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M/S Göteborg

M/S Göteborg is a beautiful turn-of-the-century ship that runs brunch cruises, dinner cruises and seafood cruises in the Gothenburg archipelago. Or how about having the whole boat to yourselves? We also rent out the boat for parties, conferences and weddings.

M/S Göteborg has room for 100 dining guests in the boat restaurant, and room for 180 people at a mingling event. Get in touch and we will help you tailor your arrangement based on your wishes. 

A beautiful turn of the century ship with a sun deck
On board there is a spacious dining room with an atmosphere from the turn of the century, upstairs there is a lounge and a lovely sun deck. This is a true pearl of the archipelago that was built in Motala Werkstad in 1915. She has previously served everything from Norrköping-Valdemarsvik, the Stockholm archipelago, Lake Mälaren and Vättern to Gothenburg, Bohuslän and the West Coast. 



Year of construction: 1915
Dining room, main deck:100
Christmas table/buffet: 100
Seated dinner: maximum 100 people
Travel/drink arrangements: 180
Sun deck: Yes
Room for meetings: No
Child seat: Yes
Suitable for winter traffic: Yes (Not icy)
My number: 30
My buffet number: 30
The boat is not adapted for the disabled.

Are in:Gothenburg

Food & drink:

Offers full service.

Not own food & drink.

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