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M/S Östanå I

The ship was built in 1906 and has been carefully renovated with much of its original furnishings and details preserved.  

The dining room on the upper deck has room for 54 seated guests and adjacent to it is a ladies' lounge with 12 more dining seats. 
The ship has large sundecks, perfect for mingling with the pre-drink. 

On the main deck there is a spacious aft saloon that is perfect for mingling or dancing after dinner. 

M/S Östanå I is one of our historic archipelago ships, built in 1906 at Bergsund's Mechanical Workshop. She has a dining room and ladies saloon on the upper deck as well as a spacious aft saloon on the main deck. The aft lounge is perfect for mingling or dancing after dinner. Experience the turn of the century atmosphere whether you are in one of the salons or out on deck!

Restaurateur on board is Andreas Clemmedsson. With first-class service, he serves good and well-prepared food made from selected quality ingredients. 

Did you know that Jussi Björling was a loyal guest at Östanå I? He often traveled with her in the summers when he was going to his house on Siarö.


Year of construction: 1906
Dining room, upper deck: 54    
Ladies' saloon, upper deck: 12 
Aft saloon, main deck: 24         
Christmas table/buffet: 54    
Travel/drink arrangements: 110   
Sun deck: Yes (under roof)       
Suitable for winter traffic: No    
My number: 25
Wifi: Yes    
Accessibility: There is no disabled toilet. Steep stairs, high thresholds and narrow doors.

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