team with the best cooperation and coordination are the ones closest to winning the coveted trophy! The activity ends happily with an award ceremony! Personal equipment:


We provide overalls, life vests, hats, gloves and ski goggles for everyone on board

Time required: 2 hours

Number of participants: 12 people / RIB

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