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The Cinderella boats

Rent one of the fast-moving Cinderella boats. The crew on board M/S Cinderella II gives you the best of the archipelago. The food served is based on Swedish ingredients with a focus on locally grown products.

M/S Cinderella II has two large sun decks and two dining rooms making for a very comfortable trip with good views. The water jet propulsion means that the ship is fast moving, while at the same time it means a quiet and vibration-free ride.


Year of construction: 1987 
Dining room, upper deck: 69
Salon, upper deck: 14
Dining room, main deck: 100  
Buffet: 89
Travel/drink arrangements: 350
My number: 40
Sun deck: Yes
Wifi: Yes    
Accessible with a wheelchair. A disabled toilet is available on board.

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