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Fair activities Gothenburg

Become the most popular booth at the fair

Nattduellen Umeå, Göteborg, Linköping och Malmö.jpg

The night duel 

Who is the fastest? Challenge your colleagues or friends and duel like the champions on TV.  The competition is to take the stick that lights up as quickly as you can when it goes out. If you faster than your opponent, you win.

What are you waiting for? Duel now!

The activity is located in Gothenburg.


Boxing machine

Who hits the hardest?

The activity is located in Gothenburg.


4 in a row

Classic 4 in a row game. Dimensions 1.2 x 1.2m

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Prickskyttetält Göteborg.jpg

Sniping [1.4kw] (NOTE! 1 ball)

Sniper tent, 4.5×8.5×4.5 m blue.

Hit the holes with the ball.


Avoid fetching balls everywhere because the goal is inside a tent.

Velcro fasteners for advertising; Top 200×50 cm. Pages 235×75 cm

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Sumo Göteborg


A fun activity for young and old, young and old.


Sumo wrestling goes like this, you put on oversized sumo suits and get ready for a match on the provided mat, the person leading the activity gives the go-ahead and then it's just a matter of trying to get the opponent down on the mat or outside. 

2 sumo suits, 2 helmets, 1 mat.

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Uppblåsbart biljardbord.jpg

Inflatable pool table

Rent an inflatable pool table. Can be set up carefully and is easy to transport. The balls consist of small footballs and the cues are made of wood.

Size 3×2.4×0.9m

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

klubbslag tivolislägga highstriker malmö.jpg

Club team El

Electric mallet where you and your friends can compete against each other in strength.

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Air hockey göteborg

Air Hockey

Traditional air hockey game.

With the help of air, the puck floats as if on ice.

Dimensions: 214(L) x 122(W) x 81(H) cm

Weight: 100 kg


Boxing machine with kick 

Measure the strength of your punch or kick. Strength is measured either by hitting the boxing ball or kicking.

The activity is in Gothenburg 


Soft ice cream machine

Spice up the event with home-made soft ice cream. Fits just as well at children's parties as at public events.

There is one that makes about 20 liters of ice cream/hour and one that makes about 30 liters/hour.

We also have soft ice cream mix and cup with spoon in stock, don't forget to add it to the order with the machine.
You can buy toppings, sprinkles and toppings in most shops.

20 litres: Bench machine 90kg, 220v, 1800w

30 litres: Floor machine 170kg, 3400w (Note – requires 16A fuse, 230v single-phase).

The activity is located in Gothenburg


Soap bubble machine

Very easy to use; top up fluid and drive. A fun machine for all parties.


Creates hundreds of bubbles per minute. All kinds of bubble liquids can be used. Liquid consumption: 1.2 l per hour.

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Dart 2,5 m Göteborg


Like regular darts, but still not. Velcro balls/bags.

Velcro bags to be scored as close to the center as possible.

Length: 3m
Width: 2.5m
Height: 2.5m

weighs 60kg. 

1 fan (1300w)

Available in Gothenburg

Uppblåsbart försäljningstält.jpeg

Inflatable sales tent

Use as a sales kiosk, entrance tent or information house. Open on two sides. 3x3x3.5 m Velcro for your own banner 140x75 cm, 4 pcs

The activity is located in Gothenburg.


Wipeout [1,8kw]

The two barriers sweep around, one at a low and one at a high height and six participants stand on each block and are allowed to jump or crouch, the last one left has won.

Dimensions: 9m in diameter

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Poker Göteborg.jpg

Casino table

Rent complete equipment for Black Jack, Poker and Roulette in Gothenburg.

Casino staff are included in the concept.

Experienced staff can explain the different games so that anyone who wants to can participate. Play just for fun or challenge the most skilled player. All play takes place without real money stakes. 

It is possible to choose one or more game forms and we can together with you create different forms of game competitions. 

The activity is in Gothenburg, but may also be in other cities.


Gallop machine

Hit the holes with balls and help your horse to cross the finish line first.

The activity is located in Gothenburg.


Popcorn cart

A popcorn cart / popcorn machine is an atmosphere enhancer. It never goes wrong and just the smell creates joy and anticipation of putting these little corns in your mouth.


It's easy to make popcorn - and even easier with a popcorn cart!

Available in different sizes. The largest machine pops about 19 portions / 3 minutes and the smallest about 10 portions / 3 minutes.

The activity is located in Gothenburg


Snow machine

Do you want a little extra Christmas feeling?

5 liters of snow liquid included.

Watch movie >>

The activity is located in Gothenburg.



Realistic dinosaur. The dinosaur roars when it opens its mouth, blinks its eyes and has realistic skin. Here you can rent a dinosaur that can move its tail, head, crouch and really impress all visitors, big and small. Perfect for events where you want a wow effect.

You can walk in the suit, but it can be perceived as heavy. It is good to have a companion next to you as it is a bit difficult to see in the dinosuria. It works very well to have it standing on its stand and have one hand in it to roar, move the head, etc. 

So one person has to take care of the dinosaur. 

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Yxkastning med kardborreyxor.jpg

Ax throwing [1.4kw]

Ax throwing with Velcro axes.

The activity is located in Gothenburg.



Bouncy castle with sound & light for a real disco feel. Dimensions: 5 meters in diameter.


Weight: 80 kg

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

fotbollsspel Göteborg

Football game

Football games are always just as fun, suddenly you have scored a goal and feel the joy coming - a second later the opponent strikes and the tension rises...

Width: 106 cm
Length: 136 cm
Height: 90 cm

The activity is located in Gothenburg


Noughts and crosses

Inflatable tramp chess with 4 in a row on the back. 2 x 2m.

The activity is located in Gothenburg

Photobooth göteborg

Photoboth (Photo machine) 

Sweden's most beautiful photo machine!

Take photos and print directly on the spot with this magical mirror. Can be printed in both color and black and white.
Option to have a frame with different themes and text that fits your event.
Printing with 1 or 3 images on the same photo.


The price includes programming with your logo and/or text, frame, backgrounds, etc. Up to 400 photos (printed directly in the photo machine). Extra photos can be purchased additionally. 

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Spin T.jpg


With this machine, you make cheeky patterns on your t-shirt, sweater, canvas or whatever you want to design.
Regardless of whether you are going to have a children's party, stand in a trade fair stand or something else, this is an appreciated feature.

Full size machine (22-37 cm)

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Tomtens stuga Göteborg.jpg

Santa's cabin

Perfect for events where Santa will be present (of course you can also rent Santa from us), e.g. shopping center.

For longer periods, a quote is provided.

Dimensions (external dimensions, ceiling):

Width 5.5 m

Depth 5 m


The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Nattklubb uppblåsbar.jpg

Nightclub [1.4kw]

Where's the party?

With this portable nightclub, it can be anywhere.

Dimensions 4.5 x 4.4m (inner dimensions 3.2 x 3.8m)

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

Bing & flopp.jpg

Traditional Meet & Greetings

If you want a slightly simpler activity but an activity that still attracts families with children, there is our traditional "Meet & Greet" with one of the children's favorite characters.


The figure is in place for 3-5 hours according to your wishes to prank and joke with all the children, hand out endless free hugs, and above all to give the children an unforgettable day.


Meet & Greet can be booked with the figures below:

Mother Mu & The Crow, Bing & Flop, Pelle Tailless & Maja Gräddnos, Shaun the Sheep, The Smurfs,  Moomin, Little Ghost Laban, Paddington, Maya the Bee, Angry Birds, The Smurfs, Dinosaur Train and Miffy.

The activity is located in Gothenburg.

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