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M/S Marken

Welcome to the boat MS Marken!

At M/S Marken, we can arrange everything from weddings, company parties, mingling, aw and pleasant transports. On board the boat there is a large sun deck from which you can enjoy the view. Relax in our lounge furniture with a cold drink, while you get to experience Stockholm's archipelago from the front row. We arrange catering or light the grill if food is desired.


The boat is a perfect platform for all kinds of parties. You have exclusive rights to the boat with both bar and food, while you are only a stone's throw from the nightlife of the old town when we are back at the dock.


Here there is room for up to 40 people, or 36 seated.

The boat has a large open top deck and a salon with large windows!
In fine weather, the welcome drink is preferably served on the top deck.


Sun deck: Yes

Bar & cafe: Yes

Kitchen: Yes

Air conditioning: Yes

Sound System - Basic: Yes

Sound system - professional: Voluntary

Party lights: Voluntary

DJ set: Voluntary

DJ: Voluntary

Wheelchair lift: No

Toilet: 2

Total passengers: 40

Seats: 36 people sitting in the same salon
in good weather, possibility to set the table on the top deck for approx. 30 people

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