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Christmas table & conference

Book your Christmas table conference through us and let the Christmas table become part of the conference activity. Christmas table conference in can be a one-day conference that ends with a Christmas table or the Christmas table conference with an overnight stay if that suits better.


Krägga herrgård

We are proud to once again welcome you to Krägga Herrgård's dignified Christmas table. An obvious and traditional choice for many of our guests and a new, pleasurable experience for those of you who have not visited us before. Our Christmas table is created with care and the feeling of a kitchen that knows how to bring out the best of flavors. A magnificent experience for all the senses.


The package includes: 

  • Arrival coffee with buttered bread and smoothie

  • Lunch; main course, salad, bread, meal drink, coffee and seven types of cake

  • Afternoon coffee with home-baked delicacies

  • Conference room day 1

  • Mulled wine and snacks

  • Overnight 

  • Manor breakfast

högberga gård.webp

Högberga gård

Christmas table conference

During selected days in December ​ our traditional, homemade, dignified Christmas table is included when you book your conference with us. This year's Christmas table we serve in a new bubbly costume where the best of both worlds is offered;


​In Christmas table conference included;​

  • Morning coffee with sandwich and home-baked delicacies

  • Lunch buffet with soup,  two main courses, salad, bread, cheese and meal drink

  • Afternoon coffee with coffee bread, smoothies, fruit and other energy kickers

  • Conference room 1 day

  • Christmas table (see menu below)

  • Overnight 

  • The manor's breakfast buffet


Elite Stora hotellet Örebro

With classic flavors, delicious arrangements and with many modern elements, we create a Christmas table out of the ordinary. We present everything from the obvious Christmas favorites to dishes with a more modern touch and flavors and combinations that surprise.


Our Christmas table is both complete and generous with many different kinds of herring, grilled, smoked and boiled salmon, slightly warm where prince sausage, meatballs and Jansson can be combined with ribs and other things that belong to Christmas. This meets dishes with more exciting taste experiences and mouthfuls with new influences.


As a finale, there is of course a magnificent dessert table with several delicious desserts and other Christmas treats to top it all off with. For those who prefer not to eat sweets, they can choose a good cheese instead. Or why not do both?​


Sandhamns seglarhotell

Take your colleagues with you and experience the archipelago at its most beautiful.

Take an archipelago boat from Värmdö and have a fantastic trip through a wintry archipelago. Take a walk along the magnificent sea. Then relax in Seglarhotellet's nice indoor spa. Or visit our outdoor spa with wood-burning sauna floats and hot tubs. End the evening with a wonderful Christmas dinner in the Seglar restaurant's beautiful dining rooms.

The offer includes:

  • Welcome mulled wine

  • Christmas table (excl. drinks)

  • Part in double room

  • Breakfast

  • Free entrance to gym and indoor spa


Christmas table in own salon on board

On board several of Strömma Kanalbolaget's ships, you can rent your very own lounge for the Christmas party. We have salons that suit the smaller group of 8 people to large salons for up to 40 people.

Here you have the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas table in privacy together with family, friends and colleagues and sing Christmas carols completely undisturbed.


The personal price for your own salon includes:

  • Boat trip

  • Welcome mulled wine

  • Christmas table

  • Own salon


Hooks herrgård

If you and your company want to eat Christmas food, you can of course do so with us. From the first advent, a Christmas plate will be available as an alternative to lunch in the manor's restaurant. We serve Christmas favorites with a cold plate for starters, a hot plate for main course and a dessert table to finish with a cup of coffee. In the evening, our classic three-course dinner is served, which is inspired by the season.

A cooler conference package includes:

  • Arrival coffee with sandwich, smoothie and juices

  • The manor's three-course Christmas lunch, alternatively two-course homestead

  • Afternoon coffee with cookies, nuts and juices

  • The manor's three-course dinner

  • Hotel night

  • Standard breakfast buffet

tammsvik julfest.jpg

Happy Tammsvik

The offer is valid Tuesday-Saturday between November 26 and December 19. As well as all other days if you are over 40 people. On Fridays and Saturdays, musical entertainment is offered for dinner.

The package includes:

  • Arrival coffee with sandwich

  • Lunch; main course, salad, bread and meal drink

  • Afternoon coffee with ​energy-boosted coffee buffet

  • Relax with indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna and bar​​

  • Mulled wine around crackling fires

  • Christmas table in this year's gold-edged vintage »

  • Conference room 1 day

  • Overnight stay

  • Breakfast buffet

Gallofsta_Konferens (1).jpg

Gällöfsta Konferens

Half an hour's drive from Stockholm city and Arlanda, you will find our scenic place that offers creativity, relaxation, activation and a kitchen that prepares divine food with seasonal ingredients. The food is served in a historic dining room with style and feel worthy of an 18th century manor house.

A good end to the year is a good start to the next - and what could be a better start than ending the company's autumn with a real Christmas table in our beautiful 18th-century manor house? Here the traditions of Christmas are preserved in a Christmas table with 15 kinds of herring, game table with deer saddle, salmon of various kinds, roll jam, our homemade schnapps. And  the big dessert table…



A Christmas at Marholmen is like no other. You feel it the moment you cross the small bridge. Although you have just left the mainland, you are like in another world. A world where there are no musts. Just relaxation, joy and community. Such is life in the island kingdom of Marholmen.

Stay at our hotel a stone's throw from the jetty and water. The inspiration for our hotel rooms comes from Roslagen and Stockholm's archipelago. Which is not so strange as it is what you see when you look out through the panoramic windows of the rooms as the archipelago is most of what life revolves around here on Marholmen. When you stay at our hotel, it's hard to believe that you're only an hour from Stockholm and Uppsala.


Vadstena klosterhotel

The bonfires crackle and warm, the Christmas decorations sparkle, the aroma of delicious Christmas food spreads in our cozy city. A meeting at Vadstena Klosterhotel simply becomes an experience out of the ordinary - we can organize Christmas dinners & meetings in total privacy if necessary. The package includes:

  • Conference room

  • Arrival coffee with sandwich

  • Lunch; main course, salad, bread and meal drink

  • Monastery coffee with pastries

  • Mulled wine in our 18th-century floor

  • 4-course Christmas dinner (or 7-course with extra everything →)

  • Overnight stay

  • Breakfast buffet


M/S Blue Charm

You rent your own boat where you are all by yourself and can enjoy your Christmas party in peace and quiet.

Charm Charter's popular Christmas dinner cruises in the Stockholm archipelago are only for private parties where you enjoy the beautiful environment and the first-class view on board while the ship cruises through the inner archipelago.

Our Chef Robert is responsible for our homemade Christmas table, who offers traditional Christmas dishes as well as his own favorites and also a hearty vegan Christmas table. We also offer food other than the Christmas table for those of you who want to have a sit-down dinner or a big get-together.

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