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M/S Carl Michael Bellman

M/S Göteborg is a beautiful turn-of-the-century ship that runs brunch cruises, dinner cruises and seafood cruises. M/S Carl Michael Bellman is a modern and comfortable archipelago boat. The large windows in the bright and spacious dining room offer a beautiful view of the archipelago. The dining room can accommodate up to 100 seated diners, and the upper salon can accommodate another smaller group of up to 30 people. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy yourself on the lovely sun deck with the associated bar.

M/S Carl Michael Bellman has a draft of only 1.5 meters and is therefore the only one of our restaurant ships that can go around Hisingen. We are happy to help you arrange a company party, dinner cruise, sightseeing or transport on board our modern archipelago boat. 


Year of construction: 1988
Dining room, main deck: 100
Christmas table/buffet: 100
Seated dinner: max 103 people
Travel/drink arrangements: 200
Sun deck: Yes
Room for meetings: No
Child seat: Yes
Suitable for winter traffic: Yes
My number: 30
My buffet number: 30
Availability: Partially customized. A disabled toilet is available on board.

Available in: Gothenburg


Offers full service.

No own food & drink.

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