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M/S Riddarholmen

M/s Riddarholmen was built in 1916 at the Motala workshop. The ship is adapted for celebrations of various kinds. In the spacious dining room, we serve up to 130 guests and in our cozy bar there are another 30 seats. We can also arrange dancing on our spacious bridge deck.

Welcome aboard and enjoy a cruise on Mälaren or Salt Lake with the charm of old times!

M/S Riddarholmen was built as early as 1916 and renovated during the 1990s, when the ship was simultaneously adapted to a party venue. In the spacious restaurant part, we set the table for up to 130 seated guests and in the cozy bar there is room for another 40. We can also organize barbecue parties with dancing on the spacious bridge deck and the ship is adapted for many different types of celebrations.

maximum number

Max: 170 passengers

The main dining room: 130 guests / 100 at buffet

Upper bar: 20 guests

Home port: The ship's bridge by the castle, Stockholm

Rental period: Year round

Food & drink:

All drinks & consumption is sold and provided via the boat.

Not allowed to bring your own drinks and food.

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