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E/S Movitz

E/S Movitz we have a bright, lovely saloon with a bar and good visibility all around as well as a sun deck where you can sit and enjoy the journey.

We can take a maximum of 98 people, of which 30 up on the sun deck. The salon normally has seating for 38 people, but can be set up for 46 people if necessary.


In the serving you will find both good beer and nice wines and of course something good to munch on. When the sun shines and the desire for ice cream becomes too great, you can also buy yourself a good ice cream to enjoy on the sun deck. For charters, we collaborate with really good catering companies that arrange good food.

Movitz's home port is Riddarholmen, so a lovely trip on Lake Mälaren is preferable.

Maximum number:

Max 98 people in mingling (inside and outside)

Seated guests: 38 (48 max but cramped)

Home port:Riddarholmen (Mälaren)

Food & drink:

All drinks & consumption is sold and provided via the boat.

Not allowed to bring your own drinks and food.

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