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M/S Evert Taube

M/S Evert Taube is perfect for mingling, transport and dinners

M/S Evert Taube is one of our modern boats, built in 1976. She has a dining room and outside deck on the main deck and an upper sun deck with benches to enjoy the sun and view from. The ship is perfect for mingling arrangements and transport, but there is also the option of having seated dinners and lunches on board.

The restaurateur is Johan Henriksson, who offers good food cooked from scratch, with inspiration from the sea and with a modern and innovative touch.


Year of construction: 1976
Dining room: 86 
Buffet: 60
Travel/drink arrangements: 120    
Sun deck: Yes
My number: 30
Wi-Fi: Yes
No disabled WC on board.

Home port: Stockholm


All drinks & snacks are sold and provided via the boat.

Not allowed to bring your own drinks and food.

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