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M/S Angantyr

Welcome aboard M/S Angantyr - one of our turn of the century ships built at the beginning of the 20th century. With a beautiful dining room on board, there is room for around 50 guests and the large sun deck is perfect for mingling and pre-drinks.

Restaurateur on board is KC Wallberg, who also runs the well-known Gubbhyllan at Skansen and the restaurants on board Strömma Kanalbolagets ships M/S Prins Carl Philip and S/S Drottningholm. 

KC Wallberg has been active in the industry for over twenty years and his cooking art is characterized by sustainability thinking and locally produced  raw materials of the highest class. All food is prepared on board with inspiration from the archipelago and the turn of the century environment on board.

M/S Angantyr is an icebreaker and can be rented all year round.


Rent M/S Angantyr  for an atmospheric Christmas dinner in Stockholms archipelago.


Year of construction: 1909
Dining room, main deck: 49
Christmas table/buffet: 49
My number: 20
My buffet number: 30
Travel/drink arrangements: 80
Sun deck: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Steps down into the boat.
There is no disabled toilet.

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