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M/S Nya Varvet Gothenburg

Rent the classic M/S Nya Varvet from 1893 - perfect for mingling and transport in Gothenburg's harbor entrance.
If you need transport to the party, wedding, kick-off or other activity, a boat trip is the absolute most pleasant form of transport. On board the boat there is plenty of room for mingling and on fine days you can enjoy the sea air on the boat's two outside decks. 

If you want to mingle with drinks and snacks, you are welcome to bring your own on board as the boat does not have its own serving permit.

History of M/S Nya Varvet

The boat was built by Järnvägs AB Stockholm-Saltsjön in 1893 and was then called Saltsjöbaden 1. The passenger ship was the very first ferry of its type and appearance. It was built as a passenger ferry and ran in Stockholm between Stadsgården and Karl XIIs torg.

In 1937 the ferry was sold to Västerås and she was named Elba II. In 1953 she was named Djurgården 7 when Stockholms Ångslups AB acquired her. In 1971, the old steam engine was replaced by a diesel engine when Waxholmsbolaget took her over. Since 2004, she has been part of Stromma's fleet as a sightseeing, mingling and transport boat.

In 2021, the boat left Klara Mälarstrand in Stockholm, took the Göta canal down to Gothenburg and was then named M/S Nya Varvet.


Year of construction: 1893
Number of guests: 75
Sun deck: Yes 
Cafeteria: No
Bar: No
Toilet: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Availability: Yes. 
There is no disabled toilet.

Available in: Gothenburg

Food & drink:

No serving permit, own food and drinks may be brought (with charter)

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