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M/S Strömma Kanal

M/S Strömma Kanal is very suitable for mingling arrangements as well as transport and seated dinners. The boat is specially built for the narrow passage at Strömma Kanal, and is one of the few vessels that can handle the beautiful stretch.

Our restaurateur Johan Henriksson offers food prepared on classic bases with inspiration from the sea - and with a modern and innovative touch. M/S Strömma Kanal is newly renovated with a beautiful dining room and a lovely sun deck with seating. 

Ship history
The vessel was specially ordered by Strömma to be able to operate the route Stockholm - Sandhamn via the very shallow Strömma Canal. She was built in 1975 at the Boghammar Marin shipyard, Lidingö. Today she is newly renovated with a beautiful dining room and no matter where you are in the ship, it is fantastic to enjoy the view while passing narrow and shallow passages in the Stockholm archipelago.


Year of construction: 1975
Dining room: 70
Buffet: 70
Travel/drink arrangements: 120    
My number: 30
Sun deck: Yes
Wifi: Yes    
No disabled WC on board. Steps down into the boat.

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