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M/S Kungsö

Experience Gothenburg's archipelago with M/S Kungsö Create an unforgettable journey in Gothenburg's archipelago aboard M/S Kungsö. The adventure can start at Stenpiren in central Gothenburg and continue pretty much anywhere you wish in our wonderful archipelago.


Throw a party at sea!

With a set table in the lounge, drinks on the sun deck and dancing in the bar area, success is guaranteed. Arrange the company's kick-off or conference on board - there is plenty of space for work and socializing. Or charter the boat and create your own and unique event in an archipelago environment. We are happy to help you plan your event and advise you on great travel routes.


The journey of possibilities

M/S Kungsö is a ship with great flexibility that can be adapted to most needs. Here you can book everything from conferences, corporate events, weddings or other celebrations.

We are more than happy to assist with the preparation of menus and beverage packages.


The ship is rented for at least 3 hours and you can choose to organize your event at any time of the day.


There is much to see and experience in Gothenburg's archipelago. We will be happy to help you set up a suitable route for your trip, according to your wishes and with suitable stops if desired. Maybe we'll take a trip south in the archipelago. We round Vrångö and pass well-known islands, such as Styrsö and Brännö. If you want further out to sea, we head west towards Vinga, Evert Taube's childhood island, with its famous lighthouse. From there it is not far to popular islands such as Hönö and Öckerö. In the far north of the archipelago we find Rörö, an island that is largely a nature reserve and known for its untouched nature and rugged beauty. M/S Kungsö gives you every opportunity for a successful event and a guaranteed comfortable trip in Gothenburg's beautiful archipelago.

About the ship M/S Kungsö

M/S Kungsö was built in 1986 and has belonged to Styrsöbolaget since 2017. The ship takes up to 273 passengers and can be rented for custom tours during April–June and August–December. During June–July, M/S Kungsö runs the route Stenpiren–Eriksberg–Hönö Klåva regularly.



Maximum number of passengers: 273 (inland traffic)

Food and drink on board: yes

Pub/Bar: Yes

Conference facility: Yes

Possibility of own furniture: No

Sundeck: Yes, partially covered, on upper deck

Places at table seating: 108 at lunch/dinner

Handicap adaptation: Partial

Area where the ship can go: Gothenburg archipelago

Number of tires: 3 pcs

Length of the vessel: 29.98 meters

Width of the vessel: 8.38 meters

Vessel service speed: 12 knots

Rental period: April–June and Aug–Dec

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