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M/S Juno

M/S Juno is the world's oldest registered cruise ship, built as early as 1874 in Motala Werkstad. M/S Juno today has 29 cabins spread over three decks. The salon and dining room are located on the middle deck - shelter deck. On the upper deck, bridge deck, is the covered aft deck with a nice view of the beautiful surroundings.

M/S Juno is the world's oldest registered ship with overnight accommodation. She was built in Motala Werkstad as early as 1874.

The ship was last renovated in 2003, and then the cabins as well as the dining room and saloon received a facelift. We work continuously to carefully preserve the beauty and soul of our boats, all in order to maintain the right atmosphere on board.

In 2004, M/S Juno was k-marked, which means that she is considered by the Norwegian Maritime Museums to have cultural and historical value. We are very proud of this, as it is sure proof that our ongoing work to preserve the boats has been successful.

The cabins on board M/S Juno are tastefully decorated with brass details and beautiful textiles. The cabins are small, which gives a feeling of how people traveled in the old days. In terms of size, they are comparable to a smaller sleeping compartment on a train. The cabins have a chest of drawers with a sink (hot and cold water). All cabins are located above the waterline and outside.

M/S Juno has bunk beds in all cabins, except for the wedding cabin. It is located on the main deck and has a 120 cm wide Queensize bed. If you choose to stay on the shelter and bridge deck, you have access to the cabin directly from the deck.

The cabins lack a private toilet and shower. Instead, the ship has shared showers and toilets on all decks. They are located in close proximity to the cabins and when you close the door, you have total privacy. M/S Juno's shared showers and toilets are in the same charming style as the rest of the boat's interior and are cleaned several times a day.


Year of construction: 1874
Number of seated restaurant: 30 + 18 in the lounge

Maximum number of transports: 59
Number of cabins: 29

Accessibility: Several stairs on board the boat
Suitable for winter traffic: Yes

Available in: Göta channel. Home port is Gothenburg.

Food & drink:

Offers full service.

Not own food & drink.

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