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M/S Gustaf III

M/S Gustaf III is one of our smaller archipelago ships, built in 1912 at Bergsund's Mekaniska Verkstad. On board there is a stylish dining room on the main deck and a smaller saloon and sun deck on the upper deck. The ship is only used for party floor arrangements.

Restaurateurs on board are Jesper Taube and Maria Svensson who, with inspiration from the archipelago and ingredients from sea and land, cook fantastic food.

M/S Gustaf III was delivered to the Coastal Artillery in Vaxholm, who used the ship for transports between Vaxön and Rindö until 1950. In 1974 she was bought by Rederi AB Sommar & Sol who renovated and rebuilt her. Stromma bought the vessel in 1995.

Rent M/S Gustaf III for an atmospheric Christmas table in Stockholm's archipelago.


Year of construction: 1912
Dining room, main deck 44
Christmas table/buffet: 40
Travel/drink arrangements: 68
Sun deck: Yes
Suitable for winter traffic: No
My number: 20
Wi-Fi: Yes
Steep stairs down into the boat. There is no disabled toilet.

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