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S/S Drottningholm

S/S Drottningholm is one of our well-preserved 100-year-olds, and on board you can experience the ship atmosphere of the last century. There are two cozy dining rooms here, one on the upper deck and one on the main deck. The ship also has a fantastic sun deck where the welcome drink is taken advantage of. The unusually low freeboard on S/S Drottningholm gives the feeling that you are sitting right at the water level.

This is Strömma Kanalbolagetsonly ship that is always powered by a steam engine. The quiet pulsating steam engine makes the experience pleasant and many guests appreciate the close contact you get with the surface of the water. 

The archipelago boat was built as a pass boat in Mälaren and the inner archipelago and still operates today on the route Stockholms Stadshus - Drottningholm.

On board there are well-composed menus with dishes prepared from scratch and from hand-picked ingredients with regard to sustainability and from the surroundings of the Mälardalen is pure food craftsmanship.


Maximum capacity: 120

Dining Room, Upper Deck: 38   
Dining room, main deck: 38
Travel/drink arrangements: 80
My number: 25
Christmas table/buffet: No
Sun deck: Yes

Home port: City Hall, Stockholm


All drinks & snacks are sold and provided via the boat.

Not allowed to bring your own drinks and food.

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