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S/S Blidösund

When you step aboard the steamship Blidösund, you walk straight into a piece of Sweden from the turn of the century. You feel the faint thump of the steam engine, hear the machine telegraph ringing and then three signals from the steam whistle and we are almost noiselessly on our way out into the archipelago! Lustturre was called it when Blidösund was young at the beginning of the last century, a nice word that suggests that here we approve of joy and lust! Large corporate events, weddings, 50th, 70th and 80th birthday parties, countless fantastic tours we have arranged for many satisfied guests since 1911...s/s Blidösund has been the Musikbåten in Stockholm since 1973 and she therefore does not have many free weekday evenings, but daytime and on the weekends she is often available for hire, can be hired throughout the autumn and also during December. 

maximum number

Max passengers: 250 guests

  • LARGE DINING ROOM: 32 guests

  • SMALL DINING ROOM: 13 guests

  • LADIES' SALON: 15 guests

  • AFT SALON: 60 guests

  • PRE-SALE: 18 guests

Home port: Skeppsbron by the castle, Stockholm

Rental period: May - Dec

Food & drink:

All drinks & consumption is sold and provided via the boat.

Not allowed to bring your own drinks and food.

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