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M/S Lagerbjelke

From May 1 to October 4, it is excellent to charter M/S Gustaf Lagerbjelke for e.g. dinner cruises, guided cruises with lunch and coffee from Örebro on Örebro canal, Svartån and Hjälmaren. The tour can easily be combined with a visit to the castle or Wadköping.

Another popular cruise is a boat trip on Hjälmare canal with its nine manually operated locks. Hjälmare canal is Sweden's oldest canal and was inaugurated in the 17th century. A trip through the 14km long canal takes about three hours. See also destinations in nearby cities: Arboga and Örebro

The fine cruise ship M/S Gustaf Lagerbjelke can be chartered from most ports in Hjälmaren and Hjälmare channel, for example. Örebro, Fiskeboda, Arboga and Kungsör. You decide the time, place, possible beach cutting and how long you want to be out on the lake.

The boat has a restaurant kitchen on board which guarantees good and freshly prepared food. Here you will find ready-made menu suggestions or come up with your own suggestions.

maximum number

The boat takes up to 80 diners and slightly more on transport trips.

Available in: Örebro



Offers full service.

No own food & drink.

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